Giv Parvaneh

Giv Parvaneh

Giv Parvaneh has been in engineering leadership roles for over 20 years at startups and at Amazon, BBC, and AOL in Silicon Valley, London, and Sydney. Giv co-founded two successful VC-backed startups and has gone through the highly prestigious AngelPad and Salesforce incubators. Giv is a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur having served as CTO, Director of Engineering, Solutions Architect, Senior Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer and everything in between.

Giv holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Philosophy from Macquarie University in Sydney and he is in the process of completing his Master’s in Computer Science at Birkbeck University of London. He is also a musician and filmmaker and enjoys creating original scores for independent films.

Jan 2022 Deliverables

  1. Product: Manage and document all internal products. Update roadmap and identify short and long-term plans for decentralization. Work with Zi to hand off design efforts.
  2. Operations: Create and onboard DAO Ops and streamline docs, pipeline, communications. Handoff all DAO queries to DAO Ops.
  3. Grants: Form LaunchDAO to delegate all approvals and funding.


Configure SEO/Search console for and
Request to add Harmony on Tokenterminal (contacted on email + Twitter)
Reach out to to get projects added
Update multisig metrics (num of safes) on /metrics
Austin Griffith fork (PR created, waiting for merge)
Follow up with Etherscan
Check-in with AAVE re deployment of v3 contracts
Coordinate .eth gift for team
Set up new Notion domains and redirects

Week ending 1/21/22

  • MetricsDAO dashboard kickoff
  • The Graph integration
  • Explorer DAO specs
  • Kicked off Uniswap v3 proposal with Hermes

Week ending 1/14/22

Week ending 12/31/21

  • Launched Immunifi
  • Engineering candidate interview
  • Spec for DAO Operations role
  • Approved 2 grant proposals, processed several more
  • Explorer/Postgres/Multisig ops
  • Snapshot refactor planning

Week ending 12/24/21

  • Launched Chainlink mainnet

Week ending 12/17/21

  • Team offsite

Week ending 11/26/21

  • Launched Harmony Africa
  • Approved 5 Launch grants
  • Interviewed Matt
  • Coordinated multi chain report analysis
  • Coordinated performance reviews
  • Immunifi onboarding
  • Prep for Day ONE presentation
  • Reports and prep for team offsite

Week ending 11/19/21

  • Released major Snapshot upgrade for new voting types
  • Kicked off Aave v2 testnet deployment
  • Met with Messari for BTC/ETH bridge reports
  • Finalized Harmony Africa DAO proposal
  • Created Stanford/Berkeley hackathon proposal
  • Approved 4 Launch grants

Week ending 11/12/21

  • Harmony Africa initiative proposal
  • Ops/RPC issues, coordination and planning
  • Approved 4 Launch grants
  • Reviewed 8 grant applications
  • BTC Bridge launch prep, logo, partners
  • Chrome Extension troubleshooting/bounty creation
  • Immunifi setup, hacker bounty

Week ending 11/5/21

  • 11 partner calls
  • Approved 6 Launch grants
  • Reviewed 10 grant applications
  • Onboarding Daniel
  • Launched Synapse
  • QAd BTC Bridge
  • Worked with Ed on Harmony Africa initiative

Week ending 10/29/21

  • RPC/Pocket troubleshooting and config
  • Several snapshot spaces created
  • Launched Aragon
  • Reddit AMA
  • Twitter AMA
  • 12 partner calls

Week ending 10/22/21

  • Met with Binance Labs on incubation collab
  • Coordinated Snapshot bug fixes and strategy addition
  • Sync on .country product plans
  • Multisig operations planning and refactoring
  • Met with and reviewed several grant applications
  • Snapshot QA
  • Aragon QA
  • Set up language pages

Week ending 10/15/21

  • Spoke to Dune Analytics and planned for possible future integration
  • Multisig + 1wallet setup + testing
  • Hackathon closing ceremony
  • Spec and review tasks for Ivo and Victa
  • Wrapped up Developer DAO elections and announced winners
  • Launched Curve and coordinated announcement
  • Spoke to Visa research team for possible future collaboration
  • Vietnam blockchain AMA
  • 3 more grants researched and approved
  • Met with Chainlink re launch
  • Met with Sovryn re BTC bridge launch partnership
  • Prepared staff performance reviews and bonuses
  • Multisig outage investigation

Week ending 10/8/21

  • Scheduled meeting with Visa and studied research
  • Ran all-hands, posted video publicly on youtube/forum
  • Met with DAOHaus for port
  • 8 grant applications reviewed
  • Judged 33 hackathon entries
  • Developer meeting and Dev DAO voting wrap-up, on 10/8/21
  • Scheduled tasks for Victa and Snapshot voting changes
  • QA'd 1wallet/gnosis
  • QA'd BTC bridge

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Nov
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Help offload more responsibilities from Li
    • More outreach to partners and apps for porting to Harmony
    • Identify an Analytics solution like Dune
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q4
    • Make Harmony the most developer-friendly blockchain in the world
    • Attend at least 10 blockchain events including EthDenver, DevCon, EthCC
    • Outbound grants. Identify and fund 4 projects to port per month

Past 6-Month Achievements

  • dev and launch
  • BTC Bridge specs/documentation
  • Launched and managed Developer Captains + weekly dev meetings
  • Added several dev-ops monitoring solutions such as status page, uptime bot, RPC monitoring, and cleaned up PagerDuty
  • Created
  • Created and managed several bounties
  • Hired 2 developers to work on DAO tools and security audits
  • Helped manage DeFi hackathon, websites, airtable applications
  • Secured partnerships with Aragon and DAOHaus
  • Helped launch Curve and Aave
  • Launched Developer DAO
  • Contributed to and managed 1wallet development
  • Launched Curve
  • Launched Aragon
  • Handoff from Sahil