Konstantin Potapov

Konstantin Potapov
Rongjian Lan
February 15, 2022

Konstantin has been working in the gaming industry for more than 15 years. Prior the Harmony, he has been working on Waves platform, creating blockchain for community and enterprise needs. His primary responsibilities were node runtime state, network synchronization and smart contract virtual machine.


March Deliverables:

  • Launch efficient beacon epoch block synchronization feature.
  • Look into issue of block slow insertion into levelDB and fix it.
  • Benchmark and profiling on rpc nodes cpu, memory, goroutine, locking usage; Propose and implement optimizations

April Deliverables:

  • Locked block insertion
  • Transactions missing issue.
  • Update transaction pool to latest version.

May Deliverables:

  • Crosslink heartbeat signal.
  • Deploy epoch synching.
  • Transaction loss investigation.

Cultural Self Assessment - Konstantin Potapov.

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Self Assessment
Personal Story
7 - I prefer to be a listener and not to interrupt people, asking relevant questions.
Based on my experience as a team leader, I can say that you need to be able not only to convince people and set tasks for them, but also to listen to their point of view. Many tasks don't get done right not because people don't know how to do the task, but because no one wants to listen to them and give them the right advice.
8 - It’s interesting for me to listen to other opinions and ideas. I can change my own, if others sound better than my.
I first started doing blockchain in 2011. But then it seemed to me that this direction was unpromising and I stopped. Although the people around me said otherwise. Now I regret that decision. But I learned the lesson that sometimes you should listen to the opinions of others.
7 - I’d like to think I’m highly self-aware. I can always explain what in my head.
Usually it is difficult for artists and creative people to formulate their thoughts and they prefer to draw, sing and express them in different ways. But I am a technical specialist. In the exact sciences everything is logical and the same in my head too. I have never had difficulty expressing my point of view if I am familiar with the topic
9 - I like to share my eat or drink with someone, it’s a good way to find out the news, get new information or have a smalltalk.
There is so little free time in life to spend with friends. Drinking a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to spend time having a pleasant conversation. I have a tradition - every Wednesday we have lunch with my best friend and share the news from life.
7 - It's quite normal for me to spend the whole day together, but sometimes I need to be alone for a while to concentrate on a task.
I can spend more than 10 hours in a row with a person I like, this is not a problem. It's even nice and good for relationships, but only if it doesn't happen every day. Everyone should have their own interests and personal space. And it is better to spend the weekend together - so the relationship will be strong and bright. As for work, I am ready to perform an important joint task for as long as it takes to achieve a result.
6 - I've been a leader for eight years, but that doesn't mean I enjoy pushing people. But sharing knowledge is ok.
I like to lead people solely from a position of learning, sharing experience and growing together. I don't enjoy power over others. A leadership position is, first of all, responsibility for what you say to others, what tasks you set and what results you get.
9 - I enjoy helping others within my ability.
It is impossible for everyone to be good. I would be pleased to please all the people around me, but I am a realist and I understand that someone will be pleased with my actions, and someone will say that I do not understand anything about happiness. But I know for sure that I can treat every person with kindness, understanding and a smile - this can already make many people happy.
9 - Processes are good, but they are created by people.
Even behind the coolest technical progress there is a person and usually not one. I believe that routine processes should be automated and not take time away from what is really important - self-development, learning, communication with interesting people and mentors.
8 -I don’t think that defending your point of view is something bad, but you need to do it where you have the competence.
I always prefer to doubt what I hear, to find additional evidence. Believing in a word is not about me. Only by doubting and digging deeper you can get to the truth.
9 - I try to do my best, but not always everything depends on us.
Several important meetings in my life had to be canceled or rescheduled due to flight delays. It taught me to plan meetings in advance and not rely on luck. However, even in this scenario, force majeure happens. But I know that I will 100% do my best.
6 - It's hard for me to do something without knowing all the details, and it's hard to trust if I don't know how it works.
I feel uncomfortable if I have to do something I don't understand. It's easier for me to say that at the moment I do not know this, I need a few days to figure it out and I will complete this task. This kind of honesty with yourself and others makes life very easy.
