ONE on Messari’s 2023 Theses

ONE on Messari’s 2023 Theses

In the pioneers’ defense: Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be on long-term stable ground. DeFi will take major strides forward next year. Privacy tech will be promoted as an integral part of the future of public blockchains (or get de facto banned on dystopian and vague “national security” grounds). Infrastructure investments around code security, decentralized hardware, virtual worlds, custody, protocol governance, and block- chain scalability are all in vogue.

🛼Productivity Hacks

Layer 1 Valuations

Cosmos $ATM

Polygon $MATIC

Fantom $FTM

Immutable $IMX

Mina $MINA

Near $NEAR

Harmony 2022 Highlights

– Overview: 🕑Web3 Vision, 📈Messari’s Report, 🕸️2022 Theses, ⁉️Technical Features, 💪Strategy & Roadmap – Grants: 🚀Apply Now, 🧑‍🚀$75/hour Income, 💎$13M NFTs, 💰$20M Wallets & Security, 🔥$300M Fund – Stories: 🎥 Campaigns, 🌟Stars, 📘Book, 🌱Team Bio, 🎶Who Build, 😎Merchandise, 🏆Quests, 🐣Users, 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Culture – Events: LA, Rio, 🎮GDC, ⛷️Denver, 🏮PA, 1️⃣SF, 🏖️Miami, ❤️‍🔥NY, 🎉Offsite, 🎽TGI, 📅Calendar – Ecosystem: 🚀Metric Dashboard, 🤝Open Partners, 🤯Funding Reports, 🎆Showcases, 🗞Newsletters – DAOs: 🧑‍🚀Research, 0️⃣Zero-Knowledge, 🦋Blu3, ⏳Timeless, 🧛Liquidity, 🌳Africa, 👛MultiSig Safes – Keynotes: ▶️Metaverse, 💯Web3, 📸Highlights, 🌏DAOs, 🌉Bridges, 🏗️Hackathons, 🎓ZKU Course – Technical: 🛠️Protocol & Staking, 🌁Trustless Bridges, 🎹Network, ⏰Feature Launches, 🪴Basic Income – Videos: 🇧🇷Impacts, 🐛Morphisis, 🦧Blue Apes, 🎊SF, ❤️Love Letter, 🦋Create Wealth, 👩‍🚀ONE’s Future, 🌃NYC, 🎇Showcase – More: 💙Founder Interviews, 🎉Pinned Tweets, 🌊Your Career, 6️⃣Deliverables, 📓ZKU, 🔍Search Here