Sam Harrison

Sam drives ecosystem growth by nurturing DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) on Harmony. Previously, Sam drove strategic partnerships and product marketing at ThunderCore and was the founding operational director at Tezos Commons Foundation. Prior to crypto, Sam built strategic partnership programs for Nok Nok Labs and a national distribution network for Avira.

Sam holds a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis in ethical systems from the University of Utah, and published his undergraduate research on Immanuel Kant in 2005. He graduated from the Santa Clara University School of Law with a JD specializing in corporate governance and intellectual property protection. After Law School, Sam earned his MBA at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, graduating with an emphasis in Finance and winning the Belottii Prize for his capstone work in on-line distribution of video content. A proud father, avid board game player, and enthusatic reader of all things science-fiction, Sam is also an Eagle Scout.

🐐  Mikey Benson

πŸ“–Β  Devin Marty

Feb 2022 Deliverables

Events: Execute EthDenver plan. Lead on-site execution w/ Adrian, Essa, Devin, Noura, Matt and his army of assistants. Plan Game Developer Conference. Plan EthRio. Release 2022 Event plan and budget.
DAOs: Publish ManifestDAO. Hold February β€œHarmony DAO’nload” spaces w/ updates. Launch the following: DAO Landing Page, DAO Directory, 3 additional DAO tools.
Community Partnerships: Currently main focus is on DAOs. Will assist w/ Community Partnerships where possible.

Jan 2022 Deliverables

Publish DAO Manifesto
DAO Tooling -
DAOHaus, Coordinape on-chain
Superfluid integration
Next Wave of DAO tooling published
Establish Events Budget
Execute Silicon Valley Blockchain Week (Manage Covid Contingencies)
Plan EthDenver with Matt, Shannon, Adrian
2022 Provisional Events Plan
Community Partnerships
[Blank] Launch Planning
HER / MetaGamaDelta Engagement Plan
RaidGuild / Alchemist Plan
NFT Marketplaces

🎽 li: sam has done a nice job of pulling together ethdenver with many sub-initiatives. now with the dao ops team, i hope to see sam laser focused on dao execution with weekly dao partners and tool launches. meets expectations.


  • DAOs: Lead the formation, education and operation of all DAO initiatives.
  • Events:
  • Community Partnerships:

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Engage 7 DAOs beyond Governors and elections with on-chain votes and projects completed. Launch Basic DAO.
    • Evaluate all DAO Tooling List to deploy Governance, Analytics, Compensation and Reputation tools.
    • Close 5 additional DAO partnerships with $50K. Complete 1 DAO hackathon and confirm 2 additional hackathons.
  • Yearly Planning: 2022Q1 - Q4
    • DAOs: Deploy 10 DAOs with regular elections and DAO-managed payroll. Facilitate 50 active Native DAOs by community.
    • Research / Development: Launch Harmony-wide DAO study on lessons learned in human remote coordination as framework for further DAO-ification in 2023.
    • Events: Attend 12 events in 2022 - a combination of Team and Community events. Co-sponsor 6 hackathons with DAO-tooling organizations.

Past 6-Month Achievements

  • Ecosystem: Launched 4 Harmony DAOs (1, 2, 3, 4), 3 partnership on DAO tools (1, 2, 3), and 3 DAO collaborations (1, 2, 3).
  • Community: Launched Harmony Garage video campaign with 10 videos and 14,000+ views, AMAs with Peter Abilla, Sahil Dewan, Zi Wang (Timeless), Drew Stone (Webb), Michael Bramlage (Quidd), Leo Cheng (Cream), Qiao Wang (DeFi Alliance).
  • Grant (w/ Jack & Giv): Reviewed 59 proposals, declined 19, approved 30, funded 2 of total $9.1M.

6-Week Focus & Deliverables

DAO Operations:

Set-up Creative DAO
Set-up Basic DAO
Deploy Opolis (both for DAOs & Core Team)

DAO Tooling

Launch Aragon on Mainnet
Launch DAOHaus on Mainnet
Launch Coordinape on Mainnet

DAO Ecosystem

Alchemist DAO Partnership
MetaGammaDelta DAO Partnership
RaidGuild DAO Partnership


2022 March 4

There are three initatives that I am working on right now to clear this path up:

(a) DAO landing page - All Harmony DAOs in one place. It will eventually live at "harmony.one/daos" and will show (1) All of the DAOs on Harmony, (2) All of the DAO tools on Harmony, (3) Links to tutorials on how to use the DAO tools, (4) Comprehensive list of all DAO mandates so new DAOists can have a "shopping list" of what DAOs they want to participate in, (5) Where the DAOs congregate (discord, telegram, etc) and more.

(b) Reputation based identity - combining Coordinape / Non-transferable Tokens. Being built by Bridge Builders DAO right now after a conversation in EthDenver. This project will put Harmony on the map and be a core differentiator between doing DAOs on Harmony vs. anywhere else.

(c) "What is a DAO, What is not a DAO. Who is a DAOist, Who isn't a DAOist" -- my "ManifestDAO"... I have been working on this for a bit, I just need to circulate it for commentary and publish it.

The Game Plan
GameFi Notes
Q3 Plans