Here’s to The ONEs Who Build

Here’s to The ONEs Who Build

Dear Builders, below is a personal letter for you. We are gathering the visual and cultural reference to make a community video campaign.

Messari's Report on ONE


"i used to work for big tech companies. i used to rely on banks for my money. i also used to build ONLY what i was told possible.

but how to make the world radically fair, or even create wealth together in harmony

"this seems to be a dilemma — scaling trust without government, a fully open platform without attacks, or reaching consensus with thousands of people in seconds. actually, a TRILEMMA if you are counting without off-by-one.

"but i saw the 10x social changes in the last decade. i studied cryptography which is indistinguishable from magic. builders around me now all share their code, their development, their dreams in public!

"why do people isolate within one’s own island of governance? a walled garden of assets and collectibles? is it possible to embrace each other and build bridges, singing in harmony?

"the oracle says otherwise; it looks like you are waiting for your next life to make things happen.

"however, an anonymous coder did build a trillion dollar network to be the store of value; a 21-year kid launched an infinite machine and a global community of dreamers. YOU just need to bring the research to production, build tools across boundaries, and make real impacts in people’s lives.

"this invincible summer (in the midst of winter, within me) is proving the point: clubs of people with small identity toward common goods, immutable ledgers of your life moments, radical ownership with self-imposed tax, fair rewards with quadratic votes… also, of course, billions of trades daily in open marketplaces without middlemen or gatekeepers.

"the one percent of us already knows, the consensus is not evenly distributed yet.

"we have built shards that horizontally and uniformly scale, secured stakes that delegate and slash rewards in a chained record, even a wallet without passwords or hardware.

"now, it’s your choice to show your skills and creativity.

"know thyself, being the ONE is just like being in love. the best way to live in the world you love is to build it.”

— stephen tse on "keep building (bridges)"

More Inspirations

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back. – Albert Camus ❄️

"ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives