Monthly Newsletters & Announcements

Monthly Newsletters & Announcements

Harmony May Updates: Team Off-Site, Infinity Wallet, Chainstack and 1Wallet


We have a number of updates to share from the month of May. Some highlights include our Q2 2022 offsite meeting which produced new initiatives and priorities, Ankr’s RPC aggregator on Harmony for increased RPC availability and redundancy, and the Harmony mainnet network upgrade which further decentralized the network and added fast node sync.

Read our May highlights below and follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.


  • Q2 2022 Team Offsite: In May, the Harmony core team held a four-day offsite meeting. The meet came at a pivotal moment, where the team reviewed areas of improvement on ecosystem grants and management, aligned our mission and vision and addressed community sentiment. We also published the offsite report where we highlight action items and initiatives resulting from the offsite event.

  • Cross-Shard Communication: The Harmony team is also working on efficient cross-shard communication to scale sharding at Harmony for both users and developers. With cross-shard messaging, applications deployed on different shards can directly call DEXes on another shard and utilize the liquidity from that shard. The protocol can be expected to be shipped later this year.


  • Infinity Wallet: In May, Infinity Wallet extended support to Harmony-based dApps, which are now available to users right inside the wallet.
  • Chainstack: The Harmony public API powered by Chainstack was released to developers. Chainstack provides reliable mainnet and testnet infrastructure to developers building on Harmony.
  • Ankr: Ankr released their RPC aggregator on Harmony, which will help developers to implement decentralized nodes on Harmony Protocol without ever having to set up their own RPC.
  • PolyNetwork: PolyNetwork went live on Harmony in may, allowing users to utilize the Poly Bridge, Explorer and their other products for easier interoperability across blockchains.
  • XP Network: Using the XP NFT Bridge, anyone can move their NFTs from other blockchains into the Harmony ecosystem.


  • ReImagine V.12: Leo Hao, VP of Engineering at Harmony participated in the ReImagine V.12 event, where he talked about the NFT and Web3 revolution we are a part of.
  • 1Wallet Goes Into Android Beta: After iOS, Harmony’s social wallet — 1Wallet, has gone into Android beta. To be a part of the beta, users can apply to join the waitlist.

  • Permissionless: Members of Harmony attended the Permissionless event by Blockworks, where they connected with builders, creatives and enthusiasts from the ONE community.
  • Network Upgrade: The Harmony mainnet received a network upgrade to version 4.3.9 in May. The release featured progress on decentralization, peer-to-peer connection and faster sync.
  • Head Of Marketing: As we continue building a decentralized and multi-chain future, we are on the lookout for an experienced Head of Marketing who is passionate about building and growing with our vision.

About Harmony

Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains.

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains.

Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance.

We 💙 Developers.

Harmony April Updates: Covalent, ONEWeekly, ETHAmsterdam, and Team Performance


In April, Harmony team members participated in multiple AMAs to answer community questions. Select members of the team also networked with hundreds of developers by attending ETHAmsterdam, Paris Blockchain Week Summit and ETHPortland. We also launched the Harmony ONE Accelerator Program, the ONEWeekly videos series and newsletter, and integrated with Covalent.

Read our April highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.

Launches And Milestones

  • Harmony Launcher DEX: The Harmony Launcher, a decentralized IGO and IDO Launchpad and Incubator, launched its DEX, which would facilitate a 1:1 Swap, LP Staking and other solutions for the Harmony Launcher token.
  • iToken: NFT projects can now deploy iToken, a read-only mapping of ERC721 tokens from Ethereum to the Harmony blockchain. NFT projects launched on Ethereum can use iToken to map the NFT and launch games on Harmony to increase utility and engagement. Seven blue-chip NFTs have already been mapped, and NFT projects can apply to launch an iToken on Harmony.
  • ONE Weekly Newsletter: To continue open development with radical transparency, we launched the ONEWeekly newsletter. The newsletter aims to provide our community with regular updates on what’s happening in the Harmony ecosystem and behind the scenes.
  • Team Performance Bonus: The Harmony team published the team performance review and bonus for Q1 2022.

Partnership Highlights

  • GM Frens: Harmony partnered with game publishers and accelerator and GM Frens. Developers at GM Frens who wish to build on the Harmony blockchain will get fast-track access to Harmony’s grant program and $300M ecosystem fund.
  • Covalent: In April, Harmony integrated with Covalent, a leading provider of indexing and querying solutions for blockchains with their unified API. The initial integration includes complete indexing of Harmony and enables developers to access rich, granular data to build applications faster and easier for various use cases.
  • XYZZY: Harmony partnered with metaverse, gaming and NFTs studio XYZZY to integrate the Harmony blockchain into new and existing XYZZY projects. One of the first integrations was with the racing game Kart League Racing.

  • D’CENT Wallet: Users can easily add Harmony mainnet’s cryptocurrency assets to D’CENT Wallet by simply searching for the asset’s name. The wallet also supports dual address formats for Harmony ONE accounts.
  • Commonwealth: To provide DAOs in the Harmony ecosystem with their own governance platform, Harmony partnered with Commonwealth, an all-in-one platform that enables on-chain communities to discuss, vote and fund projects together.
  • Artemis: Harmony partnered with Artemis to help Web2 developers learn blockchain fundamentals and transition to Web3.
  • DeFiato: The next-generation Centralized DeFi (CeDeFi) platform DeFiatop integrated the Harmony blockchain onto their platform to offer cross-chain asset transfers with other major chains.

Events And Announcements

  • AMAs: To address community concerns and answer questions, the Harmony core team was a part of multiple AMAs hosted on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. The team answered questions about the block explorer, recent Google Chrome exploits and network issues, among other topics.
  • ETHAmsterdam: The Harmony team attended ETHAmsterdam, where they connected with thousands of developers, users, creators and market makers. The team organized multiple side events and TGI events for networking and collaborations.

