PRD for The Copy Room

PRD for The Copy Room


The Copy Room is a Harmony-centric NFT minter dapp. It has a simple UI, and a streamlined UX, in which a user can seamlessly input information fast and send the information, on the blockchain, to the desired 0x address(es). The information sent can range from business cards to event flyers. Templates will be made available on The Copy Room for several different information ideations.


Welcome to the era of 2 second onboarding to the Harmony ecosystem. Gone are the days of clunky business cards, or fliers, with QR codes on them. The awkward moments waiting for someone to open their camera so they can take a picture and receive a link that may be broken. The Harmony team and Harmony community are currently inefficient at onboarding new users to the chain. This isnโ€™t due to a lack of communication or enthusiasm, its due to a lack of tooling. Currently, if we want to onboard a new user to Harmony, they are restricted to centralized exchanges to obtain ONE to interact with dApps. We need to meet users where they are and immediately give them assets on chain so they feel invested and curious about our ecosystem.


Anybody with ONE in their wallet can utilize The Copy Roomโ€™s features at It will be encouraged for Harmony team members, especially, to engage with the dapp and learn the features.

Success Criteria

Once this project is complete, anybody with a 0x address and ONE in their wallet will be able to transact information across the blockchain to another 0x address(es), which we expect to lead to quicker engagement and access to the Harmony ecosystem.