8 - The more you do this, the less unknown and interesting remains, but some things are still interesting to me, perhaps because I do not have the opportunity to realize them.
There was a period when I became interested in diving, but after the first dive, I realized that this hobby is not for me. But it is still exciting for me to watch videos about the underwater world and the inhabitants of the ocean.
9 - I believe that the success of the company is also my own success.
Each person in the team is important to achieve the overall result. The most effective team is when everyone does the work in which he is an expert. And then everyone can feel their personal contribution to achieving the result.
6 - Do what you must and come what may.
The best thing we can do in this life is to do our job with integrity. Maybe we can't change the world, but within your company you need to be a professional and take a responsible approach to completing tasks.
8 - I want to find a cozy place to raise children and spend my time.
I think 50 years is not the age to leave everything and rest. But by that time, I see myself as a successful person who can afford to devote more time to family and children than to work. And work should be fun.
10 - I'm consistent with what i say and what i do.
I am a man of words and deeds. And I really do not like it when they deceive me and try to outwit me. I have everything clearly in my head and actions, I know how to plan my time and calculate my capabilities.
9 - I have been in leadership roles for a long time and I had to make difficult decisions, as well as bear responsibility for them.
When I was in leadership positions in companies, I had to make different decisions. It is always difficult to decide the fate of a person - to hire, fire, transfer to another department. But the leader must think globally for the benefit of his company. My decisions have always been balanced and aimed at improving the result.
8 - I admit my mistakes and I have made many mistakes, sometimes quite stupid ones.
The one who does nothing makes no mistakes. I am not ashamed of my mistakes - this is my experience. Some mistakes contributed to my further growth. And some are the opposite. For example, I regret that in 2011 I abandoned blockchain.
5 - I always strive to be better, but being superstar is not my goal.
I never thought superstars had an easy life. I prefer to be a high-level specialist, have a good income and live in peace.
8 - I like to automate my environment, big IDEs with tons of features and shortcuts.
If something can be simplified and improved, I do it. I value my time very much, so I try to make everything around as convenient as possible and help save my time and effort.
9 - My experience is ideal for the current needs, I did the same, but not in such volumes.
It is very important to be able to be flexible in thinking and behavior. There are no two absolutely identical companies, identical tasks and process of implementation. You need to be able to adapt to people, see the strengths and weaknesses of others and direct energy in the right direction.
7 - I always trying to grow and get better.
I can't even name a period of my life when I didn't study. The world is changing very quickly and sometimes I even have stress from the fact that I don't have time to study everything. There are so many interesting things around! But I have learned to identify the main areas and develop in them. There just isn't enough time for everything.
9 - I can’t say that I’m interested in literally everything, but there are areas and things that interest me, unfortunately I don’t always have enough time to deal with them.
I love to listen to good music and at one time I even tried to learn how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, due to lack of free time, I had to sacrifice my guitar in favor of study and work. But I have a friend who is a musician, and sometimes when I really want to, I can come to visit him and play the guitar a little.
6 - I don’t think being a contrarian is always a good thing. If I have no experience in some area, I will choose the majority opinion.
I don't like confrontations. If I am sure that I am right, I will try to convince others by giving arguments in my favor. But only if it's really important to me. I have no need for everyone around me to think like me.
9 - Doing important work, I feel significant, and I do not want to justify the trust placed in me.
As a leader, I felt a special responsibility for completing tasks. I will never forget this feeling of joy and pleasure when the team clearly works according to your plan. In general, I like to see the results of my work.
7 - The more experience I gain, the more complex my tasks become, sometimes I find it difficult to distinguish between what is activity and what is productivity.
I don't like imitation of activity. but I believe that it is impossible to achieve results without active actions. Planning helps me avoid unnecessary actions.
6 - I read from the “The Mythical Man-Month” book that the first system goes to waste, so I don’t always strain in the first iteration, but I try to get as much information as possible in order to do the best I can in the future.
What is chaos? Usually we call chaos what we have not encountered before. It doesn't scare me. On the contrary, I try to see new opportunities in chaos while others are under the influence of emotions.