Hundreds of teams participated in various Hackathons at ETHAmsterdam
Hundreds of teams participated in various Hackathons at ETHAmsterdam

  • BLU3 DAO: In association with the BLU3 DAO, Harmony sponsored women scholars and developers to attend ETHAmsterdam. The DAO organized various side-events and the scholars formed on-the spot hackathon teams and won multiple accolades.

Hackathon Winners from BLU3 DAO
Hackathon Winners from BLU3 DAO

  • HER DAO: Harmony also supported the HER DAO to help women scholars and developers attend the event. The DAO was a part of various events at ETHAmsterdam and sponsored scholars were part of many winning teams at various events.
  • Paris Blockchain Week Summit: The Harmony Europe team was at the PBW Summit in April. The team met with our existing partners and new projects to discuss partnerships and possible integrations into the Harmony ecosystem.
  • Network Issue: During April, users were experiencing slow transactions when using the Harmony blockchain. The Harmony team had purposely limited the block gas limit due to transaction spamming by arbitrators. The team then released a fix by making the transaction ordering deterministic based on time and witnessed a drop in bot spam transactions.
  • ETHPortland: The Harmony team was at ETHPortland as one of the event’s sponsors. The team participated in speaking sessions, conducted hackathons and met with hundreds of members of the ONE community to discuss how we are building a multi-chain future.
  • Blockchain Gender Hackathon: Harmony, in association with the Africa DAO, organized a Blockchain Gender Hackathon that featured panels with tech and gender experts, group discussions and masterclasses by NFT experts.

About Harmony

Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains.

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains.

Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance.

We 💙 Developers.

Harmony March Updates: ETH Rio, GDC, Aave, Chainstack and ZKU


The Harmony team attended ETHRio and Global Developers Conference (GDC) in March, allowing us to meet thousands of members of the ONE community. We also launched Aave V3 on Harmony mainnet and sunsetted the Harmony Wallet Chrome extension.

Read our March highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.

Launches And Milestones

  • ZKU’s Inaugural Cohort: The first cohort of the Zero-Knowledge University concluded with developers building diverse Web 3 products using zero-knowledge proof technology.
  • 1 Million Wallets: In march, Harmony reached over 1 million wallets created on the blockchain, growing from 800,000 wallets in February.
  • Harmony Ventures: To help the projects launched on Harmony, we launched Harmony Ventures. Projects can get the opportunity to grow to the next level by presenting their vision, latest roadmaps and developments, to an audience of strategic investors.
  • 1Wallet Goes Into Beta: 1Wallet — the noncustodial social wallet to securely store, send, receive, swap and earn crypto assets has gone into beta. The wallet combines social recovery features with multiple layers of security for an optimal experience. Learn more by joining the Discord here.
  • ONEWeekly Newsletter: Harmony is excited to launch its new weekly newsletter, the ONEWeekly. Stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Harmony, new launches, behind the scenes, and more.

Partnership Highlights

  • Aave V3: After launching on the testnet in January, Aave V3 went live on the Harmony mainnet in March. The new update features a range of new functionalities and mechanisms designed to improve risk management, capital efficiency, rewards and user experience.
  • Chainstack: In March, Chainstack added support for Harmony. Developers can now deploy dependable and shared Harmony node access in seconds with Chainstack's infrastructure.
  • Braintrust: Harmony joins Braintrust, a user-owned decentralized talent network, and adds grants and job opportunities to the platform.
  • Frontier Wallet: Users can now stake, store, earn, and invest the ONE token with the Frontier wallet.
  • Infinity Wallet: The team at Infinity Wallet have integrated Harmony into their platform. Users can hold and swap ONE using the Infinity wallet.
  • BitKeep: The BitKeep wallet added Harmony to the list of supported main chains. Users can now participate in ONE projects and trade through BitKeep.

Events And Announcements

  • GDC: As one of the sponsors at the Game Developers Conference 2022, the Harmony team met with hundreds of developers and projects interested in Blockchain gaming and NFTs. The Harmony team also organized its flagship weekly gatherings —TGI, participated in multiple panels and speaking sessions and interacted with potential partners and projects that want to join the Harmony ecosystem.
  • Q1 Community Sentiment Report: Our amazing moderators on the Harmony Reddit, Telegram, and Discord channels have created a community sentiment report for Q1 2022. We have a number of lessons to take from this report and are taking initiative to be more communicative with our supportive community.
  • Harmony Wallet Chrome Extension: As we move towards the public release of 1Wallet, the Chrome extension Harmony wallet was sunset in March, with the recommended transitional, browser extension wallet being Metamask. For optimal security, we suggest a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X.
  • Inevitable World Summit 2022: Harmony sponsored the Inevitable World Summit 2022, where Harmony COO Li Jiang talked about the impact of blockchain on the way we govern.
  • Ethereum Rio: The team sponsored and attended ETHRio, one of the biggest blockchain events in the LATAM region. The team also hosted multiple side events, including panel discussions, networking sessions, launchpad events and a football tournament.
  • NFTAlive: The Harmony team was at the NFTAlive event in LA, where the team met with the NFT community. The team organized various side events, including ONE Pitch, Women in NFTs and NFTs for the culture.

About Harmony

Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains.

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains.

Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance.

We 💙 Developers.

Harmony February Updates: ETHDenver, BTC Bridge, Project-X, Bored Apes and a New Look


In February, the Harmony team headlined ETHDenver as a top sponsor, we interacted with thousands of members of the Harmony community, handed out over 20 grants, 300+ scholarships, It also marked the launch of our much-awaited BTC bridge.

Read our February highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.

Launches & Milestones

Bitcoin Bridge: We launched our fully trustless, decentralized, secure and permissionless Bitcoin Bridge. Users can now bridge their BTC to Harmony via the bridge, which enables a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset 1BTC. The 1BTC can be used to participate in DeFi protocols on Harmony.

Harmony Website Gets A New Look: At ETHDenver, the Harmony website got a makeover, making it easy for our users to stay updated with our latest announcements and apply for new DAOs and grants.

MADNFT: The MAD NFT platform launched its first airdrop on the Harmony mainnet. The platform will be bringing creators from around the world into the Harmony ecosystem. Some NFTs will also give owners access to the VR gallery and other exclusive access in the Metaverse created by MAD.

