Cultural Self Assessment

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conversation turn taking
9: As a filmmaker, collaboration is key for the sake of the project. It is one of my favorite aspects about my work, being able to listen to others and understand their perspectives.
disconfirm own beliefs
9: I appreciate learning from others and shifting my own perspective on life.
self-aware & articulate
7: Always self-aware, however articulation isn’t my strongest suit, which I make up for in listening.
share a drink
10: Whether it’s food or drink, I will always share what’s mine with whoever I am with.
spend 10 hours daily together
7: Love spending time with others, however deep down I am a natural introvert who needs time to myself.
nurture & mentor
8: At 27 years old, I’ve haven't been in many “mentor” positions, but I do love helping others and being there for people.
make everyone shine
10: I believe this is one of my defining qualities – I will always be there for support my team in whatever capacity I can assist, whether it’s making video/photo assets, or helping unload a merch truck at a conference.
people over process
10: If the right people are in place, most processes can be learned and refined.
dare to disagree
10: It is important in a collaborative team to be able to disagree and articulate different perspectives to achieve the best results.
long-time craftsmanship
10: As a creative, craftsmanship is what defines your work.
obsess over details
10: As an artist, I am never satisfied, there is always room for improvement.
hungry & foolish
9: I am always thinking of how we can create and/or distribute content outside the box, i.e. Blue Metaverse Teaser video.
share the mission
10: Focused on creating content based on technology, that show our values.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
10: My personality is very go with the flow. If I wasn’t like that I don’t think I’d be working in filmmaking or in crypto.
your 50-year dream
10: To have had a career of creating content and films that have impacted people’s individual lives as well as society as a whole.
consistent with own actions
10: Staying consistent is the only way to gain trust and be reliable within the team.
make tough decisions
9: Through working with Harmony I have become more cognizant of the importance of time, therefore am becoming a better decision maker.
admit mistakes
10: One must be able to admit mistakes to move past it and keep building / growing.
top 1% superstar
10: I have utmost confidence in my filmmaking abilities - Have won an award for production design for a short film I worked on.
effective tooling
10: As part of a 2 man team for the better part of this year, me and Adrian have effectively leaned on each other to produce the best content given our bandwidth.
relevant to our needs
10: Marketing and communications is key to Harmony’s growth at it’s current state, and content is at the center of that. We have had successes with certain videos and intend to capitalize on that style of content not only to engage the community, but to encourage more mainstream adoption.
10x growth
10: Engagement throughout socials – with a proper marketing plan, I believe we can 10x our engagement on social media.
voracious learner
10: Learning could be my strongest quality. There’s nothing I strive more for in life other than continuing to learn and grow through life experiences.
contrarian thinker
10: I always try to see every possible point of view in any situation. This is the reason that me and Adrian work well together because of our different perspectives.
accomplish important work
10: Despite certain sentiment from the community, all content posted is important, because this shows us what the community likes or dislikes. I am currently managing the all the editors work and distributing to proper channels. Now it is about executing properly to see the most growth.
activity < productivity
10: A part of my job as a creative is giving input based on expertise in design, thus seeping into minute things such as YouTube thumbnails, to helping write the script for full campaigns like the Blue to Fly video. Aside from creating content, by building relationships with projects and builders, it has been productive brand marketing done the old fashioned way, through word of mouth and community.
thrive in chaos
10: Diamonds are made under pressure. I embody that phrase.