Theo Fandrich

Theo is a life-long learner, captivated by the human behavior that propels our world. He has always possessed an affinity for Western/Eastern political and economic developments and spent several years in Japan and China. He believes digital assets will play a role in globalization. For the last two years, Theo worked as an analyst at Cambridge Associates working in portfolio management and manager research. Theo studied business and finance with honors at Texas A&M University.

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Cultural Self Assessment

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7: Sometimes my enthusiasm can drown a conversation, but I have developed an understanding of the importance of active listening.
6: It’s unnatural to seek contradictory view points, but as I have grown in maturity, I have grown to seek cross examination.
10: I consider self-awareness one of my greatest strengths. I have learned to become comfortable with my humanity and thrive from the authenticity that is derived from this awareness.
7: I don’t drink as casually as I may have in the past, but drinking can lead to uncovering a refreshing authenticity in others, something I find valuable.
10: Let’s Go!
8: During my time working in corporate, I have had the opportunity to train and mentor new hires. Although still learning, the most effective method in training anyone is to lead by example.
8: I derive significant joy in empowering and emboldening others. I hope that I can be a beacon of light in the life of others, and in turn, they can magnify this light upon others as well.
6: In theory this is what I strive for, in practice, it can be difficult to maintain patience under high stress situations that require strong execution.
10: I have always had an inclination towards argumentation, or at least that is what my mom tells me.
5: I am quickly enticed into new ventures and have sometimes questioned whether this compromises my ability to specialize. Some have told me it’s better to be a generalist, others have told me the opposite, my view is still inconclusive.
7: They say the devil is in the details, but sometimes it’s minutiae. I try to maintain a healthy balance between big picture and details.
8: I was once more foolish, still as hungry.
8: If you don’t share the mission, what are you doing?
10: What’s the fun in knowing what will happen?
10: I want to have many kids.
7: I consider integrity one of the most difficult character qualities to develop and maintain. The body gets tired, and even the willing compromise on their most cherished disciplines. Working Progress.
8: Tough decisions are easy to make, but bearing the consequence? Few can do.
9: I am generally very candid in admitting mistakes when they occur.
9: Mindset
7: There’s no time to make things that don’t work.
7: I have developed many skillsets that I hope to leverage while maintaining a entrepreneurial mode of thinking.
10: Mindset. I hope to amplify this ambition within the company and to my colleagues.
9: I have always possessed an unquenchable intellectual curiosity in all things.
10: As mentioned previously in my “dare to disagree” section, my knack for argumentation derives its root in my sometimes unsolicited contrarian thinking.
9: I hope to earn the trust of my peers beginning with the drudgery, then with “important work.”
9: Motion with intent is productivity.
10: What is there to do if there is no chaos?