1.country – Connect Web2 Domains & Web3 Profiles

1.country – Connect Web2 Domains & Web3 Profiles

1.country is the world’s first platform that allows users to connect a Web3 name with a browsable Web2 domain, unifying their digital identity.

Introducing 1.country

Hidden State, a Harmony ecosystem partner, is launching the world’s first integrated platform 1.country for Web2 domain names and Web3 profiles, giving users a unified digital identity and brand solution.

1.country allows users to claim a Web3 name .1 that also directs to a browsable Web2 domain .country. Users can now simultaneously own their Web3 identity and a browsable website in one transaction. 1.country delivers an ICANN approved top-level domain with the superpowers of smart contracts. 1.country offers 1-3 character premium Web3 names on Harmony’s 2-second finality blockchain that also provisions to a proper Web2 domains within 5 minutes versus hours or days with a traditional registrar.


While the first use case is creating a profile page, your homestead on the Internet, 1.country is an open platform for builders to develop the infrastructure and tools for a more fair digital economy. To create your unique digital identity, register a 1.country domain today.


1.country Web2 Domain names meet Web3 Profiles
1.country — now offering 1 character domains names for you to claim.


1.country unifies internet domains and crypto names. Short, on-chain names like s.1 store your wallet addresses, digital collectibles, social reputation – on Harmony and eventually across multiple blockchains. Proper, browsable domains like s.country displays your career metrics, vanity links, embedded content – where, later on, fans can tip and access gated content. Yet, through 1.country, s.1 and s.country are the same – your creator economy, ONE country!

Release Schedule:

We will be releasing the other domains per character gradually over a period of time.

March 20, 2023 (Monday): 6+ character domains.

March 22, 2023 (Wednesday): 5 character domains.

Phase 1: Launch with Web2 and Web3 Integration

  • Web2 Top Level Domains with On-Chain Web3 Names ✅
  • Identity Profiles for Creators ✅
  • 1-3 Character Premium Domains ✅ 

Phase 2: Build with Radical Markets and Open Development

  • NFT Metadata with Visuals and Identity ✅
  • Wallet-To-Wallet Payment and Domain Transfers
  • Subdomains + Domain Renewal Radical Markets Pricing
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - customizable widgets

Phase 3: Expand with New Creator Tools and Products

  • SMS Wallet and Multi-Chain Integration
  • Email Services and Customer Relations Management
  • Video and Live Streaming Content
“The future of Web3 adoption will center around social connections and digital identities. We are excited to see the launch of 1.country which unites Web3 names with current Web2 domains. This will help onboard many more users in Web3 and we look forward to collaborating and integrating these identities into our social wallet.” —Zi Wang, Founder of Timeless Wallet

User Guide

Wallet Setup

First, you will need to have or install Metamask, add Harmony Mainnet, and obtain ONE tokens.

How to Setup Metamask Wallet on Mobile
Adding Harmony on Metamask
Buy ONE via Card, Bank or Apple Pay

Purchasing a domain

Next, go to 1.country, search for a domain of your choice, check its availability, and register. Allow 3-5 minutes for the domain registration process to complete. You’ll need to confirm twice within your Metamask. Domain registration typically takes 3-5 minutes to complete. Use the step-by-step guide and watch the tutorial video below:

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide

.1 Redirect

Every .country page is linked to a .1 Web3 name. In order to use .1 directly in the browser you will need to install an extension. Once you have installed the .1 Redirect extensions on your browser, you’ll be able to navigate to any .country page by entering your .1 name into the browser’s search bar.



.1 Lookup

To look up your new .1 Web3 name, go to the Harmony explorer and type in your .1 name in the search bar and it will show the owner’s address. Since .1 and .country are linked, searching the equivalent .country name in the Harmony explorer will yield the same address.

"1.country is an innovative step for creators to build their digital profiles and opens up the potential to receive payments from fans immediately. I’m excited to see how creators can build new commerce experiences with it.” —Shamir Allibhai, Video + AI founder


Connecting Web2 and Web3 domains has been on our mind for a while. Working with Web2 domain systems in a Web3 space has countless technical challenges that we had to address.


All .country domains live in both Web2 and Web3 spaces. On the Web3 side, they are managed by immutable, permissionless smart contracts on-chain with complete NFT capabilities in both HRC1155 and HRC721 forms, offering some advanced domain management features not yet available in ENS system on Ethereum mainnet, such as DNS supports, restriction to transfer, subdomains, and others. Users are able to convert their domain between HRC1155 and HRC721 NFT, for maximum compatibilities with wallets and NFT marketplaces. In the coming weeks, users can also subscribe to a variety of products and services for their domain, such as setting up email aliases, connecting to existing websites, creating personal profiles, and others.

