Adrian Robison

Adrian Robison


Adrian Robison

Creative at Harmony

Telegram: @adrianrobison


Adrian is a creative director, audio / video engineer, and drummer. He started his career in entertainment, signing a million dollar record contract in the early 2000’s with his band Strata and was featured in EA’s Madden franchise as well as Marvel’s Punisher and Elektra movie soundtracks.

Adrian’s career pivoted into video production, producing content for Nike, HyperloopTT, Palm Springs, Toughbuilt, Charlie Rocket, Vero, Bosch, Brat, and Fashion Nova. He went viral with Charlie Rocket’s “My Story Isn’t Over Yet”, a fan made Nike commercial that led to a multi series content deal with Nike, eventually allowing Adrian to contribute to the Emmy award winning 30th anniversary “Just Do It” commercial titled “Dream Crazy” featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Currently Adrian heads the creative for Harmony and has been instrumental in trying to merge culture with blockchain. Additionally he has taken on producing events and connecting partners to build on the platform.

Adrian enjoys skateboarding, bicycling, and producing music with his current band Beta State in his free time.

Quotes To Live By:

“I had a story to tell. There was a gap between what was possible and where my vision was... and I had to fill that gap. You don’t invent technology and then figure out what to do with it. You come up with an artistic problem and then you have to invent the technology in order to accomplish it.” - George Lucas


🎬 Daniel Carranza: Video Production

👁️‍🗨️ Eilam Meintser: Graphic Design

📽️ Wanhi Lee: Video Editing

🎞️ Andrew Nunes: Social Media Editing

On-call Freelancers (only used if needed):

🎨 Victor Yu: Visual Effects

🎼 Justin Kastner: Audio Engineering

✍️ Dylan Park: Creative Writing

July Goals:

  • 🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: Tiger Team “Mints and Users” creative research and proposal (artist and fan perspective), Launch $10K Music NFT Sales initiative with G via 1MusicDAO, NFT mints for festival (Aug 20-21). 0/0/0%

June Goals:

May Goals:

April Goals

March Goals

Video Deliverables:

All videos are posted on their respective social media pages.

*All links are to remain private until posted on proper social media channels, if mangers outside my immediate mentors want to see the videos, message me privately on telegram @adrianrobison and I will provide you with the links to view.

Video Campaigns:

Player ONE: Blue (Build the Metaverse in Harmony)
“Blue To Fly” – Change is Invincible


Q1 2022 Goals

March Goals

  • Come up with Timeless Wallet video strategy
  • ETHRio execution
  • Teach new video editors our process and scale up
  • Finish all outstanding ETHDenver content by mid-March at latest
  • NFTLA execution
  • Location scout for future ETH events

February Goals

  • Dial in content team for faster execution, delegate tasks to others to focus on the bigger picture, potential new hires to expedite content (need to find the right person to add as an editor.. haven't found the right one yet).
  • ETHDenver prep and execution
  • Catch breath
  • Target projects for investments and grants. Become more active on the forum.

January Goals

  • Create and execute a plan for ETHDenver (from venues to merch to booths to entertainment to hotels to flights to food... everything basically)
  • Prepare all major launch videos for ETHDenver and partner launches
  • Push Africa initiatives towards realization both from a business and content space
  • Build content team to scale for events


Week ending 2/12/22:

  • Filmed 2 commercials over 3 days: “Blue to Fly” and “Enter the Blue Metaverse” (both working titles)
  • Arrived in Denver mid week, prepped the entire event from top to bottom
  • Met with the team to discuss plan of action
  • Edited both commercials plus social content from the events
  • Handled shipping and receiving of all Harmony branded merch and signage, coordinated with FedEx and Grand Hyatt for receiving and storage.
  • Promoted our secret event at Temple 2/16 with our IRL Whitelist Wristband Strategy
  • Met with potential projects for investment
  • Coordinated with design team for all last minute branding.