Scaleswap: Harmony is now on the Scaleswap launchpad, a platform offering launch and investment opportunities for curated projects and providing their community with fair access to exclusive early-stage IDO opportunities

Gaming DAO: Harmony became a part of a new gaming DAO, called Alpha Gaming. The DAO will invest in GameFi projects, building upon Harmony’s vision of expanding the metaverse.

TGI Anniversary: 2nd February marked the 5th anniversary of Harmony’s TGI, and the team celebrated the event and the Chinese New Year together.


ETH Denver

At Ethereum Denver, the Harmony team hosted multiple side events, consisting of talks, panels, launches, grants, sponsorships, and much more. Here are some highlights of ETHDenver.

Awarded 3 Winners at the ETHDenver Hackathon: The Harmony team awarded 3 teams out of 38 submissions as winners of the Harmony bounties.

Project-X: We created the Project X initiative for ETH Denver. The Harmony team split into groups of three, each group with the ability to invest in upcoming and promising teams and projects attending the ETH Denver conference. Click the link to see the list of our Project X investments and grants. We have quite an exciting lineup!

Participated in Diversity Dinner: Harmony participated in a diversity dinner to encourage more participation on blockchain from all under-represented groups.

Sponsoring Women In Crypto: In partnership with the HER DAO, Harmony sponsored over 300 women developers to help them attend their first Web3 event.

ONE Blue Heart: On Valentine’s day, Harmony spread love towards the women in crypto with the One Blue Heart event. With some amazing speakers, the community indulged in learnings, discussions, and conversations.

Bored Ape Yacht Club: Harmony launched the cross-chain NFT Passport feature at Ethereum Denver. Bored Ape (BAYC) owners can now use their apes as their in-game PFP in DeFi-Kingdoms and get 50 $JEWEL as rewards.

ONE Big Night: Harmony had all of Denver talking about us as we organized a surprise afterparty in Denver, which consisted of surprise reveals, discussions about the decentralized future, and a special performance by Grammy Award nominee, DJ, and record producer Deadmau5.

Culture, Community, and Collaboration: The Harmony Africa DAO brought together an impressive group of builders and entrepreneurs, including Harmony founder Stephen Tse, Kweku Mandela, Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone, entrepreneur Del Titus Bawuah, and Africa DAO lead govenor Eduard Peris Deprez to discuss culture, community, and collaboration on the African continent.  African pop star AG Baby headlined their party with Amplify Africa hosting.

Partnership Highlights

88 Rising: We are excited to announce global music media company 88rising is developing a project on Harmony. Revered by the likes of The New York Times, Billboard, Fast Company, and many more, 88rising is the leading music & media company representing the best of Asian youth culture and talent. A true pioneer in the entertainment industry, 88rising has changed the conversation from East to West. Most recently, their Head In The Clouds festival in Los Angeles had over 50,000 attendees; they created the soundtrack to Shang Chi, Marvel’s first Asian superhero film; and they’re about to be the first record label to have its own headlining performance at Coachella. 88rising’s global influence is undeniable. We are thrilled for them to join the platform.

Keystone: Harmony partnered with Keystone wallet to augment the cross-chain security for Harmony bridges, and keep our users safe from phishing attacks.

Onomy Protocol: Harmony partners with Onomy to let users seamlessly trade between multiple asset ecosystems while allowing for liquidity provisioning and yield on Harmony.

XP Network: With the partnership with XP Network, Harmony will integrate XP Network’s bridge into its own, extending its cross-chain NFT capabilities and providing seamless inter-chain transfers between other blockchains.

Events And Announcements

ZKU: The new cohort for Zero-Knowledge University is now accepting applications. The course is entirely free and students will receive grants of up to $12,000 for completing the course. The cohort is open to everyone with at least some experience in Web3 development.

Staking Support At Smart Contract Level: Users can now use Metamask to stake one as Harmony now supports staking at the smart contract level. This ensures multiple benefits for both stakers and developers.

Scaleswap: Harmony has awarded a grant of $200,000 to Scaleswap, an IDO launch platform, to bring the best and most innovative projects in the Harmony ecosystem.

Genesis Shards: With a $100,000 program to support Harmony’s ecosystem, Genesis Shards aims to catalyze the development of Harmony Launcher, staking modules, metaverse & NFTs.

About Harmony

Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains.

Harmony is an open and fast layer-1 blockchain with EVM compatibility. Our mainnet runs applications with 2-second transaction finality and an average transaction cost of $0.0001.

Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and others.

We 💙 Developers.

Harmony January Updates: ETHDenver, OKEx, oneUSD

The Harmony team gears up for ETHDenver February 11-24, with 14 project launches, 21 approved grants, 300 scholarships and 10 events lined up. While we were preparing for ETHDenver, our partners launched a Harmony ONE-backed stablecoin and deployed Aave v3 on testnet.

Read our January highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay in touch.


Partnership Highlights

Aave: In January, the Aave v3 went live on Harmony testnet which offers greater capital efficiencies, increased security, cross-chain functionality.

Aag Ventures: $AAG successfully bridged over to Harmony, through which users could purchase any HRC20 tokens with ONE tokens on Sushiswap.

Poolz: Harmony partners with Poolz, a cross-chain IDO platform that helps startups to build products and services without worrying about raising funds or marketing their IDOs. 20 startups incubating on Poolz wishing to integrate with Harmony will be granted $50,000 each.

Keystone: Harmony and Keystone partner up to introduce enhanced cross-chain security for Harmony bridges. Moreover, Keystone’s Smart-Contract Metadata Registry will help keep users safe from phishing attacks.

4everland: Harmony joined forces with 4everland, where the latter will serve as the Web3.0 infrastructure to advance the Web3.0 development of the Harmony ecosystem. Using 4everland services such as DDNS, Cert Manager, and Data I/O, developers at Harmony can quickly deploy the front-end on IPFS.

Footprint Analytics: Harmony integrated with Footprint Analytics, which will create a dashboard through which users will be able to get real-time data about Harmony’s TVL, market cap & token data.