On the Web2 side, the domains are registered through ICANN approved registrars and registries, then connected to our open source DNS servers integrated into the global DNS system. Anyone using any web browser can access the domains purchased through .country and the content hosted on Web3, without having to install any special plugin or doing any special configuration to their browser or operating system.

As we evolve the systems, we will expand the Web3 components and security into registry and registrars, which are fundamental building blocks of Web2 domains. To learn more about our technical architecture and plans, read this article.

Source Code

The 1.country codebase is fully open. We invite the developer community to visit the Github repos and explore. Report issues, fork, or suggest pull requests that will help make this new Web2 to Web3 connection even more robust and powerful. We will soon be launching an open development kit for anyone to build tools, features, and products on top of this ecosystem.


Interested in metrics? We are tracking sales, biggest domain collectors, and much more with Footprint Analytics. Check us out on DappRadar to see how our contracts are performing.

Looking for even more detail? Harmony is indexed on Footprint Analytics. With a free account, you have access to query all of the available on-chain data to find every bit of information you are searching for.


The project is planned to be deployed with a multi-sig on Harmony. You can follow along with developer activity by tracking this multi-sig:

Funds from the domain sales, net of the registry costs, will be held in the multi-sig wallet and will be allocated to the community development of 1.country. We openly invite developers to join the effort to build a more open and fair Internet. You can follow along with activity by tracking this address in a Harmony explorer:

We have also reserved h.country for the Harmony community. The domain will be held in a community multi-sig:


We aim to establish a fair and sustainable market for domain names. The current registration period for 1.country is 1 month. Our 1 month registration is the first rollout of our fair pricing model with demand based renewal. We will continue to evolve pricing with the goal of cultivating a radically fair market. The price for .country domain registration are as follows.

1-month Registration

  • Common (10+ characters): ~1 ONE
  • Rare (7-9 characters): ~1 ONE
  • Super Rare (4-6 characters):
    • 6 characters ~1 ONE
    • 5 characters ~1 ONE
    • 4 characters ~1 ONE
  • Legendary (1-3 characters):
    • 3 characters ~1 ONE
    • 2 characters ~10 ONE
    • 1 character ~100 ONE

Other pricing models like “pay once, own forever” appear to benefit the user at first, but eventually lead to illiquid markets benefiting only early holders or squatters. This payment model makes it difficult for the average consumer later on to collect a specific domain. Other services follow a 1-year lease registration where users may renew and extend their domains. Again, those models run into similar problems of squatting where an individual will claim a domain without any development.

One of the most exciting things happening today is the creation of new cities and countries built on Internet and decentralized infrastructure. With 1.country and .country domains, The Harmony team makes it possible to seamlessly connect Web3 identities to browsable Web2 domains, and simultaneously pioneers new economic models such as Land Value Taxes to price and allocate finite resources more efficiently. —Johnny Chang, Founding Team and Publisher of The Network State

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a .country domain?

A .country domain is a top-level domain (TLD) that allows individuals and organizations to register a unique web address. If the domain is purchased through 1.country, then the specific web address will be paired with a Web3 .1 name.

How does 1.country compare to other domain providers?

A 1.country name and domain establishes the first Web2 to Web3 link. This allows for the domain to be searchable and indexable, bringing search engine optimization to Web3.


What are the main differences between a Web2 and Web3 name service?


On a basic level, both services take long identifying addresses and make them human-readable. Web2 domain names are associated with Internet Protocol addresses (IP) that are used to locate and access websites on the internet. → google.com

Web3 name services are associated with a 42-character hexadecimal wallet address that can be used for purchasing, interacting with applications, receiving funds, and creating a digital identity.

0x63e7E9BB58aA72739a7CEc06f6EA9Fe73eb7A599 → alexanderthompson.1


What can I do with a .country domain?

A .country domain from 1.country allows you to easily showcase and spread your Web3 identity on a browsable Web2 infrastructure. After registration, your unique .country domain is ready to be broadcast with SSL included, without the need for IPFS configuration, add-ons, changes to browser security settings, or personal information.

1.country will enable direct payments in the browser, a unique feature not seen in Web2 nor Web3. With further implementations, this removes the middleman for all content creation and e-commerce, globally through your .country domain. Individuals may create self-sovereign "countries" on the Internet to house their identity, community, tokens, content, and more.

Why 1 month?

We aim to establish a fair and sustainable market for domain names. The current registration period for 1.country is 1 month. This registration period is the first rollout of our fair pricing model which will include demand-based renewal. We will continue to evolve pricing with the goal of cultivating a radically fair market.