Week ending 2/4/22:

  • Gear prep for ETHDenver
  • Treatments for ETHDenver promos
  • Casting and location scouting
  • Talent auditions
  • Finalizing all branding for ETHDenver
  • Locking in entertainment strategy for ETHDenver
  • Sewing up loose ends for ETHDenver
  • Work with designer to create hotel presence
  • Travel to Palo Alto from LA for ETHDenver collaboration / execution
  • Set up Gnosis Safe wallets
  • Locked in final merch concerns for custom blue hoodies (a much bigger task than originally anticipated... we are finally in production after final samples were remade).
  • Rental returns from previous week’s shoot
  • Directed strategy for new launch videos regarding Trustless ETH Bridge as well as ETHDenver promo videos
  • Directing content strategy for special announcement and special swag to celebrate it

Week ending 1/28/22:

  • Tuesday Film Del / Stephen ✅
  • Film 7 or more product launches with Li Wednesday ✅
  • Film Special Announcement with Vera late Wednesday ✅
  • Book Staff for NYC remote filming of Amy Soon for her Book CANCELLED
  • Collect assets for Amy Soon video CANCELLED
  • Help edit Amy Soon video script ✅
  • Tie up all lose ends regarding banners for ETHDenver ✅
  • Submit any last merch orders (A frames, stock shirts, stickers, business cards, etc) ✅
  • Upload the 5-7 new videos we already have completed from a week ago (backlogged due to bottlenecks that we are currently fixing) ✅
  • Share the launch videos that we currently have done to the team ✅
  • Edit the newer launch videos of Li and the announcement video of Vera IN PROGRESS
  • Edit the Del/Stephen video IN PROGRESS
  • Lock down Breckinridge event location ✅
  • Meeting with Sammy regarding talent for ETHDenver ✅
  • Lock down new ETHDenver graveyard shift editor IN PROGRESS
  • Work out mobile rigs for Cameras, get what we need to be successful and fast ✅ - HALFWAY DONE
Q1 Milestones: 2022
  • Build out a scaleable content team (almost done)
  • Sierra Leone Logistics
  • Build out Rio content strategy
  • Build out Ghana initiative.
  • Seal the deal with big partners then build out the content strategy
  • Finalize branding moving forward

Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q4
  • Build out Sierra Leone Project, tell hero's journey via this story arc ✅
  • Build out a content strategy for telling stories in Ghana and surrounding countries ✅
  • Build out a massive content library of assets and clips to pull from to make better videos ✅
  • Scale the content team to be able to be in two places at once ✅


Reflections From ETHDenver 2022

Reading that article published by The Verge and I did some reflection...

Not once did they mention the word Harmony.  Not once.  That is by design.  It's an Ethereum event.  Ethereum is the main draw.

Look at how small ETH events were just a few years ago...  look at how big they are now.

I think that in 2022 we need start (however small it may be) some sort of Harmony "ONE(insert city here)" branded event.  We touched on it in our events zoom call a few days ago, but I think we need to really consider it for 2022.

It reminds me of when my old band was constantly opening for other bands...  sure, there were big crowds, we got to open for bands in arenas, but at the end of the day, everyone was there for the headliner.  At some point we had to man up and headline our own tour.  Some cities were sold out.  Others were empty...  but one thing stayed the same:  It was OUR tour and people were opening for US.  The press and radio focused on US.  We were building something organically by controlling the entire experience and narrative.

I think Harmony can execute this towards the end of the year.  Look at DayONE.  Massive success with no lead time to promote.  Imagine if we announced it today with a 6 month lead time.  We have the number one game in blockchain.  We are now part of the ape community... Our wallet is at the eve of taking over the world...  our new partnerships in culture, entertainment, and metaverse are ultra exciting...

We don't need to have the biggest conference in the world... it can just be a 2 day event with a small hackathon a week before leading up to it.  We can host small TGI events leading up to the final bounty prize, etc...  But at the end of the day it will be OUR EVENT.  Theres a lot of pride about that.  And 5 years from now we will look back at how large the ecosystem has become and be happy that we took that bold first step of becoming independent.

We don't need to go gangbusters, but if we do it we should really own the experience and make it worth everyone's while.  It would be a great way to end the year.  Perhaps it could be in August or September while the weather is nice and before Lisbon in October.

There are plenty of cities where we can hold this event, I'm sure everyone has an opinion about that... but just know that whatever we pick should be something that we would be proud to call home year after year as our flagship event.

Just some thoughts...  I can always post this on if you feel the community needs to weigh in on this (what section would i post?).  Perhaps talk.h.1 should have a "blog section" for rants like these....


First 6-Month Achievements
  • Completely revamped Harmony’s content strategy
  • Re-imagined and directed Harmony’s graphical design with our newest member Eilam
  • Complete overhaul and attention to detail on Harmony’s branding for events
  • Introduced new partnerships from industries that were previously overlooked
  • Complete overhaul of our merchandising
  • Built out our content team
  • Added core member Matt to help Li scale

10x Proposal:

10x Packaging our Message / 10x our SEO and Web Presence
Six Week Plan

Cultural Self Assessment