Launches & Milestones

oneUSD Launched: The Harmony Protocol backed stablecoin oneUSD went live. VenomDAO and OIN Finance teamed up to support Harmony with the launch. Users can deposit ONE token through OINDAO to mint oneUSD with up to 150% collateralization.

BTC Bridge: After Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & multiple other DEXes, Harmony is set to launch its awaited trustless BTC bridge for seamless asset migration. For this, community-managed vaults are essential, that come with generous incentives for the users.

Harmony Is Now Listed On The OKEx exchange: Now, ONE users can deposit, trade and withdraw ONE tokens from their OKEx wallet, as Harmony is now listed on the OKEx exchange. OKEx is one of the top 3 exchanges in the world by the number of users.

DeFi Kingdom: DeFi kingdom is leading the way in the blockchain gaming charts, with over 8.5 million transactions and 50,000 weekly users in January. The month also kicks in Phase 3 of DeFi Kingdom’s development, where users will get world map expansion, new auctions and kingdom plots.

Events And Announcements

NFTHack: Harmony were proud sponsors of NFTHack, which brought together a virtual collective of passionate creatives and developers for a weekend NFT hackathon and summit.

Metaverse Summit: The Harmony team gathered in Paris for the Metaverse Summit, where we talked to hundreds of creators, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts about interoperability and the future of metaverse at Harmony.

ETHDenver: Harmony will be at the biggest Ethereum event next month as one of the top sponsors. Come, join us, as we will be launching social tokens, wallets, NFTs, and more during the course of the event. Harmony is also sponsoring 200 developers to help them attend their first Web3 event.

Harmony December Updates: Chainlink, DayONE & Zero Knowledge University

In December, the Harmony team gathered for DayONE in San Francisco to celebrate the growth of the ecosystem in 2021. The team hosted 400 guests to discuss the future of Web3 along with the leading founders, builders, and investors. We also launched Chainlink price feeds on Harmony mainnet as the oracle solution for DeFi projects in the Harmony ecosystem.

December Highlights

Chainlink - has launched on Harmony. With this integration, it's never been easier to create and execute such smart contract logic in a highly secure and reliable manner. To start building with Chainlink Price Feeds on Harmony today, refer to the following developer documentation.

ONEquest - Harmony aims to onboard ONE million users in the coming months. Now you can enter #ONEquest and win 1,000 ONE tokens as daily prizes for the race! To enter and win, complete the assigned five tasks. The fastest time from a wallet creation to posting #ONEquest on Twitter wins.

DayONE - Our team hosted 400 web3 builders and leaders in San Francisco for our #DayONE event to discuss the future of web3! The event was started with Stephen Tse’s keynote speech on “100 DAOs & Cross-Chain Web3” followed by Gmunk showcasing his catalogue of digital art & NFT collection. Next, was a fireside chat with Anne Fauvre-Willisfrom OpenSea on the “Next Era for NFTs”. The Harmony core team came together to talk about the Harmony Project Highlights”. The event also had the top leaders & builders from Polychain Capital, FalconX, Next Hollywood and more engage in web3 discussions.  Watch the whole event.

Team Offsite - To cap off the year, the Harmony core team met offsite to build strategies  on 2022 initiatives. Topics included NFT infrastructure, ZK proofs, and scaling the Harmony Ecosystem.

ONE Africa DAO - made blue waves in Kenya by hosting one of the first Harmony Africa meetups. The DAO hosted a “What is the future of blockchain” themed meetup on 21st December 2021 calling out aspiring African DAOs to present their innovative projects and asking the Harmony community to join in on sharing their opinion.

Regional DAOs - Our page has begun translations in 8 regional languages that include PortugueseSpanishRussianKoreanFrenchGermanIndonesianChinese. We aim for more!

Harmony Careers - Harmony is a community-driven project, a network with billion dollars of assets, and a team wearing crazy ambitions on their sleeves. If you are an engineer, product designer, ecosystem builder, business developer or extremely passionate about the blockchain ecosystem, we’ve got a place for you! Apply today at

zku.ONE - is a #learntoearn initiative from Harmony. ZKU is a 7- week intensive course with practical hands-on learning and mentorship from industry experts. Guidance and further mentorship opportunities will also be provided for students who complete their final project, to allow them to apply for a $50,000 launch grant to kickstart their careers. The course starts on Dec 23 (Thursday). Register here by January 2nd, 2022.

Harmony 2021 Year in Review & Ecosystem Growth

From launching on mainnet to achieving 2-second finality, 2021 has been a year of growth of our ecosystem, the Harmony team has been focused on adoption, interoperability & decentralization. We accelerated adoption for the next 1 million users through workshops for developers, hackathons & grants.

Our success metrics for 2021

Apps - 227 apps with 553,511 wallets

Payouts - $7.71m payout for 108 Gitcoin bounties

Assets - 400m+ assets locked across cross chain bridges

Artists - 7,483 artists with $1.07m NFT sales

2021 Year in Review & Ecosystem Growth

Harmony Network & Blockchain Ecosystem

Harmony started the year by publishing our 2020 ecosystem growth and writing out our roadmap and strategy for 2021. We also completed full Ethereum tooling compatibility to allow developers to scale their applications on Harmony with low fees.

We delivered products and partnerships that greatly advanced our mission of building the future of cross-chain finance. Automated money markets like Sushiswap & Curve Finance launched on Harmony, the Harmony Explorer upgrade went live. Harmony also launched Horizon bridge, the first version of its Ethereum-Harmony cross-chain bridge on mainnet and then further extended to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

We also launched our cross-chain NFT bridge as part of the Horizon bridge. Cross-chain NFT bridge is as easy-to-use as the ERC20 token bridge on Horizon. There is a short video to demonstrate how to use the NFT bridge.

We also launched our $1 Million Hackathon Announced to bring Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance. With over $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding from Harmony and Prize Partners.

In September before ETH Lisbon 2021, we announced our $300M ecosystem fund for 100 DAOs. By now, we have 23 DAOs that are now funded with Gnosis Safe multi-signatures and Snapshot votings.

