10x User Confidence with 10x User eXperience (UX)

10x User Confidence with 10x User eXperience (UX)


Harmony’s UX is broken

This sounds confusing. Because it is. There is no common theme in our messaging to our users, especially on our website, and it’s ultra confusing. A huge indicator is our website — it is recently rebranded to a radical Timeless-driven theme. Starts with DAOs, Community, blue Bored Apes, Metaverse with 8-bit DFK, Zero Knowledge University, 2-Second Finality, Bridging, the blockchain trilemma solved, and the header links route to a combobled set of incoherent content. Our information architecture is too exposed and lack focus.

Our elaborate use of Notion pages is a radical method of turning a note taking platform and turning it into a publication by people with many different writing styles. We lose control on messaging alignment and spend countless kilojoules of energy trying to realign, rather than being able to refocus that energy towards delivering results. I would argue we are at a scale that is bringing us less benefit and are seeing this hurting us from many angles — competitive disadvantage, prolonged digital content trail which might haunt us in the future, a communication narrative nightmare when they’re misunderstood, and zero psychological safety for our staff and contributors.

My hypothesis is Harmony’s UX is broken as seen from the outside in and inside out. Even this article itself is publicly exposed and is an example of how in the future, this narrative could be spun in a negative light purposefully to hurt Harmony’s growth; losing confidence across all audience types from investor, to builders, to users and to future contributors.

The broken UX reflects a mix of identity. We need to align on all fronts.

Start with the End in Mind

What is Harmony’s narrative that can help attract all user segments to onboard onto Harmony and increase its utility? Are we evolving into something that we have yet to be able to comprehend? Maybe if we begin with the end in mind, we can work backwards to see what we need to work on.

This method is proliferated at Amazon using a mechanism called Press Release / Frequently Asked Question or in short, a PR/FAQ. With a PR/FAQ, it helps us work backwards and our minds begin experiencing an amazing journey from a new vantage point.

An example of a PR/FAQ could look like this:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nov 1, 2067 /HarmoNews/ — As the population of interplanetary human species reaches 10 Billion today, many are reminded that the harmonious worlds we live in today came from the wealth economy created by Harmony, the ONE multi-planetary decentralized digital currency which helped changed the world by way of general a universal basic income powered by a gamified financial micro-economy. Li Jiang, previously a co-founder of the Harmony Foundation, now a philanthropist and the ambassador of Arcadia Planitia DAO on Mars, says: “Our journey here has been full of trials and tribulations. We experimented with pushing for a radical social change, and finally able to turn the tides on the capital markets by unlocking the potential of our youth and enabling the ownership economy. We were not first movers in universal basic income, but we unlocked it by converging entertainment, mini learn-to-earns and micro-work economies through gaming, building communities with a myriad of NFTs, which built countless alliances to work together in DAO ecosystems. The gamified education led to a Cambrian explosion of new possibilities, which made DAO co-ops achieve breakthroughs in cancer research, micro manufacturing helping achieve worldwide carbon negative emissions while eradicating poverty, and now enabling interplanetary travel for all. I’m thrilled with human kind’s accelerated evolution eliminating major powers from carrying the weight of wealth-blocking financial markets, many thanks to Harmony’s Wealth in Harmony triangle. To add to that, today happens to be my 80th birthday, I couldn’t ask for more!”

Customer Journey

The User Experience, or more accurately, the Customer Journey, can then be plotted. The scope is huge here but we can simplify things by customer segmentation.

... and I still, haven’t found, what I’m looking for “ — U2

We have been chasing many angles, and many dreams, and still haven’t found what we’re looking for. We can stick with the radical art styles and color schemes on our website, because it aligns with our identity. But the content and messaging is trying to cover a broad spectrum with call-to-actions that doesn’t start with a utility-driven attraction mentality.


UX in other Chains

In terms of just pure UX, if we were to pick ONE UX entrypoint, it would be websites. Here’s how they look like — all other chains including Ethereum has stayed more on par with a mainstream “professionalism” in look and feel.

  • One strong message (title) — one detailed message (subtitle)
  • Flow which builds the narrative with Call To Actions

One may argue that a lot of users discover a chain through newsletters, news feeds, blog posts and YouTube videos.


Why Harmony?

We lack enough attractions, a strong reason for people to come onboard to Harmony. There’s no strong pull for users to come over to experience Harmony. Here’s a snapshot of a flow of awareness, basic attraction, followed by deeper engagement

UX Messaging - customer is aware - marcom at work
Basic Attraction (Pull) - new customer introduction - learns about the ecosystem - initial 1x confidence
Deeper Engagements (Push) - customer is now a DAU / WAU - sees results, tells friends - increase 10x confidence
Household name, Programmable, NFTs
Buy & Hold (all Exchanges) Buy/Trade NFTs (OpenSea) Yield Farm (Uni/Sushiswap)
Complex DeFi (Compound/Aave) Privacy (Tornado) Bridging
Programmable Money For the Internet
Get UST to earn 20% stable yield (Anchor)
Equity Trades (Mirror Market) High Yield (Astroport, Loop Market) Bridge (Wormhole)
Fast and “Powerful”
FTX on Solana Yield Farm (Serum)
Games (Mini Royale: Nations) Yield Farming (Raydium) Derivatives (Zeta)
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Coin, backed by institution
BNB help lowers trading fees (Binance) Yield Farm (Pancake)
Game (Alien World) NFTs (Squid NFT)
DAOs Community BAYC Metaverse ZK Proofs 2-Second Finality Bridging
GameFi (DefiKingdoms)
Complex DeFi (Tranquil) More GameFi (Mars Colony)

I’d like to point out that there’s a disconnect between our UX messaging and the initial pull. Tangential to what the basic attraction is to come onboard to Harmony — even the Metaverse showing DFK does not reflect what DFK really is — a DEX and NFT marketplace, wrapped in a re-engaging game, with in-game utility of NFTs with product-market fit.

Next Steps

In the next 6-weeks, I’d like to propose having @undefined undefined work with @undefined undefined and @undefined undefined and have at least an information architect, to work with designers and web developers to onboard in a short project to complete the overhaul that we started during EthDenver.

I believe we have an opportunity to regain our momentum and boost our community (and new user) confidence by 10x which can hopefully boost utility by 10x as well


Here is what I’d like to propose we do:

  • Identify all customer segments we’d like to target
  • Write out a PR/FAQ for each customer segment
  • Narrate each customer segments and spec out their 1-3 basic attractions for each of them
  • Re-engage with ecosystem grantees and partners to be aligned in strategy for each segment
  • Get 3 Strong Yes’s for each segment definition and strategy
  • Begin execution and with a clear roadmap 6-weeks from start

Scope of Work

The scope of work will be comprehhensive

Some examples could be the following, with call-to-actions (CTAs)

  1. featuring DFK, Tranquil, Mars Colony [Play Now]
  2. show upcoming AAA Games and Game Guilds setup by DAOs [Join Now]
  3. show off Timeless wallets with Social and free NFT drops and a Red Packet [Try Now]
  4. name the top 10 things to build on Harmony incentivized by grants [Apply Here]
  5. bridge over to Harmony and get ONEs plus JEWEL, TRANQ, CLNY airdrops [Get Free Tokens]

We can place is measurement metrics rather easily and start directing users into our website first rather than anywhere else (/someplace). If proven to work, we should invest in bringing all external facing content (blog included) to be streamlined using the same customer journey strategy, themed the same way as it rolls out