Nick Vasilich

Nick Vasilich

Brian Felsen
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February 4, 2022
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June 30, 2022


Nick Vasilich is an ex-military entered blockchain world in 2017. He chose marketing as his personal growth area, obtained and refined Growth hacking and Community building skills by providing support for various crypto start-ups. Nick believes that every person matters and people are keys to all ‘doors’ in this world, that’s why he’s keen on communicating with friends and strangers in his journey to new opportunities. Nick holds Engineering degree from Sumy State University and Law degree from Odessa Institute of Internal Affairs. He’s a trusted member of #CryptoAlcoholics - the biggest private independent Russian-speaking blockchain community. At home he’s a husband and father.

Regional DAOs


Ecosystem Growth in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Georgia, Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

  • DAOs: focus on formation and onboarding regional community DAOs (RDAOs), developing sustainability model, DAO tooling adoption, impactful implementation for RDAOs’ deliverable;
  • Income: flexibility and approval for the result-oriented Income applications;
  • Partnerships: Governmental programs, Hackathons, Events.


June 2022

Eastern Europe developer meetups (ETHPrague, Baltic event, ETHWarsaw), Establish 1 Game Studio partnership (CapsCoin, Studio?, Mad Ape), Partners (NFT, GAMEs) flow internal guide. 100/80/90%

Feb 2022 Deliverables

  1. build all in one place onboarding guide for RDAOs, design and battle-test for the self-sustainability model for a RDAO, form new RDAOs from the region of interest and beyond;
  2. 1st Harmony event in Ukraine (completed);
  3. help team to execute program in the region of interest (launches/ports, hackathons, partnership with governmental educational program)

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment + Personal Story
conversation turn taking
8: always looking to find out more about the specific question, not afraid looking ‘stupid’ with my questions
disconfirm own beliefs
5: never been imperative with my point of view
self-aware & articulate
8: try keep myself always myself, and articulate my own thoughts
share a drink
2: i started avoiding drinking, but i think if others need a type of ‘team building’ event with drink i’ll stay with you guys
spend 10 hours daily together
10: since my life’s changed by the blockchain industry i’m likely to spend even more with the team
nurture & mentor
8: learn, learn and share my knowledge with others, even if i’m not perfect yet; i beleive i’ll never be perfect because there’s no borders for the perfections, but why not to share with others what you already know
make everyone shine
8: team work for me is to share a team spirit and don’t insist on others. the team of great relations inside (not just friends) can reach more than just a dry partnership
people over process
10: if you’d like to open a door you need a key - in my case i always certain about that people are keys to all doors in this world; if you are not able to get on with all people (or not able to try) this is not Harmony
dare to disagree
7: even opinionated as my personal feature doesn’t destroy of my communication if i’m not good in a discussed question - my disagreement is more likely a showing of interest to find the truth
long-time craftsmanship
8: i’d like to leave a remarkable step in this world - one is done, it’s my daughter
obsess over details
9: i share the opinion that beauty is in details and i try to be very attentive with them
hungry & foolish
10: never stop learning
share the mission
10: i participate in the project only if i share the idea behind it - i love what we’re doing in harmony by ‘consensus for 10 billion’; first i met this motto in harmony i realised that the team is doing something significant for those people who were not even born yet
optimistic about flying off a cliff
8: i don’t like to give up even meet crashes on my way
your 50-year dream
10: no more wars; i want my daughter never meet war again
consistent with own actions
7: after being a military i obtain the ability to consistent with own thoughts and actions, even it’s not so easy sometimes
make tough decisions
9: i believe i’m able to make to make tough decisions, but i always avoid doing crime to keep my conscience clear
admit mistakes
8: we’re people and we do mistakes; admit them one of our strongest features - only if you don’t anything you can do no mistakes - it’s not about me
top 1% superstar
6: there’re still so many things in me to be changed and improved - i’m doing that every day, adding more strict rules for myself, like healthy feeding, doing more sport, read more materials, etc
effective tooling
8: my best effective tool is my brain and neutral feeling of finding out what is necessary tool(s) that can improve me - i try to use and get know them
relevant to our needs
8: this means for me to be a team player, even if sometimes the own way of execution looks better for me i will choose what’s better for us
10x growth
10: there’s always room for improvement and i try to polish my skills daily
voracious learner
8: new experience comes to me when i try - I open to try new things and knowledge
contrarian thinker
7: in the debate the truth is born - sometimes i like to try opposite side and find out where it can lead
accomplish important work
7: usually fight with multitasking and try to specify what are important things to be done asap vs a long task list
activity < productivity
8: i’d like to specify the work with the most outcome and result instead of doing everything just for doing that
thrive in chaos
10: these days i’m every minute in chaos of war surrounding me, but even in these circumstances i’m able to keep my brain cold and do productive hours at work and for my family

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