Harmony was featured in the Messari Report that goes in-depth about Harmony’s competing power, they said, “Harmony has the potential to compete with both L1s and L2s using its low fee, fast, and trustless bridge.”

Ecosystem & Partners

Harmony Events

Our team connected with partners in Paris during the Ethereum Community Conference(EthCC).

Our team gathered in Lisbon to partner with builders, creators, dreamers, and the crypto community. The Harmony team spoke to over 100 Web3 builders to plan out products and campaigns. We launched our first billboard video during NFT NYC titled “Create Wealth in Harmony’’ in Times Square.

We also participated in Dcentral Miami, with our booth featuring our ecosystem project that included Defi Kingdoms, MadinArt and others.

Lastly, we hosted a year-end event DAY ONE in San Francisco on December 8th to celebrate the entire ecosystem.

November Updates: Lisbon and New York “Blue Wave”, Africa DAO & Day ONE

In November, the Harmony team and ecosystem engaged with hundreds of partners in Lisbon, New York City, and Miami. We also launched our Africa DAO. Lastly, we will be hosting a year-end event DAY ONE in San Francisco on December 8th to celebrate the entire ecosystem.


Project Highlights

DAY ONE: Web3 Festive Moments - come to our event on December 8 in San Francisco to celebrate 2021 and look forward to all things Web3 in 2022. We welcome everyone to bring your NFT friends and DAO it together! Register at

ONE Africa DAO - The Harmony Africa DAO has launchedto organically reinforce the Harmony African ecosystem, making it a key player on the African continent.OneAfricaDAO’s first meet-up has already been scheduled in Nairobi and we look forward to supporting an entire continent of builders.

Wyoming Blockchain - Stephen Tse, Harmony Founder, has been appointed to serve on the University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI) Advisory Board. His mentoring and presence shall further the Wyoming University’s efforts to accelerate the future of blockchain economy.

Cross-chain NFT bridge - has been launched on mainnet. Users may bridge standard ERC721/ERC1155 tokens from Ethereum to Harmony and vice versa. It is an important step of the cross-chain infrastructure provided by Harmony to enable a multi-chain ecosystem and one step closer to the upcoming metaverse. We also have allocated $13M in grants for creators and artists to work on multi-chain NFTs.

Product Launches

Synapse Protocol - Harmony integrated with Synapse Protocol to provide a seamless on-ramp for users to bridge their assets from 6 EVM-compatible chains in Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and others. Synapse is also an AMM with nearly $600M in TVL which brings deep liquidity to Harmony users.

Stake DAO - Harmony joined forces with Stake DAO, a multi-service DeFi platform to facilitate staking and delegating of ONE tokens. Stake DAO will be working on launching a full suite of DeFi products within the Harmony ecosystem.

Tranquil Finance - has launched as an algorithmic money market protocol. They allow the ONE community to lend and borrow assets in a permissionless way, driving liquidity into the ONE ecosystem.

Powerpool - Harmony partnered with Powerpool to build a suite of advanced investment products and/or asset management solutions. They plan to build the ‘$ONEDEFI’ token — a single investment token to access all the bluechip DeFi tokens on Harmony. $ONEDEFI is actively-managed and automatically harvest rewards.

Gaming Spotlight

Blockchain Game week AMA - Harmony’s metaverse is also growing. We organized an AMA series with four upcoming blockchain games on Harmony.

Defi Kingdoms - is a play to earn game built on Harmony, with a whole ecosystem including a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), its native $JEWEL token and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that consists of Heroes, Equipment, and Kingdoms (NFT land), all delivered in a fantasy pixel-based format. These NFTs are one of the key features in the game. As they are assigned to go on quests, battle in PVP, or dressed up in gear to maximize their stats, they’ll be leveling up and earning you tokens through the whole adventure.

Freyala - recently funded as a Harmony grant for their development of Cryptids, Freyala ($XYA) is an HRC-20 token built to drive everything in the Freyala ecosystem, ranging from plot NFTs to the multiplayer game CryptIDs. They have created an entire fantasy world, which showcases a map filled with different locations that represent certain features in the ecosystem, world-building and art.

Space Misfits - originally launched on the ENJIN blockchain, Space Misfits has recently received a grant to port their ERC20 Token over to Harmony. Space Misfits is a sandbox MMO with an emphasis on letting players create and experience their own journeys. The game contains challenging PvP gameplay and immersive escapism—but what you experience, create, and do in-game has zero effect outside of your chosen server.

Crypto Royale - is a browser-based, free-to-play, play-to-earn game in which players compete to win crypto with no up-front investment, downloads, or signups. The game is purposefully designed

to be simple to play yet difficult to master.

Events & Announcements

LISCON - our team gathered in Lisbon to partner with builders, creators, dreamers, and the crypto community. The Harmony team spoke to over 100 Web3 builders to plan out products and campaigns.

NFT NYC - we were in NYC during the #NFTNYC week to launch our billboard video titled “Create Wealth in Harmony'' in Time Square. Over 200 individuals donned the ‘Harmony’ Blue shirts as “Blue Wave” took over Time Square. In addition, for our ONEdreamerDAO, the 50 scholars and builders we funded to go to the event gathered at open cafes to meet and find their future collaborators. ONE Reality artists and creators gathered at the NFT gallery and the Stranger Party. And we had showcases of Gmunk, daVinci, and Timeless on Harmony.

Dcentral Miami - We will be hosting several events during the Dcentral Miami conference starting on 30 November 2021. Join our team in Miami.

DAY ONE - 2021 has been the year of all things Web3. To celebrate and step into 2022, we are hosting DAY ONE in San Francisco on December 8 to discuss bridges, DAOs, cross-chain NFTs, P2Es, and more. Register for the event to meet us in California!

Travel Scholarships to DAY ONE - We are thrilled to be sponsoring 25 students to our year-end DAY ONE event in San Francisco. We will sponsor new talent who need just a little impetus to start fully working in Web3. Apply for the scholarship.

