Fully Orchestrated Partnerships

Fully Orchestrated Partnerships


  1. ๐Ÿ‰Jack: Fully Orchestrated Partnerships โ€” Today our partnerships are touch and go. We donโ€™t follow up. We donโ€™t have pre-launch planning, we donโ€™t have a post-launch 10x on-ramp for our partners. Itโ€™s totally transactional. Partners may not mind it, and some may feel abandoned. For example, if BEFORE we launch games, we need orchestrate the pre-plannings โ€” what tools they need, which launchpad to use, when to perform NFT drops to get the community riled up, inclusion into our newsletter, website, docs, build out tutorials, etc. DURING the launch, we help co-marketing to a certain degree โ€” media blast, weekly recaps, Reddit pins, Harmony ONE Weekly inclusion, feature on Harmony Universe and our website, do tweets and retweets. AFTER they launch post-launch growth playbooks (how do we get them to 1K Daily Active Users (DAUs), guide them through guild setups, insist on them hiring community managers to build a community, get them to 10K DAUs, marketing tweet on Harmony to buying ads on gamer platforms, getting influencers to review their app, find investors with /venture) and thatโ€™s a โ€œgameโ€ example. Another examples โ€” DEXes (DFK, Tranquil, Curve, Sushi, Beefy, Openswap, StakeDAO โ€” get Tier 1 investors to back them or incentivize them to fund LPs at $10M+ each), Infrastructure (Chainstack, Pocket, QuickNode, Ankr โ€” partner with Top 3 apps on Harmony), Protocols (cross-shard tx, Zero Knowledge Proofs).
    • ๐Ÿ›นPeter: We already have standard operating procedures for partnerships - pre, during, post and pipeline management. I just havenโ€™t kept up with it, which is my fault. Please Go to google drive to find the document and help me utilize it and improve it and make it a standard going forward.

Partnership Playbook

In 2-weeks, have 1 person focusing 50% of time on creating a playbook to have any new fellow or contributor with customer engagement experiences be able to handle major partnerships, from exchange listings, to Defi derivative onboarding from a different chain, to mobile apps, etc.

Identify industry segments that we are likely to partner with in the next 6-12 months
Create an escalation path for each of the segments (bridge = Ganesha, protocol = RJ, etc.)
Spell out Customer Success management mechanisms (specific Telegram channel creation method, LinkedIn messages, email templates, etc.)
Look back at previous projects around NFTs, DEXes, Infrastructure, Protocol, etc.
List out all the MarCom channels that we can provide support for partnerships
Post-launch cadence, setting up reminders, open office hours, connecting with /venture