Claire Barthelemy

January 23, 2022

Claire is currently a senior student at Loyola Marymount University, majoring in marketing and finishing her last semester of school. Her current focus is building out the learning center for 1wallet, writing content for the website, and content marketing strategy. Prior, she assisted in building Blu3 DAO with the purpose of educating and onboarding women into web3.

Harmony Protocol  / Contributor                                                            January 2022- current

  • Writing out the educational center articles for Timeless Wallet (1wallet)
  • Built out the discord and assisted in the launch of Blu3 DAO with the goal of onboarding more women into crypto
  • Writing website copy for Timeless Wallet (1wallet)
  • Assisting in planning activations for Harmony for Coachella

Plastiks Platform / Marketing Intern/Project Marketing Manager    September 2021 – January 2022

  • Created and executed a 30+ day marketing plan for a token launch
  • Assisted in growing the Plastiks community on telegram and twitter
  • Organized and scheduled sponsorships at events
  • Wrote PR, video scripts, and content for website
  • Conducted and executed influencer outreach
  • Lead a Marketing team of 4 people while delegating proper tasks

VirtuaBroker Marketing Intern/ Marketing Specialist                          September 2021 – January 2022

  • Created Newsletters
  • Created social media content and captions
  • Conducting keyword research and titles for Blog posts (SEO)
  • Created new copy and slogan for website
  • Optimized and created ads on Coinzilla

Thermo Fisher Scientific / Marketing Intern                                             Summer 2021-September 2021

  • Working with social media team to create blog content and publishing with SEO optimization focus
  • Utilizing Buzzsumo and Talk Walker data, conducting content research trend and insight analysis to determine which topics are surging in key research for Thermo Fisher to leverage for content creation.
  • Keyword research for SEO

Sente Labs / Digital Marketing Intern                                                        Summer 2021-September 2021

  • Created social media graphics and content for social media campaigns
  • Conducting competitive research and implementing findings into social media strategy with updated new and updated branding
  • Assisting in the relaunch of a product and its marketing campaign

Nosotros / Marketing and Business Development Intern                                                             2020-2021

  • Assisted in the development and implementation of multi-platform social media strategy in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Managed several accounts in Los Angeles and maintained relationships with store managers
  • Developed Pinterest ad initiatives by creating graphics to appeal to a catered audience and consistently outperforming the CTR and CPC benchmarks by 2-4x
  • Initiated and established strategic partnerships to increase brand awareness

Hawke Media/ Client Success Intern                                                                               Summer 2020

  • Conducted research on client success initiatives at a leading digital marketing agency of over 400 clients
  • Analyzed data across departments to streamline communications within the company and with clients

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society/ Marketing and Social Media Intern                            Summer 2019

  • Created a social-media strategy, implementing a variety of tactics for focus areas and merchandise
  • Selected images, collaborated with photographers, and wrote messages/captions to maximize impact (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Reached out to advertising agencies with different possible campaigns
  • Results of above activities: Instagram: 60% increase in clicks, 50% increase in engagement. Twitter: 20% increase in engagement. Facebook: 25% increase in engagement

CJ Products, Carlsbad, CA/ Marketing Intern                                                                   Summer 2018

  • Strengthened digital marketing initiatives, drove social media interaction, found influencers that fit brand, ran Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Created content to post, and increased interaction on posts by 40% over three months
  • Created a marketing calendar for every month with the CEO, and several other campaigns to increase views and interactions on social media posts. Identified the best companies to assist in email blasting, cart abandonment, and Google ads

Bristl Science, Los Angeles CA                                                                  Bristl Science, Los Angeles, CA/ Marketing Intern, Social Media Analyst                             Spring 2018

  • Created and ran Instagram advertisements and posts, and assisted in Facebook posts and advertisements
  • Assisted in bringing in $66,429 for the Kickstarter campaign, which was fully funded in 4 hours

2022 Q1 deliverables:

  • provide support for launch of 1Wallet website (zi let’s chat)
  • provide support for author Amy Soon’s book launch, and Blu3 DAO
  • help organize 1 event in Los Angeles (Zi: 1 event / week)