October Updates: Welcoming Aragon, Liscon Highlights and The DAO Takeover


As October comes to a close we are reviewing all that Harmony has done this month. From launches to DAOs to events, October has helped Harmony on its path to reaching 10 billion users.

We want to thank our amazing community for helping us grow and supporting us on this mission. The massive ecosystem growth is an entire team and community effort.

We hope you enjoy reading all of the October highlights.

Key Accomplishments

Aragon joins Harmony: Aragon joined the Harmony ecosystem this month! Aragon is a leading platform for decentralized governance and DAOs. It is a suite of applications and services that enable new forms of global communities. Their goal is to provide the tools for people to turn a community, cause, or even a meme into its own economy.

Harmony DAOs will now be able to facilitate their operations using Aragon via Our Aragon instance is still in “beta”, so some functionalities are not yet live and some are not yet added. Aragon has a robust app store where you can discover tools to bring down the cost of financial & temporal coordination, found here.

Our Aragon instance will immediately be able to power governance for @OneCommunityDAO, @DaoHarmony, @IncubatorDao, @harmony_dev_dao, @DaoDavinci and any other DAO running on Harmony! We will let our community select the best tools for their purpose!

Curve Launched on Harmony MainnetHarmony’s proposal for Curve to launch on Harmony was passed in September and on October 12th Curve officially launched on our mainnet. Harmony is providing $2 million in ONE tokens to bootstrap the initial usage.

POKT Decentralizes RPC Traffic: Pocket Network is now decentralizing Harmony’s RPC network traffic. The Harmony network does approximately 100 million API calls daily and now dApps can use our Pocket endpoint to migrate their traffic to the POKT decentralized solution. Developers are now able to mint Harmony RPC endpoints from the POKT front-end API portal to use in their applications.

Messari Report: Harmony was featured in the Messari Report this month. Messari goes in depth about Harmony’s competing power, they said, “Harmony has the potential to compete with both L1s and L2s using its low fee, fast, and trustless bridge.” Read the full document to find out more about Harmony and how our tech, ecosystem, incentives, and community are helping us rise to the top.

Liscon in Lisbon: Harmony made its way to Lisbon, Portugal to collaborate with the brightest minds in blockchain. Each day brought new friends, innovative talks, and good food. Harmony even threw the ONE World conference, where the community gathered together. We even had our very own community DJ that kicked off this great event! Our COO, Li Jiang, spoke to the community about open development on Harmony and bringing builders into this ecosystem. Come build on Harmony 🧰 You can learn how you can join at We are grateful for everyONE that came and we missed those that were not there. #ONEstrong

Li Jiang will be staying in Lisbon for ONE more month. If you live in the area or are visiting, please reach out to Li! He is staying to help projects and people receive grants from launching on Harmony from our $300M Ecosystem Fund.

100 DAOs: Our goal is to help fund and bring 100 new DAOs to this Harmony ecosystem. Harmony helps define 3 broad mandates, recruit 9 governors, define the deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months, and fund at maximum $1M. Since our announcement in August, Harmony has already dozens of DAOs. Learn more about them here or keep reading for more info.

Basic DAO: Harmony argues that DAOs can provide “basic income” or “minimum pay” for builders and creatives. At-will contributions, rather than single-company employment or year-long committment, are the core of decentralized economy. Our Basic DAO tracks timesheets, setup payrolls, and manage performance.

Developer DAO: With “Builder-First and Friendly” as its tagline the Developer DAO is aiming for the success of the broader community for technical or application work. The DAO’s top mandates are to support development, manage bounties, and advocate with marketing. This DAO will be the first but not the only to boost our technical and application ecosystem.

Matching DAO: The Matching DAO “All For One With Love” brings together creators and users with a community-focused spotlight. When a user appreciates a creator and offers a tip, the Matching DAO matches the amount for the artist. Moreover, the DAO will promote artists by putting them in the spotlight with an aim to help them amass tips, testimonials and more.

Liquidity DAO: The Liquidity DAO, with “Organic Market-Making” as its tagline, is an open collective with our partner HummingBot. It solves a critical need of any incentivized market: Traditional market makers are isolated and opaque — and, worst of all, not necessarily aligned with the interests of token traders or holders in the ecosystem.

Scholar DAO: The purpose of the Scholar DAO is to give back to the next generation by giving them the funds they need to attend their first Web 3 conference. Harmony is offering $1,000 to 50 recipients to complete this goal.

Read about all of the DAOs and their exact role in the ecosystem here.

DAO Global Hackathon: The DAO Global Hackathon is a virtual sprint to build governance primitives, sponsored by leading DAO Infrastructure providers. Resolve technical limitations of the existing DAO tooling (Hackathon Part 1) and be free to build the next frontier of coordination primitives (Hackathon Part 2). The Hackathon lasts from October 25th until December 10th.

A combined prize pool in value of +$100k, will be distributed among selected winners across each track. The available tracks are:

Community & NFTs: Empower cross-platform, cohesive, token-based social platforms: token-gated content and communities, NFT-based proposal formations and notification systems.

Core DAO Tech: Enable core DAO functionalities such as a decentralized code base, smart contract treasuries, voting tech (e.g., delegated, anonymous, quadratic voting, etc.).

Finance & Operations: Formalize DAO operations (KPI options, on-off ramps, streaming payments, salaries & invoicing, etc.), legal wrappers & compliance, payments tech.

Multi-chain: Empower DAOs to embrace a multi-chain world with cross-chain DA tooling and scaling solutions.

$1 Million HackathonHarmony has officially closed the hackathon. This Hackathon was an opportunity for web3 and web2 developers to get together and build exciting apps, protocols, and tools. We want to thank all of those who participated in this hackathon and our amazing prize partners.

Congratulations to each of the winners of our $1 Million Hackathon! The winners of each track were announced and can be found in this Tweet thread:

$300 Million Ecosystem Fund: Just last month we released our announcement on the $300 million Ecosystem Fund incentivizing ALL to build on Harmony! There has already been 50 projects approved for funding through this fund. Congratulations to all those that have been accepted! For those looking to secure a grant, take a look at to determine if you qualify for a grant from our $300M Ecosystem fund. You can then apply here on our forum by clicking “+ New Topic” and following the post outline.

