.1 and .country for Creator Economy & Web3 Nations

.1 and .country for Creator Economy & Web3 Nations

Harmony’s .1.country unifies Internet domains and crypto names as Web3 nations. Short, onchain names like s.1 store your wallet addresses, digital collectibles, social reputation – on Harmony across multiple blockchains. Proper, browsable domains like s.country displays your career metrics, vanity links, embedded content – for fans to tips with emojis or buy from videos. Yet, s.1 is magically the same as s.country – your creator economy as ONE nation!

🔉Creator-Fans Economy: Domains, Profiles, Videos & Commerce

See our deck, blog and video: Harmony’s 2023 plan on economics games on our .1.country as Web3 identity. First, Internet domains (.country): Custodial auctions (GoDaddy), Identity profiles (Linktr.ee), Talent reputation (Linkedin). Second, crypto names (.1): Social governance (Ethereum Name Service), Onchain incentives (Unstoppable Domains), Interoperable memes (Soulbound society). Third, radical markets (ONE): Sustainable rent (Axie Infinity), Quadratic tax (Gitcoin), Fair price (Uniswap).

Harmony is an open platform for creators to grow digital economy with their fans. First, $10 per year for leasing Internet domains .country (crypto names .1, wallet addresses, digital collectibles). Second, $100 per year for owning social profiles (vanity URLs, customer emails, growth analytics). Third, $1000 per year for hosting video content (monthly subscription, pay-per-view payments). Fourth, $10k per year for making retail commerce (fan merchandise, loyalty programs, collective initiatives).

🚀 Q1 goal: $50 merchandise (t-shirt, hoodies, tote bags), 1000 each, $50k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Vera’s Pink Apes, Harmony’s Blue Apes, Claire’s travel, Miss Excel. Test run: Harmony t-shirt (100 to community). Video content, $10 per month, weekly video, 2500 subscribers, $25k sales ($25k profit) – Shamir’s videographer community, Adrian’s.

Our Q1 goal is $100k monthly sales, 50K active users. As of 1/6 Fri: 4.63k (12.9% over last week) active users, 1.29m (101%) transaction volume, 8.34m (2.08%) value locked, 1.94m (4.30%), 1.50k Github stars, 407k Twitter followers.


Showcases at demo.harmony.one, demos.country

  • link – redirect for vanity URL, appending as bookmarks
  • video – full screen, touch control, device optimized, upload, encode (a16z)
  • live – video livestreaming (a16z, social, China)
  • merch – tshirts, hoodies totes (Amazon, Shopify)
  • domain, country – Internet domains under .country (Github)
  • name, 1 – crypto names under .1 with browser extension (Github)
  • fiat – checkout via Stripe, Apple/Google Pay
  • pay – checkout via Stripe (Apple/Google) & Wallet Connect
  • meter – gated content, pay-per-use
  • profile – Emoji reactions, tips, contact reveal (Komi, GoDaddy)
  • sms – mobile wallet via SMS (Github)

A. Internet Domains (.country)

  • Abhinav work with Aaron, John, Frank on our registrar for full domains under .country. Pay ONE tokens to buy, via a reseller license and API with Tucows/Namecheap, around 12/20.
  • Hidden State LLC is the counter party of Apple Pay, Stripe – and the full custody of DNS servers, .domain registry, contact info with WHOIS.
  • Values for creators: 100 ONE tokens ($1.5) for three months of proper domains under .country, profile page with vanity metrics, crypto names under .1, revenues (tips, contact) via Web3 wallets. In contrast, premium domains like 1.country and s.country traditionally cost $50K and take months to negotiate.



