10 Partner DAOs ($30M)

da Vinci DAO
Educate: Educate users on platform use and creative freedom within daVinci Empower: Enlist governance from community holders to empower decision making and expedite change in rapidly evolving NFT market Enfranchise: Enable organic expansion through bounty and social campaigns
ONE Africa DAO
Harmony’s Africa DAO mandate is to organically reinforce the Harmony African ecosystem, making it a key player on the African continent.
INCLUSION: Expanding the inclusion of womxn INNOVATION: Increasing innovative developments by womxn GENERATING REVENUE: Improving the potential for economic success for womxn and increasing overall revenue in the blockchain ecosystem.
Incubator DAO - Going Far By Going Together
Adoption: Mentor and guide on formulating value-proposition and executing growth strategies. Connections: Identify and connect projects with curated talent and potential partners. Treasury: Guide best practices in fundraising, tokenomics and capital expenditure. Introduce projects to curated investor network.
Establish network of curated investors and receive commitments to attend demo event. Publish toolkit for launch projects detailing best practices, recommendations. Launch Incubator DAO portal that includes onboarding process and documentation.
Creative DAO
Identity: Drive uniform branding in Harmony ecosystem. Promote cultural values and mission. Create: Commission content to further awareness and amplify Harmony messages. Educate community through informational content. Include: Reach for the un-included. Convert the crypto-curious.
Bricktop_ONE , Cheeky Chris, Buythefndip, Chris Stakeridoo, HODLen, Loechii, Thehighindian, Thenursegreg
Generate first community driven brand guide. Apply to website and existing collateral. Deploy $25K for creative-focused bounties. Produce market segmentation study, identifying relevant channels for reaching the crypto-curious.