Soulbound but FAIR price? Radical Rent & Quadratic Tax

Soulbound but FAIR price? Radical Rent & Quadratic Tax

For a sustainable economy of nonfungibles (like lands or names):

  1. Quadratic Tax: nonlinear contributions by 3-dimensional distance.
  2. Radical Rent: liquid ownership with a shared pool for development.
  3. Fair Price: demand-based recurring fees.
  4. Soulbound Identity: nontransferrable but revocable.

🛍️ subdomains

🏵️RADICAL Market for Internet Domains, Crypto Names & Top-Level .country

Follow the Principles of:

  1. TIME vs entropy: Force engagement via seasonal changes or elections; drive volume via capped the spending period of budgets.
  2. SPACE vs cold start: Bootstrap ecosystem via hyperlocal development; break through saturation via hierarchical economics.
  3. SOCIAL vs centralization: intensify people’s preferences in collective decisions; reduce tyranny-of-the-majority and factional control problems.

Play with experiments:

  1. r/place.
  2. the button.
  3. fomo3d.

📿FAIR: “3-Body Problem” of Price & Rent on Nonfungible

🛫Web3 Apps = Decentralized + Financialized + Nonfungible + Social + Cryptographic

Quadratic & 3-Dimensional Tax

Apply exponential decays (hence quadratic) and hierarchical structures (hence 3-dimensional) on the tax amounts by lexicographical distance: paying the square root √n of the price n in 3 dimenions: its preceding xx_- and following x+x_+; its prefix name xx^-; and, its supfix xx^-_-. For example, if the price of “” is n = 16, then paying √n = 4 to its preceding “”, following “”, prefix “”, and supfix “bar.1” (as in alphabets …, r, o, p, …).

Use emoji ordering; for example, 😅🤣😂 with 😃 as prefix.

For locations, use encodings such as Quad Prefix Tree or Plus Codes. For example, San Francisco is QH84+9V (or, simply, qh849v), its Mission District is QH7H+5M, and its Atlas Cafe is QH5Q+HC.

🏵️RADICAL Market for Internet Domains, Crypto Names & Top-Level .country

🛫Web3 Apps = Decentralized + Financialized + Nonfungible + Social + Cryptographic


  • Custom domains: Shopify, Netlify, Github, Substack, Notion, Square Space, Webflow, Auth0, Firebase, Heroku, Medium, Stripe, Vercel, Bitly, Typeform, Cloudflare, Salesforce, Wordpress, Survey Monkey
  • Only fans, Writing NFT, Merchandise, Escrow.
  • Emoji reactions: 1 token for☝️ (one above), 10 tokens for🥇 (first prize), 100 tokens for 💯 (100 percent). Each emoji icon and its counter – similar to Discord’s post reactions but with payment like Only Fan’s tipping – are displayed under its embedded tweet. User clicks the emoji icon to pay the token amounts (1, 10, 100) to increase its counter.
  • Contact info: 200 tokens for 💬 (Telegram handle), 400 for 💌 (email address), 800 tokens for ☎️ (phone number). Later: encrypted on chain (versus currently stored plain text inside the smart contract), 1600 tokens for 💰 (portfolio wallet). Owner optionally clicks the emoji icon to enter their contact info. User clicks the emoji icon to pay the token amounts (200, 400, 800) to reveal the contact info.
... our Buy-rated stocks in GOOGL, META and PINS as best positioned within the space.

Alphabet, Pinterest and Snap highlighted the retail category as a particular area of strength in Q3’22 & as part of their Q4’22 outlook.

This dynamic should benefit Amazon (AMZN), Google Search (GOOGL) and increasingly Pinterest (PINS) as these platforms have relatively higher exposure to lower-funnel, shopping-oriented ad spend.

By platform, Facebook and Instagram are estimated to have the largest US social buyer bases, while TikTok is expected to see the fastest growth (~24% ‘21-’26 CAGR) and Pinterest continues to see steady adoption gains.


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