Q1 Milestones & Deliverables

Q1 Milestones & Deliverables

🚀 Q1 goal: 1000 sales for domains & profiles. First: $50 merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, totes), 1000 each, $50k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Vera’s Pink Apes, Harmony’s Blue Apes, Claire’s travel logs, Miss Excel. Test run: Harmony t-shirts (100 to community). Second: Video content, $10 per month, weekly videos, 2500 subscribers, $25k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Shamir’s videographer community, Bay Area’s high school sports teams streaming, fitness gurus.

_ eng, _ biz, _ onsite, _ bay area, _ remote, _ full time, _ total | ❤️‍🔥Now, 🔥Today, 🏃‍♀️Soon

  • 💙Stephen 🎽Li 🐯Tom 🦁Kushagra – 🐷Alan 🎤Matty 🧩Yi 🧸Alaina 🕸️Amanda
  • 🪂Casey 🛰Max ♏Gheis ⛓Konstantin – ⚔Soph 🏔Diego 🐪Socheat
  • 💻Aaron 🏀John – 🌻Yuriy 🎸Jenya 🐙Sergey 🚎Artem
  • 🧙🏻Frank 📱Tejassvi 🦑Julia – 🚀Abhinav 👻Angel ⚽Theo 🌊Sun

📺Shoppable Video: Task Assignment

🔉Creator-Fans Economy: Domains, Profiles, Videos & Commerce

Showcases at demo.harmony.one

  • link – redirect for vanity URL, appending as bookmarks
  • video – full screen, touch control, device optimized, upload, encode (a16z)
  • live – video livestreaming (a16z, social, China)
  • merch – tshirts, hoodies totes (Amazon, Shopify)
  • domain, country – Internet domains under .country (Github)
  • name, 1 – crypto names under .1 with browser extension (Github)
  • fiat – checkout via Stripe, Apple/Google Pay
  • pay – checkout via Stripe (Apple/Google) & Wallet Connect
  • meter – gated content, pay-per-use
  • profile – Emoji reactions, tips, contact reveal (Komi, GoDaddy)
  • sms – mobile wallet via SMS (Github)
  • metric – analytics, email subscription, customer management

Assignment & Workstreams

🧙🏻Frank: Video creation and controls, Gated payment for videos, Airdrop domains via SMS wallet.

🎸Jenya: Explorer cost, Vanity URL.

🐙Sergey: Video metering, encoding & storage, Mux integration.

🚎Artem: video.demo. payments, Video uploader, *Fork Space as pixel wars

📱Tejassvi: Vanity URL, Pay per view (pay to watch 1 video), Daily spend limit on burner wallet (Aaron), *Fork Harberger tax Hdmap for ENS, *Fork lensters (follow and likes)

💻Aaron 🏀John: Nomulus registrar (SSL certificates, Register or take-over pricing) for .country, token conversion for 10% collective multisig, SMS-mobile-desktop wallet sync.

🚀Abhinav: Stripe checkout, Safari extension deploy, .country registrar, Gated videos (Shamir), Shoppable videos (Jenya), Bridge multisig (Yuriy), *Shopify merch.

👻Angel: Hire (network eng, systems eng, ops associate – resume, phone, coding screens; 3 onsite candidates per week, 2 accepted offers, 3-5 year experience, 1-year startup), China telegram 1/12 Thu AMA with Yi (translation, prepared questions, 100 persons), .1 redirect 100 installs (high importance), .country registrar blog, Crypto names .1 partners & growth analytics.

🧸Alaina (12/28 Wed): /country via Webflow, Substack (Talk, Leader rotation, Brian’s, ZKP, Redirect, Messari), Gated videos, 1 iconology.

🌻Yuriy: Bridge multisig, Fork ENS SDK, .1 reverse lookup (explorer, .1 pages, Timeless, staking) like on Etherscan (vanity URL, labelled addresses), *Fork Succint ZK bridge.

🐷Alan: Creator partners, Gated videos, Dune analytics with TiDB.

🌊Sun: Cloud cost (verify’s all Soph’s numbers and claims on /metrics, shutdown all internal mainnet nodes, versus 144 externals), Dev Ops open access (Reboot testnet/devnet with specification – bootnode, network config, libp2p setup), Full key rotations (cloud security operations among internal, BLS aggregate signature among all validators to match Ethereum’s upgrade), State prune (annual technical review), Protocol features (account abstraction, Max’s cross-shard transactions).

🦑Julia: Explorer indexing (character size in scheme indexing – infrastructure access, cloud cost, database architecture, product features | utilization percentage for storage, bandwidth, instance), LayerZero bridge with multisig for token issuer (Yuriy, custody, safe multisignature, ZK bridges), Wallet security (SMS prototypekeyless cryptography, Smart One-Time-Password OTP), Algorithmic stablecoins

  • Datastax (support engineer, on-prem and cloud Casandra, streaming)

🏂Theo: Tx fee DAO (validator voting, network hardfork; Casey), Validator staking from foundation (cold wallet migration, later Safe multisig; Li), Algorithmic stablecoins (Julia/Li, Curve stablecoin whitepaper, Delphi Digital’s DeFi landscape, versus Stably and native stablecoins), Lending pools (Tranquil; Li/Kushagra, real-world assets like Aave/Curve/Maker – Delphi’s report, Messari’s report), Team video interviews (social media, Reddit, newsletter, community).

