Daniel Pagan

Daniel Pagan
Giv Parvaneh
November 8, 2021
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Treasury Controlled by 10K DAOs

My background is in Cisco VoIP engineering and support with a specialization in signaling protocols, Cisco IOS, and call routing traces. Iโ€™ve spent 15 years providing senior-level support as Technical Lead for a Managed Services team of 13 support staff and direct management over our senior engineers. I hold a CCIE certification in Unified Collaboration (#25689) and acted as point-of-contact for VIP customers including NYU Medical, Ernst & Young, Bloomberg LP, Skadden Arps, and Mt. Sinai Medical. During my 15 years I closed over 6,000 incidents for 30+ clients, and wrote and held technical training classes on SIP, MGCP, intra-cluster signaling, UC security, and advanced call routing solutions.

I began working to promote Harmony across Reddit and Twitter, took on a number of initiatives, and worked during my free time to assist various members of the team. As a core member, my focus is now on in-person and online communities with a goal of establishing recurring meet-ups around the world, act as team lead and liaison for the Ambassador DAO, assisting the grant review team with reviews and approvals, and to continue interacting with the online communities as a liaison to core team colleagues.

Peter: Daniel did excellent work in January, leading the ambassador dao and encouraging them to self-organize and deliver. I appreciate Danielโ€™s diligence in helping with our external communication and triage regarding our network challenges. He has a very keen ability to communicate clearly and to diffuse high-stress situations.

Upcoming Plans

Monthly Deliverables

  • Meet-up events held in the past 30-day
  • Work with the Ambassador DAO to report on technical support KPIs
  • Provide a list of approved grantees and their status
  • Help the DevOps team with basic triage and ground-level assistance. Provide the community with RCA and postmortem when applicable.
  • Help onboard new projects and guide them through the grant process in an effort to expand our ecosystem with quality platforms and teams.

January Goals

  • [Completed] Guide the Ambassador DAO to:
    • Completing their first tranche pre-requisites. Receive first tranche.
    • Coordinate their first round of meet-up events.
    • Completing their SoP for online special events such as AMAs and broadcasts.
  • [Completed] Share a simple process with moderators for highlighting our grantees across our social media channels. This includes qualifications grantees must meet for highlight posts and AMAs.
  • [Still In Progress] Work with others to create a solution for sharing feedback and updates on network/technical issues impacting our ecosystem partnerships.
  • [Completed / Revisions in Progress] BTC Bridge:
    • Write the User Guide for our BTC Bridge.
    • Assist Ganesha with the Vault Operator Guide for our BTC Bridge.
    • Assist with promotion of the bridge across social media platforms until launch.

February Goals

Project Management: Help improve communication between project teams by coordinating new, weekly sync-up calls. Provide the team with a template for documenting & sharing sync-up discussions.

Provide the project team and project manager with a template for improved documenting of project tasks.

Products: Continue assisting in BTC Bridge documentation on docs.harmony.one, specifically vault install, incentives, and liquidation. Continue supporting the vault runner community where possible.

Write and publish article on Chrome extension upcoming announcement.

Ambassador DAO: Help governors hold their February meet-ups across their cities. Continue to join their weekly discussions to provide guidance. Continue helping to flesh out SoPs for online communities and tech support. Help draft new flowchart for meet-up process for scaling!

Q1 2022

  • Assist the Ambassador DAO governors in creating the framework for technical support, online communities, and in-person meet-up events.
    • Assist with scaling our meet-up events and have an international presence.
    • Assist in launching meet-up events in the US with online meet-ups in select countries. Ensure events are interactive and themed (Blockchain Gaming on Harmony, DeFi 101, etc.).
  • Create a simplified SLA for technical issues and help develop a scalable escalation system, based on severity, to ensure weโ€™re prioritizing impactful problems using appropriate urgency.
  • Learn our AWS graph and performance real-time reports in an attempt to assist the DevOps engineers with information gathering, and to speak to the community with a better understanding of our back-end systems.

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