Book Grant: “Create Wealth in Harmony”

Book Grant: “Create Wealth in Harmony”




$50K grant for commissioning a book titled “Create Wealth in Harmony”

🦋ONE Book: Create Wealth in Harmony

  • by 11/20: write a one-page preface and one-page chapter outline for the book, submit them as our grant proposal, gather feedback from harmony community
  • by 11/25: if approved, receive $50K all upfront
  • by 12/25: a full draft of all book chapters
  • by 12/31: a full-hour interview video with adrian
  • (by 2/11: a talk and multiple interviews at eth denver)


book preface & outline


Social Tokens

  • see "fan tokens" on page 99 of /theses.pdf and the links at the end of the section (Required Reading: Audius, The Evolution of Content Platforms, The Evolution of Blockchain Based Music, The Collegiate Athlete Economy, The Sport of Speculation, The Social Token Bible, and The Value Capture of Social Tokens)