Li Jiang

Li Jiang

Li Jiang
Stephen Tse
November 10, 2018
Giv ParvanehPeter AbillaJack ChanSam HarrisonTom Zhang

Li Jiang has founded a logistic startup during college with the highest revenue. During his six years at GSV Capital, Li organized Pioneer Summit and Global Education Summit with 1,500 attendees including Bill Campbell and Barack Obama.

Li holds an economics degree from Northwestern University. He is an adjunct professor at Northwestern's Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Li trains on ultimate frisbee daily and owns an amateur team that won nationally in 2017.


Giv Parvaneh
Peter Abilla
Jack Chan
Sam Harrison

March 2022 Deliverables

  1. onboard 1,000 true fans for timeless 1wallet at eth-austin and south by southwest on march 17-18.
  2. 1btc dao.
  3. first close on

Feb 2022 Deliverables

  1. Help team execute $10M Project X initiative at EthDenver.
  2. Drive $1M grant initiative each with Poolz, M6, One Valley, Berkeley, Kernel.
  3. Fundraise for

Jan 2022 Deliverables

  1. Launch campaigns to grow users with 3 or more top partners including Stake DAO, Abra, and Aave.
  2. Kickoff and scale 5 or more DAOs including Catalan, French, Hollywood, Kenya, and one or more to be confirmed.
  3. Coordinate team and ecosystem events for 1,000 people in EthDenver, with Covid precautions.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
    • Showcase: organize 100 person Harmony ecosystem event in Lisbon.
    • Launch: plan campaigns with Curve and partners for BTC Bridge.
    • Expand: engage broader communities of builders in SF, NY, EU.
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Plan: launch campaign with Aave after Chainlink on mainnet.
    • Engage: set up 12 DAOs for hackathon tracks to support hackathon project growth.
    • Scale: onboard core team and scale fellows and contributors.
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • Present: host events with full Harmony ecosystem presence at EthDenver, DevCon, EthCC.
    • Partner: launch and grow with top 25 EVM partners; curate investors and resources for Harmony dApp developers.
    • Decentralize: team ops and grow a self sustaining ecosystem with independent product teams and DAOs.

Past 6-Month Achievements

  • Grow Harmony ecosystem via product launches on mainnet with Sushi, Curve, Stake DAO.
  • Launch ecosystem fund and shape open grants process.
  • Host community and grow partners in San Francisco, Denver, New York, Lisbon.


  • Host community conference in Lisbon with DAOist, Yap Global, Stake DAO, Pods Finance, Ramp


  • Work on deeper partnerships with: dorahacks, transak 1wallet integration, wyre hackathon, abag (advanced blockchain ag), momentum
  • Close out 2020 taxes and q3 2021 accounting
  • Create "investors" section in our forum and emailing/calls with Ellipti, MCN
  • Recruit 10 speakers for full day timeless harmony lisbon event page:
  • Follow up with 20 partners from EthCC, Denver, Messari Mainnet


  • week: plan event with timeless in lisbon, help team write 6-week focus and updates on notion
  • month: onboard abhi and evolve team coordination to remove myself as spof (single point of failure)
  • quarter: plan launch campaigns with curve and aave, launch quadratic funding campaign with (dorahacks)

Cultural Self Assessment

CulturalValuesRead MoreSelf Assessment
8: i prefer to understand first before seeking to be understood (franklin covey).
6: i have to force myself to disconfirm my own beliefs more; i use books and podcasts as the main way to expose myself to opposing ideas and keep an open mind.
7: i believe in the need to become more self aware, this year i'm practicing more meditation this year. need to work on articulate through practice.
0: i donโ€™t drink, but iโ€™ll stay with you until 4am as your teammate and moral support.
10: my role model is alexander the great, who fought on the frontlines with his army and even took the first arrows and blades in battle. thatโ€™s my goal is to be with the team working as much as i can.
9: I try to practice this everyday though my belief is "tough love", letting someone figure it out on their own versus handholding.
8: we'll get more done if no one cares who gets credit for the work. we have a lot of stars on the team and i do not need to be visible as long as our full team is performing at a high level.
8: people shape the process and culture, very few people like process actually and most processes are just the least bad ones. its like how no amount of exercise can outrun a bad diet, no amount of process can overcome people who are not bought in. and a team of strong people who are committed can make any ordinary process work well for the team.
7: i need to work on disagreeing more. im generally not a confrontational person so i have to work on disagreeing in a nice way, but bring up my concerns and viewpoints backed by thoughtful evidence and research. generally i dont disagree unless i have studied the topic deeply.
8: i want to live to 100+ years old so i guess by default my marriage and my future children are my long term craft. work wise, i've been inspired by the long term vision of everyone on the team and it's helped me think about the decade long future of harmony, blockchain, and open platforms.
9: i think this was trained in me as an investment banker to obsess over details in spreadsheet, reading all the communication channels, etc.
7: i used to be so foolish, but then my last job really made me less so because of the team politics. to be honest, it has been a journey for me to remember how hungry and foolish i used to be and to gain that back.
9: of course, and i want to see each of your dreams and mission come alive even beyond your own imaginations.
7: it took me a long time to jump off the cliff, i tend to get excited about scaling something that already exists. i dont feel like i need to have the original idea.
8: yes i like thinking about 50 years or even 100 years doing something that can be inspiring to my kids and grandkids so that they can be their best selves.
8: i feel that i wouldn't ask anyone to do something that i wouldn't be willing to do myself, and won't say something unless i believe deeply in it, which sometimes means i'm holding myself back from suggesting something if i dont know it 100%.
7: i want to get better at making tough decisions, most of the time, my framework is utilitarianism, the most good for the most people but i also need to be more empathetic to everyone.
9: yes please tell me when i make mistakes.
8: even though i try to get myself up at 6/7am, workout, execute, i have many friends who are so much tougher than i am mentally and always seem to perform at such a high level. changing my diet towards (mostly) vegan, doing intermittent fasting, and working out (rowing 6-10kms) are the tools i use to perform at my best.
7: i only know excel, trying to pick up 1-2 shortcuts and optimizations every day.
9: i try to practice no ego, there are a few things where i like to do things "my way" but most of the time it's stupid, just do things the way that works for the team or the other person you are collaborating with, reduce the friction for everyone.
8: trying to 10x myself and being open to learning new tools (github) while learning from everyone.
7: i keep learning, but over time i've noticed that so many of the books i read talk about similar principles so what i need to do is to branch out and learn new things, try new sports, etc.
9: i'm greedy when others are fearful, because i lived through the 2008 financial crisis. i usually invest on the worst day, "the biggest drop", etc.
7: i want to accomplish more deeper work, but i understand that some of my small work adds up over time to combine into something important.
8: i try to do the top 2-3 things in the morning before work hours to maximize focus.
8: yes, i understand that workflow is very fluid at a startup and there's a balance between hacking something together and avoid building long term business and technical debt.
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