Stop Reacting to events and Start Using Mechanisms

Stop Reacting to events and Start Using Mechanisms



As Li reminded me of earlier, one of our cultural values is โ€œto thrive in chaosโ€. One of the most effective methods is to use mechanisms. How to figure out what works best for you to thrive amidst this chaos. This can be a learned experience and without it comes stress and anxiety. We need to equip ourselves with the right tools to battle these and be reminded that we have these available in our hands.

Turning the Corner

One can be overwhelmed easily either when we are interrupted with our flow with planned or unplanned events. Our Telegram channels blow up and work โ€œpiles upโ€. We often feel everyone else is busy, and we own our own siloโ€™ed vertical. We donโ€™t want to bother others and would like to learn on our own. Everyoneโ€™s virtual nearly everyday, especially if youโ€™re not able to visit the in-office days. Is there a better way?

โ€œThere must be a better way to make the things we want, a way that doesn't spoil the sky, or the rain or the landโ€ โ€” Paul McCartney

We have seen others thrive. On for those that do, there are times that they falter. But how do they pick it up again? We find out quickly. Have discussions and conversations with them. Together in a group, or through dedicated 1:1 times. Seek them out as a mentor and constantly be learning. But there are mechanisms out there which would work, and dates back to how human beings operate well ... when there are routines and ways to energize you, differently for extroverts vs. introverts.

Next Steps

The mechanisms in place that works for one might not work for another. Iโ€™d suggest that in the next 6-weeks, we resource time and energy for this โ€œ1x Noโ€ by have 1-person lead a 40% part-time effort to:

  1. [Week 1 & 2] run a Retrospective in a form of โ€œWhat Works / What Doesnโ€™t Workโ€
  2. [Week 3] summarize and write up these best practices achieved via group think
  3. [Week 4 & 5] get 3 Strong Yesโ€™s and prioritize into a Top 10 Best Practices, publish โ€œHow to thrive in chaosโ€
  4. [Week 6] integrate this into our onboarding practice and require this in /hr