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November 30, 2021
HashGiv Parvaneh
Live on Mainnet
Release Date

Product Overview

Oct 21, 2021

I’m excited to announce the launch of Sef wallet mobile apps now available on both iOS, and Android. It is based on the past 5 months of work on Smartvault, which was built upon solid research, and independently audited. It is a mobile-first, fully decentralized, and private on-chain/smart wallet dedicated for the Harmony ecosystem.

Why mobile-first? We are targeting the 10 Billion users who spend the majority of their time on their phone and/or their only means to access the blockchain.

Decentralized There is no central authority associated with your wallet (like a default guardian or default recovery). You’re always 100% in control.

Private We don’t collect any private information from the app or by any other means.

Sef Wallet is part of the $20M Grants & Bounties on Wallet & $300M+ on Bounties, grants, DAOs focusing on onchain with wallet security.

Fully Featured Defi Wallet 💰

  • Send+Receive with ease! Supports HRC-20 & Custom tokens
  • Swap from hundreds of tokens on Harmony natively via Sushiswap.
  • Connect to any Dapp with WalletConnect
  • Farm on Sushi - Tutorial
  • Local currency support (over 45 currencies)
Sef is official listed as Harmony Mobile Wallets: Sef Wallet - Harmony

Developer Friendly 🛠

  • Custom token (HRC20) asset management & send/receive support
  • Full Sushiswap swap support with Custom Token.
  • Access to Sushiswap via WalletConnect for full farming functionalities
  • Sef is the first Harmony mobile wallet to offer dapps integration via WalletConnect. If you are a developer and interested in connecting with Sef and future wallets with WalletConnect, see integration guide.

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Roadmap & Change Log

Weekly Updates

Nov 29 - Dec 3

This week highlight was attending @DCentralCon in Miami. It was very productive time meeting Harmony Core team (jack, sam, and boris); talking to ONE HODLers, and showing off Sef Wallet.

Continued to work on integrating Ledger and Trezor. The web3-react libraries had buggy code that didn't support the full chain id so I forked it and fixed the bug, upgraded to latest library of ledger so it works with new browsers. Will contribute back to main repo.

Also started Twitter account https://twitter.com/SefDefiWallet , quickly grew to almost 200 followers in two weeks. More plans on growing it with contests, earn ONE, and more.

Nov 22 - Nov 27

This week focus was integrating the guardians into the UI, and building the Guardian app. The app was submitted on Tuesday and approved by Thursday as 1.1.0 release. This is a major release since now the user can protect the wallet with multiple devices (guardians). Regression testing on the entire app with/without guardians was done since this work touch registration, recovery, transfer, swap — basically all major parts of the app. Next work will be integration ledger and trezor out to round out the guardians support.

Released 1.1.0 to Appstore

Nov 15 - Nov 19

I began work on guardians. Most of it was built similar to Argent, and Hebao which depends on off-chain signing coordination. When it came to integrating, it wasn't as simple because that coordination had to be a service or somewhere. Storing on relayer wasn't an option for me since databases can get corrupted, goes down which affect the availability of wallet recovery. I introduced a separate contract to store the states which added more complexity than needed. The blockchain is an always available, permanent storage, and Harmony is cheap!. I ended throwing some work away in favor more simple on-chain design .

Nov 8 - Nov 12

I had reports of a user having problems with custom tokens, and unable to swap native ONE. The issue was custom token didn't have logo and it cause the app to crash so I put in placeholders. And the issue with ONE, I added ONE as default token since it is must be provided on top of Sushi default list. Additional performance improvements were also made since Sushiswap api takes up to 6 seconds. There was also some confusion with name registration cost based on length which is from crazy.one model. Since we're on sefwallet.one, I set it to flat fee of 0.1 ONE. (for now). Now it mimics normal domain registration, first come first serve.

Released 1.0.3 to App Store

Nov 1 - Nov 5

This was the immediate release since the alpha launch. I had reports with devices that had dark mode on. There were some preset theme that would switch the background colors and make the UI unreadable. There were also issues with Authenticator on iOS15. Apple would take over the otp:// routes, and work around was put in place.

Released 1.0.1 to App Store

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