1.country prioritizes collection and development. Our 1 month registration model ensures active users can have further flexibility in their domain ownership. "Pay once, own forever" models benefit early users in the short term, but eventually lead to underdeveloped pages. This prevents the development, maintenance, and sharing of desirable domains, hindering the overall growth of the underlying ecosystem.

With our 1 month registration model, users no longer need to worry about adding unnecessary numbers to their identity being held by an account that is no longer active. Instead, they can choose the domain name that best represents their brand, identity, or purpose. Join us and be part of a fair and sustainable market for domains.

What is Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to create and manage a human-readable Ethereum addresses (example.eth). These addresses ease the process of sending/receiving cryptocurrencies and accessing decentralized applications (dApps). It is important to note that ENS is not a traditional top-level domain like ".com" or ".org", and is not compatible with traditional web browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Similar to ENS, Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain-based domain name service that allows users to create and manage decentralized websites and domain names ending in extensions such as .crypto and .nft. Unstoppable Domains are not compatible with traditional web browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Domain visits are limited to specialized browsers like Brave and Opera, and require IPFS configuration to access.

Can I put anything I want on my domain?

Yes, you can put any content you want on your .country domain, as long as it aligns with the 1.country Terms of Service, as well as the Terms of Service of NameCheap, Google, and Let's Encrypt.

Do any other blockchains own a traditional top-level domain that is linked to a Web3 name?

No, Harmony is currently the only blockchain platform that offers a top-level domain service linked to a Web3 name through its 1.country domain service.

What is so unique about a traditional top-level domain?

Traditional top-level domains, such as .com or .org, are widely recognized and used to access websites on the traditional web (Web2). Offering a traditional top-level domain linked to a Web3 name, 1.country takes a big step towards mass adoption of decentralized web technologies, making it possible for users to access Web3 identities and functionality from a familiar, widely recognized domain name.

How can I contribute to the growth of 1.country?

There are several ways you can help push 1.country forward, including registering a domain, completing your profile, sharing your domain, providing feedback to dot-country@hiddenstate.xyz, and contributing to the 1.country Github repository.

Where will the fees from secondary sales go?

All fees collected from 1.country secondary sales will go towards recovery, ensuring that all royalties collected will support depegged assets.

How long does it take to register a .country domain?

The registration process for a .country domain typically takes 3-5 minutes, assuming the domain name you want is available. Once you have completed the registration process and your payment has been processed, your .country domain will be ready to use. No additional verification steps are required.

How many domains are limited per wallet?


What am I receiving when I register a domain?

During a successful registration from 1.country, you will receive both a Web2 top-level domain (.country) and a Web3 name (.1) tied to it.

What happens if I register a .country domain from a different domain service?

If you have already registered a .country domain from a different service, any functionality will be tied to the current service provider. In order to enable Web3 utility you will need to deregister the domain and then visit 1.country to register the domain again. One way to deregister a domain is to let the domain expire without renewing it. However, if you want to get rid of the domain immediately, you can usually do this through the domain registrar for a small fee.

What happens if I receive an error during domain registration?

Not to worry, if you receive any error during domain registration, please contact dot-country@hiddenstate.xyz for support.

How do I renew my domain registration?

To renew your domain registration, a renew option will be available when you visit your domain and are logged into the wallet tied to the same domain. This option will be available 30 days prior to your domain expiration. To avoid any issues, be sure to renew your domain registration before it expires. There is a 24-hour window following expiration where you will still be able to renew your domain. After the 24 hour period you domain will be available to be claimed by anyone.

How do I create, manage, and edit content on my .country page?

In order to interact with the content on your .country, you will need to be signed into the same wallet that registered the given .country. To sign in, click the Metamask fox at the bottom of the page, or the Wallet Connect icon, and log into the desired wallet.

Can I link a Twitter Profile directly?

This feature is not currently supported. Instead, you can link a Twitter post directly. If you attempt to upload a Twitter profile, below is the current visual.


Why can I not upload a link to my .country page?

The most likely reason is that the system was unable to receive the data points needed from the URL source that you provided. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as if the URL is broken or if the server hosting the data is down.

To resolve this issue, we recommend trying a different link to see if the problem persists.

What are the 1.country NFT designs?

Legendary: 1-3 characters, 5 color gradient with graphical pattern (#00AEE9, #DA707E, #F1B965, #69FABD, #E0757C)


Super Rare: 4-6 characters, 3 color gradient (#101042, #00AEE9, #69FABD)


Rare: 7-9 characters, 2 color gradient (#00AEE9, #69FABD)


Common: 10+ characters, Harmony blue (#00AEE9)


Thank you for helping push the next generation of digital identities forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out to dot-country@hiddenstate.xyz if you have any further questions or concerns.

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