CoinsTelegram interviewed Stephen Tse, Founder of Harmony, on our $300M ecosystem fund while in Lisbon. Stephen urges developers to take advantage of the $300 million by building on Harmony.

Mainnet 4.3.0 Update: This was a major release with a mandatory upgrade from mainnet epoch 725, which encompassed the following:

  • #3890 — SHA3–256 hard fork activation block on mainnet/testnet
  • #3886 — HIP6 (reduce the internal voting power from 60% to 49%) and HIP 8 (increase external nodes from 800 to 900) hard fork
  • #3801 — Implementation of SHA3–256 FIPS 202 hash precompile to integrate with ICON blockchain feature
  • #3885 — Pending txn subscription support
  • #3876 — gas price suggestion logic modified (min of 10 or based on recent blocks)
  • #3874 — Optimization of getAllValidatorInformation rpc method

Ecosystem Growth

Defi Kingdoms reaches 23K users: Defi Kingdoms becomes the number 1 new dapp on Harmony as it reaches 23,000 users. This dapp has seen more than $207 million in transactional volume. Users will need to stake valuable items and perform other actions to earn from this GameFi dapp, resulting in 711.340 transactions over the past 30 days. Read more below about Defi Kingdoms from DappRadar 👇

Grant Recipients: Harmony has already accepted 50+ applicants to receive grants from the $300M Ecosystem Fund. Congratulations to all of the grant recipients! If you haven’t applied yet, please go here to apply for a grant. This will help bring in new developers and new adopters to grow the Harmony ecosystem.


NFT.NYC: Harmony is headed to New York City from October 30th to November 4th for the NFT.NYC event. NFTs are on the rise and we are excited to join the movement! Come meet us in New York and say hello to anyone wearing the Harmony blue shirts 👕 You can learn more about NFTs on Harmony at

Telegram Groups for Events

Harmony is going to be hosting events in many major cities around you! To get connected and stay on top of these events please join the following links for the city nearest you (more will soon be added):

We are still looking to expand to every major city and everywhere that has a presence in the crypto space. Let’s build this community to reach 10 billion people 🌍 If you want to host a Harmony event, please review the guidelines on for events and you can send in your proposal at

September Updates: Curve Launch, $300M Ecosystem Fund, MCON & Mainnet

By PJ Conley


Harmony’s September is in the books! We made a large presence in the metaverse this month. As our $1M Hackathon comes to a close, we are just getting started with making our mark. Read below to find out what amazing things have occurred this month.

But before we dive in, make sure to follow @harmonyprotocol on Twitter to stay updated on everything Harmony related.

Key Accomplishments

$300M Ecosystem Fund: Harmony has launched a $300M fund to enhance the growth of our ecosystem. If you have a ready-to-launch project please see the guidelines here for more information. You can apply for a grant here and a member of the Harmony team will respond to you directly on that forum.

Harmony threw a kickoff event to get the word out about this $300M fund. This event helped developers and creatives learn how to build on Harmony.

$1 Million Hackathon: Harmony has officially closed the hackathon. This Hackathon was an opportunity for web3 and web2 developers to get together and build exciting apps, protocols, and tools. We want to thank all of those who participated in this hackathon and our amazing prize partners.

Congratulations to each of the winners of our $1 Million Hackathon! The winners of each track were announced and can be found in this Tweet thread:

Curve Launched on Harmony Mainnet: Harmony’s proposal for Curve to launch on Harmony was passed in September and on October 12th Curve officially launched on our mainnet. Harmony is providing $2 million in ONE tokens to bootstrap the initial usage.

Community Proposal for Aave Launch: The vote has been passed to deploy Aave v2 on the Harmony blockchain to expand lending to its community of users and provide incentives to bootstrap the launch of Aave to a new ecosystem. Harmony will start with $5 million in incentives to bootstrap initial usage of Aave on Harmony.

Anyswap Brings the Bitcoin Bridge to Harmony: Anyswap and Harmony came together to support bridging native BTC directly to Harmony. Now Bitcoin holders have a direct way to bridge and access decentralized finance products on Harmony and earn yield on their Bitcoin while holding on to their full balance. Then we announced that the community can bridge assets between Polygon and Harmony with Anyswap, read the article here.

DappRadar Now Tracking Dapps on Harmony Blockchain: The number one dapp marketplace, DappRadar, has integrated Harmony Protocol in its services. At launch, DappRadar begins tracking 15 dapps in the Harmony ecosystem, giving consumers insight into individual dapps. Users of the dapp discovery platform can use the Harmony Rankings to easily see which dapps have seen the most activity in the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

FTX has listed Harmony (ONE) perpetual futures: With over 1 million users and averaging over $10B of daily trading volume, FTX has grown into one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. The platform serves the entire chain of cryptocurrency trading participants from retail and crypto-native investors, to sophisticated day traders, family offices, and experienced institutional traders.

Harmony and Stake DAO Announce Strategic DeFi Partnership: Stake DAO will soon be launching it’s ONE validator and offer staking-as-a-service to the ONE community. We will now be working together to create innovative strategies and bring the best of DeFi to the Harmony ecosystem.

Harmony at September’s Events: Harmony ventured across the country to join fellow crypto enthusiasts in Denver, New York, and Wyoming. MCON, Mainnet, and WyoHackathon were events where Harmony was able to create new connections with those in the crypto, DeFi, and DAO spaces. View all the video content from these events here and keep reading below to find exclusive interviews with Stephen Tse and other great minds at MCON 👇

We also sponsored an event held in Los Angeles hosted by Praise Token on the 8th of October. This was used to help foster new relationships with those in the NFT space and grow our Harmony LA telegram group.

MCON Interviews with Stephen Tse

Harmony’s founder, Stephen Tse, sits down with attendees of MCON to engage in meaningful conversations about their projects. Watch them here.

