Project X & Y Managers

After the offsite is was made clear that this is an initiative that does not need direct approval from core team. Michael will move forward with an execution plan for new Project X & Y grants as well as a retrospective for previous Project X & Y grant recipients. Working with Harmony team members that have given out grants.


X & Y grants are handed out by full-time Harmony team members on-the-ground at events around the globe. This creates a significant amount of workload post-event. It require communication, talk proposals, follow-ups, and questions from community and grant recipient. If Harmony is to continue its Project X & Y initiatives two things have been made clear.

  1. Only full-time (Core and Fellows) that are on-the-ground at these events should be responsible for giving out in-person grants.
  2. After the event is over there needs to be Project Managers (Contributors from Basic DAO) that guide the grant recipients in community approach, proposal creation, and being a point of contact.


  • Project confusion both externally and internally.
  • Most Harmony team members already stretched too thin.


  • Project X & Y managers.
  • More comprehensive guidelines
  • More comprehensive reporting


  • 2 Contributors via Basic DAO as Project X & Y Managers (6 months with 3 month performance review)
  • 1 Dept. Head (6 months pending advancement of Project X & Y beyond 2022)
  • 1 Fellow (to help with initial formation of procedures ~1 month)

Project X & Y Manager Duties

  • Coordinate, remotely, with on the ground X & Y grant providers online during event.
  • A call with grant provider and grant recipient for introductions and passing of the responsibility baton.
  • Manager will work with assigned project from introductory call until 3 months after the grant has been received.