  • 5-person Trello, HTML/CSS (WebFlow), 1000-line Python, 11 newsletters of 500-word

🎽Li 🐯Tom 🧩Yi: Bay area & China partners for .1.

🦁Kushagra: Amazon Merch, Domains for podcast.

🎤Matty: Fiat buys & withdraw (Apple Pay & Stripe) via Hidden State LLC.

🕸️Amanda: Team skillsets.

🪂Casey: Cut machine cost (sunset product, features, services), 10x Tx fees for devops.

⚔Soph 🏔Diego 🐪Socheat: Cut machine cost (utility %), Key-based access (Pay for use), cost todo, devops todo.

🛰Max ♏Gheis ⛓Konstantin: Cross-shard transactions, state prune, resharding.

  1. Move from Enom ($7 fee per domain) to Namesheap ($0.25)
  2. Use 1.country for both .1 and .country registration, replacing names.country.
  3. Use Apple Pay and Wallet Connect for checkout.

Team’s Skills & Expertise

💙Stephen Tse (Github, Notion, Twitter, Eth, Ape, Linkedin, Medium)

  • Penn, Simon Fraser, PhD
  • 115K OCaml, 200K Javascript, 50K Lisp
  • $29.1M Raised
  • 151 Hires

🎽Li Jiang

  • 100 Investments
  • 50 Mentees, 30 Managees

🪂Casey (Github, Mirror)


⛓️Konstantin (Protocol engineer, Github)

  • Leader rotation, resharding, consensus algorithm

♏️Gheis (Github) 🎽Li 🐯Tom 🦁Kushagra* 💻Aaron* (Github) 🧩Yi (Github)

🌻Yuriy (Github)

  • LayerZero/Bitcoin Bridges, SDK tooling, livestreaming video

🎸Jenya (Github)

  • Explorer, indexing, Gnosis Safe

🐙Sergey (Github, Law ‘21, 15-year full stack)

  • Ethereum and Bitcoin bridges
  • Job search engine, 7.5 years: Typescript chat toolkit, integration tests
  • Video toolkit, 1.5 years: navigation, debug tools, cross platform, Elastic Search

🚎Artem (ArtemKolodko@Github, Harmony ‘21 Dec, St. Petersburg ‘12, 10-year full stack, 5-people manager)

  • Explorer (indexing performance), staking with Gnosis Safe
  • Waves blockchain explorer, 3 years: explorer from scratch, 10+ apps with NestJS
  • Game dev, 6 years: ReactJS toolkit, 100 players (chess, poker, Go)

⚔️Soph (Github) 🏔Diego (Github) ⛓️Socheat (Github) 📱Tejassvi (Github)

🧙🏻Frank (Github, Harmony ‘21 Oct, Bolivar computer ‘00)

  • _ Kotlin, _ React, _ SQL.
  • Solana NFT marketplace, 10-year SMS payment founder.
  • 6-year financial advisory, 5-year marketing, 4-year warehouse, 4-year logistics, 2-year administrative.

🕸️Amanda 🏀John Whitton* 🛠️Gaurish

🧸Alaina (UC Davis ‘22, Crescenta Valley High School ‘18)

  • 10+ Mailchimp Email Campaigns, 10+ Campaign Logos
  • 75+ Promotional Flyers/Brochures/Invitations/Social Media Posts
  • Authored 5+ Campaign Summaries (7 pages of writing), Wrote 10+ pages summarizing campaigns w/ research
  • Design of 3, 30 page Annual Reports in InDesign
  • 1 website designed in Figma, 1 app designed/prototyped in Adobe XD
  • 1000+ hours designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma

🎤Matty (…)

👻Angel (Berkeley ‘22, Riverside, Tianjin #1 High)

  • 50K Python, 5K Java, 10K Typescript
  • BitGo (Threshold-signature wallet)
  • Ripple (DeFi DAO, Finance journal)

Abhinav (Penn State, Fremont High, Triangle Fraternity)

  • 10K Python, 10K Java, 3K C, 1K HTML/CSS
  • $20K Sales, 50 Products (merch)

🐷Alan Zhu (Github, Twitter, Linkedin, Medium | Berkeley ‘22 computer & data science, Tesla ‘22, Tencent ‘21)

  • 5K Python, 2K Java, 1K C# game, 1K SQL at Tesla
  • Entreprise Resource Planning: 20 user interviews, $20B assets, real-time database sync
  • Short-text topic modeling on design thinking; Access control for medical imaging AI
  • East-Asian professional club (president), Colledge simuation game (product)

🥳 Tao Zhou (15 hours, Github, Linkedin)

Market Analysis