John Whitton - Daily LogJohn Whitton - Daily Log

  • Alaina to redesign .1.country auction page (Frank); user flow for send tips in tokens as emoji reactions (Artem).
    • .1 (“stephen.1” name at the top): Next name among history of all purchases.
    • 💙 (119, counter on total reactions): Emoji reaction as tips with 100 ONE tokens.
    • 💬 (200#, current #tokens to take over): Embed Tweet via Wallet Connect.
    • ➕ (pull down menu when collapsed, else ➖): Expand to show more options.
      • Group buy to synthetic assets: Bid on traditional domains like google.com.
      • Reveal Telegram ID as contact information.
      • Web2 fans: Gated access via anonymous, burn Telegram group.
      • Web3 fans: Discord access via Collab.Land or Unlock via NFT holder.
      • Next Name: Navigate to the past purchase in a loop: (same as clicking “stephen.1” at the top).
      • SMS wallet as custody
      • Share Link: display options sending https://stephen.1 to Messenger, Telegram, “Copy Link”.
      • Full purchase history among all past owners: Link to blockchain transactions on explorer: Purchased on, Expired on, Owned by.
      • Terms & conditions. 3 month lease. More documentation. Learn more.
  • Abhinav with Artem: airdrop or gift via SMS (a lite wallet without any setup) at events (such as ENS at DevCon), prepay tokens with QRcode.
  • Abhinav with Yuriy (tool), Tejessvi (smart contract): preload ONE tokens from MetaMask ($500 daily limit with Transak) or Wallet Connect into SMS wallets; with web burner wallet (via browser storage), 10 emoji reactions without MetaMask (or SMS) confirms.
  • Tejessvi on pricing contract: own domains like pop-up store and marketing campaigns – 1-week for single-character name like s.country, 2-week for two characters like li.country, and so.
  • 12/25: Abhinav and Angel to integrate SMS wallets (similar to Koji’s flow) for .1.country. Initially, just owner’s SMS to authorize for actions (tip for emoji, pay to reveal); later, multi guardians via SMS to authorize large transactions; finally, support Google authenticator, iPhone’s FaceID, iCloud’s storage.
    • Emoji reactions: 1 token for☝️ (one above), 10 tokens for🥇 (first prize), 100 tokens for 💯 (100 percent). Each emoji icon and its counter – similar to Discord’s post reactions but with payment like Only Fan’s tipping – are displayed under its embedded tweet. User clicks the emoji icon to pay the token amounts (1, 10, 100) to increase its counter.
    • Contact info: 200 tokens for 💬 (Telegram handle), 400 for 💌 (email address), 800 tokens for ☎️ (phone number). Later: encrypted on chain (versus currently stored plain text inside the smart contract), 1600 tokens for 💰 (portfolio wallet). Owner optionally clicks the emoji icon to enter their contact info. User clicks the emoji icon to pay the token amounts (200, 400, 800) to reveal the contact info.
    • Shopify Merch, Amazon Affliate links, Cameo’s fans ($1000 per birthday messages).
  • Stephen to research top 3 vanity metrics (the numbers of code in a programming language, the numbers of hires, the amount of fundraising).
  • Tom: Partner with PingCAP (TiDB) to automate developer (and onchain) vanity metrics.

🥂“Link in Bio” for .1 domains

Keyless SMS wallets

🧰Creators make money -

🇵🇼.country Top-Level Domain

📬Internet & Crypto Names for Web2 & Web3

B. Crypto Names (.1)

Top peer projects: ENS, Unstoppable Domains, Lens, NameDAO’s .bit, Handshake.


🪟Browser extension for .1 redirect

ens.demo.harmony.one (Artem, Github, live 11/28)

lenster.demo.harmony.one (Tejassvi, Github, 2/1)


🛍️.1.country subdomains

🚄1.country: Web2 <> Web3 integration demo

C. Creator Economy (ONE)

Write from scratch a video player on mobile web – immersive like TikTok (full screen, auto play, one-click upload), minimal like Tinder (touch pause, touch mute, swipe navigate), optimized like YouTube (multiple sizes, edge network, offline cache), actionable like Shopify (shoppable links, Apple Pay integrated, merchandise checkout).

Costs: $0.25 price (Enom) + $0.26 ICANN fees. Reserve as many as possible premium domains (as parked or blacklisted domains), including 0-9999 digit domains, 17576 three-letter domains, and 456,976 four-letter domains (or even 11,881,376 5-letter domains). Selling prices: $1000 for 3 months on single digit or single letter, $100 for 2- and 3- and 4-characters. $10 for the 5- and 6- and 7-characters. $1 for the rest.

📺Shorts, Reels, Videos💊Merch & Dropshipping

Frank: https://test10.dev.1.country (Github)

  • 12/12: Abhinav forks https://test10.dev.1.country from Frank to implment Alaina’s new UX, with iOS look-and-feel (much like Koji’s SMS, template, vanity links), and deploy it via Vercel.

💼Gated access

space.demo.harmony.one: (Artem, Github, 12/23)

tax.demo.harmony.one (Tej, Github, 12/23)

nouns.demo.harmony.one (Artem, Github, live 12/2)

artion.demo.harmony.one (Frank, Github, 2/1)

echo.demo.harmony.one (original, source, .bit, did.id, raised $13m): Sergey & Frank

Applications & Showcases

🌗1% Take Rate: Creators vs Marketplaces

🏵️RADICAL Market for Internet Domains, Crypto Names & Top-Level .country

🧚Soulbound but FAIR price? Radical Rent & Quadratic Tax

🛫Web3 Apps = Decentralized + Financialized + Nonfungible + Social + Cryptographic

D. Uniform Scaling

⚱️Uniform Scaling on Shard 1 & Economics Games on .1.country

🔢Harmony 2023: Uniform Scaling & Onchain Security