#ONEquest – Daily Race for 1M users

#ONEquest – Daily Race for 1M users

This campaign has now concluded.

Harmony aims to onboard ONE million users in coming months. Enter #ONEquest – win 1,000 ONE tokens as daily prizes for the race!

Complete the following tasks and take a screenshot once each step is completed. The fastest time from a wallet creation to posting #ONEquest on Twitter wins.

  1. harmony.one/create – Wallet using only Google Authenticator
    1. install Google Authenticator from App Store
    2. create a new 1wallet for 0 tokens
    3. check your wallet transactions in Harmony Explorer
  2. harmony.one/send – Get tokens from Friends or with Credit Cards
    1. ask a friend to send you some Harmony ONE tokens
    2. or, ask our community channels for 10 ONE tokens as onboarding gifts
    3. or, purchase with our fiat gateways (try crypto.com with debit cards)
  3. harmony.one/buy – Buy NFT at da Vinci with MetaMask
    1. configure Metamask for Harmony Mainnet in Chrome
    2. buy a "Harmony 3x3x3 Culture" NFT for 1 ONE token
    3. *send the NFT to your 1wallet above
  4. harmony.one/crazy – Own Crazy.ONE domain names
    1. pick a 10-character domain name on crazy.one for 1 ONE token
    2. enter your Twitter name to link together social-crypto identities
    3. *send the domain name to your 1wallet above
  5. harmony.one/farm – $4M Yields for Sushi on Harmony
    1. swap 1 ONE for BTC on Sushi Swap
    2. deposit 1 ONE and some BTC into Sushi's 1WBTC-WONE pool
    3. *mint your liquidity position on da Vinci as NFT
  6. (coming soon) harmony.one/gift – Join among 3x3x3 Harmony Culture DAOs
    1. Quadratic Tips with Love via ONE Matching DAO
    2. Share Multisignature with Gnosis Safe
  7. (coming soon) harmony.one/over – Bridge Assets from BTC/ETH/BSC chains to Harmony
    1. Bridge collectibles to and from OpenSea
  8. (coming soon) harmony.one/save – Deposit for 20% fixed-rate returns via Terra's USD
  9. harmony.one/share – 
    1. share #ONEquest, your experience and tag @harmonyprotocol on Twitter
      1. add the date and elapsed time of your entire process according to your Block Explorer as your race benchmark. IF YOU TELL US A FALSE ELAPSED TIME, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE PRIZES!
      2. add your 1wallet address from Step 1b
  10. harmony.one/quest-prize —
    1. Complete the form to receive your prize if you are a winner.
    2. Lastly, congratulations on fully completing the #ONEquest. Continue to use this 1Wallet and build dApps on Harmony!

Total gas fees? 1 ONE. #BeTheONE? Priceless.

Every day 500 ONE tokens are rewarded for the fastest person to complete #ONEquest, 300 for the second, 100 for the third.

We will use your experience to improve our products. Make Products Users Love. Tell us what you think via hello@harmony.one.

Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet
New to Harmony? Get On-Chain in 5 Minutes
"ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives

Sample Steps