Upcoming Events

ETH Lisbon: Harmony is heading all the way to Lisbon, Portugal to engage the community at ETH Lisbon. ETH Lisbon’s mission is to foster the ecosystem by bringing together startups, investors and stakeholders to be the catalyser for innovation. This will take place from October 22nd to the 24th.

DAO Global Hackathon: 2021 has been called the ‘Year of the DAO’ and Harmony is proud to see out the year by Co-Sponsoring the DAO Global Hackathon. This will be taking place October 25th through December 13th. Register here.

NFT NYC: We are headed to New York City at the beginning of November from the leading annual non-fungible token event. This conference connects leaders, influencers, developers, and fans of NFTs in NYC. It focuses on the companies and individuals using NFTs to advance the adoption of blockchain beyond its current use cases to a mainstream audience.

Telegram Groups for Events

Harmony is going to be hosting events in many major cities around you! To get connected and stay on top of these events please join the following links for the city nearest you (more will soon be added): San FranciscoMiamiSalt LakeLos AngelesNew YorkDenver.

We are still looking to expand to every major city and everywhere that has a presence in the crypto space. Let’s build this community to reach 10 billion people 🌍 If you want to host a Harmony event, please review the guidelines on for events and you can send in your proposal at

August Updates: $1M Hackathon, Staking on Bancor, New Roadmap


August has been yet another fantastic month for Harmony! From the $1M Hackathon to a range of developments, this newsletter is going to cover everything that has happened so far in August.

But before we dive in, make sure to follow @harmonyprotocol on Twitter to stay updated with the growing Harmony ecosystem.

Key Accomplishments

$1 Million Hackathon and DAO: Harmony has officially started its hackathon with over $1M in prizes ending on September 30th. The Harmony team also plans to add over 1000 bounties on Gitcoin and scale to 100 DAOs, each with an initial fund of $1M to scale development. You can read more about the Hackathon and Harmony’s growth strategy from Stephen Tse’s Tweet thread here.

ONE Single-Sided Staking on Bancor: Bancor has officially whitelisted ONE (ERC-20) with a co-investment of 150,000 BNT, allowing for the token to be traded with liquidity provided. To mitigate impermanent loss, users will start receiving 1% daily (starting at a rate of 30%) thirty days after their deposit, up until 100% protection is reached. Find out more in detail here.

Community Proposal for Curve LaunchThe Harmony Team has reached out to the decentralized governance community of Curve, offering $2 million in ONE tokens to bootstrap initial usage. A community team has already deployed Curve successfully on Harmony’s testnet.

Scalable DeFi Development with ChainlinkPrice feeds for several trading pairs on the Harmony testnet have been integrated. These oracles will help power dApps on the Harmony blockchain and secure these assets.

Community Projects and Milestones

August Ecosystem Map and Newsletter Contest: We wanted the community to get more involved this month with our monthly graphics and newsletters. The results were amazing! Thank you to everyONE who participated, it was a difficult contest to judge. Congratulations to these August contest winners:

  • August Newsletter: @missfreyala is our WINNER and has produced this amazing newsletter for all things Harmony. The original August newsletter can be found here. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  • August Ecosystem Map: @bigwhle is our ecosystem map WINNER! Thank you for all your hard work! Check out this amazing artwork and design below 👇

Harmony’s August Ecosystem Map by bigwhle

Horizon Reaches Over $100M in TVL: The Horizon Bridge gives users the means to bridge their assets from Harmony to Ethereum and/or Binance Smart Chain. An impressive milestone of over $100M in Total Value Locked on the chain has been attained!

Freyala World App: Freyala ($XYA), an HRC-20 token focusing on gamified NFTs and dApps, has launched their world app. Providing a fantasy-style user interface and map, users can immerse themselves in lore while accessing all the projects in the Freyala ecosystem. Learn more on theirwebsite.

DeFi Kingdoms Launch: DeFi Kingdoms is a gamified platform with a DEX, liquidity pools and a variety of different NFTs. Users can purchase the native token JEWEL for utility with daily quests, games and other features coming in the future.

Harmonauts Force ONE NFTs Supply Reach 2/3 MintedHarmonauts are NFTS with a mint cost of 450 ONE that have unique attributes, including helmets, suits, accessories and more. Holders can earn passively from 10% minting reflections and 2% of perpetual trading fees.

TokenJenny Pool Parties: Putting a creative twist on traditional DeFi pools, pool parties on TokenJenny offer minimum APR and staking information, with a calculator that works out variables such as tax rate and minimum stake amounts.

Openswap V2 UI: Openswap continues to impress with its new v2 UI release, making using a DEX on Harmony an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive process.

Viperswap Community Pools: Viperswap will support pools for projects with a 30, 60 or 90 day duration. There is a calculated block reward emission rate for each pool and 100% of the listing fees (VIPER) are burned. Viperswap also continues expanding with news of its next community initiative ViperPad, which will act as a launchpad for new tokens.

FATExDAO: FATExDEX mainnet launches on Harmony as a traditionalliquidity pool emitter of the FATE governance token. “DLT-tokenization correctly deployed will revamp all financial systems and provide exponential, sustainable wealth.” Check out their green paper.


Crypto Bank Africa: Cross-chain integration with Crypto Bank Africa, allowing for the purchasing of crypto with low gas fees and receiving local fiat with ease.

DefiLlamaHarmony’s TVL of over $111M is now shown on DefiLlama’s ranking and metric dashboard.

Rubic: Trading competition of up to $10,000 in rewards for instant swapping on the Harmony network.

Tin Network: Full support for integrating Harmony and its projects on the DeFi dashboard.

Pledge Finance: Run Pledge Finance natively for crypto-asset lending on the Harmony blockchain with fast confirmation times and low-cost transactions.

Guardarian: Purchase ONE using 50+fiat pairs (EUR, RUB and more) with no account creation needed.

NowPayments: Harmony Community Store now utilizes the NowPayments plugin to accept ONE as a payment method. Anyone can use NowPayments for purchases and donations.

News and Media

Harmony Grants and Investments (Paused)
"ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives