Common Prefix & Harmony


April 8 fri - 18 mon

Ganesha Upadhyaya

Palo Alto, CA


in office, wednesday april 13th

Dionysis Zindros

Dimitris Karakostas

Apostolos Tzinas

Common Prefix is a team of scientists and engineers specializing in blockchains. We work from first principles, with an eye for rigor and formal cryptographic security proofs. We contribute as the advisory team for Harmony's underlying science. With a focus on consensus foundations and experts in the areas of proof-of-stake, auctions, layer 2, sharding, channels, bootstrapping, light clients, wallets, smart contracts, and interoperability, we review and recommend changes in all the fundamentals and protocol parameters. We deliver concrete recommendations for changes in the protocol and codebase, technical reports for dissemination within the community, and peer-reviewed research papers published in top-tier academic conferences describing our findings.