10,000 Builders for 10 Million Users

10,000 Builders for 10 Million Users

By Li Jiang ๐ŸŽฝ

At Harmony, our vision has always been to bring blockchain to billions of people. This year, our ecosystem of applications has been growing at a rapid scale.

Now, we want to take the next leap forward.

Harmony will be deploying our $300+ million total treasury to support and accelerate 10,000 builders.

Over the next ONE year, we aim to accelerate 10,000 builders who will impact the lives of at least 10 million new users on blockchain. We want to bring new developers and new users into the ecosystem.


Today, the total number of users of even most of the largest decentralized applications are still just in the 100s of thousand. We have an ambitious goal but the market timing is perfect now to onboard users into open finance, creative marketplaces and autonomous organizations.

We wrote out our full strategy to support 10,000 builders on harmony.one/300.

  • 100 DAOs: each with 9 governors and hundreds to thousands of community members.
  • 1,000 bounties: for thousands of developers to complete to upgrade our network and tools.
  • 10 partners: of the leading projects to deploy on Harmony and reach millions of new users.
  • 100 grants: for projects with already 10k active users growing to the next level.
  • 500 launches: of new products that will engage their first 10k users and beyond.
  • 50 investments: in high potential projects to unlock new growth.
  • 10 hackathons: each engaging hundreds of early stage developers to kickstart.

Our number ONE focus is on empowering a generation of builders, founders, creatives who will create a thriving ecosystem not only on Harmony but a new economy on blockchain to serve billions of people.

Itโ€™s time to BUILD! Harmony is a fast and scalable blockchain with 2-second transaction speed and low fees. We built secure bridges to Ethereum, Binance, Terra and will be connecting to Bitcoin, Polkadot, and Cosmos. We are ready to accelerate thousands of founders and builders around the world.

Join us on harmony.one/300:

$300M+ on Web3, Grants & DAOs

P.S. My personal passionate since college has been to build up an idea into a scalable project. Here's one of my personal stories in my journey to empower startup founders.

Harmony Grants and Investments (Paused)
"ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives