Boris Polania

cross-chain, fixed-rate, events
Ganesha Upadhyaya
April 8, 2021
End Date
June 15, 2022

Boris is a software engineer and prospective economist. He has been working as a software engineer for more than twenty years, many of them in fintech. Also he has experience with industry leaders such as Visa, Insomniac and Honda where he has taken leadership roles in innovation and R&D. Currently he is a senior engineer at Harmony where he is developing the next generation of cross-chain products.

Originally from Venezuela and based in California where he lives with his wife and two children, and will cook Venezuelan food for whoever knocks the door on a Saturday afternoon.

April 2022 Deliverables

Fixed income libraries for swift and dapps
Trustless Eth bridge tests
ZKU & events


Feb 2022 Deliverables

  1. Development. Improve over the new released oneAnchor Fixed Income app. Integrate with Timeless Wallet.
  2. Community. Execute Project X in ethDenver. A few AMA in Spanish, plus defining a series of workshops and presentations for ethRio
  3. ZK. Improve user interface of the ZK AirDrop App for ONE for an early March release.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
    • Crosschain API Client Beta complete
    • Crosschain API beta in AWS (testnet)
    • oneAnchor beta version
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • UBI Beta live in testnet with Anchor
    • Crosschain API Client live in Mainnet
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • UBI live in mainnet with Anchor
    • Add new investment instruments to UBI
    • Add aggregation and more bridged to Crosschain

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3


Cross-chain API

  • Alpha for UI client is live
  • Debugging for API backend is complete
  • Deployed to AWS in test server

20% Fixed Income

  • OneWallet beta integration
  • Integration with Terra Bridge (50%)
  • Order Bot for oneAnchor (25%)
  • oneAnchor contracts deployed in local test net


Client for Crosschain API is being developed and shall be completed in the next 6 weeks so it can be released for testnet, this means that the following steps will also be completed:

  • Beta-testing changes implementation
  • Refactor of some end-points for LPs
  • Full metrics available
  • 20% UBI will have the following in the next 6-weeks
    • OneWallet integration completed
    • oneEth integration for wrapped 1UST and 1aUST
    • Ready for Beta testing on mainnet


Crosschain API

  • Upgrades in client UX

  • Multiple issues with testnet, they are now fixed and it was migrated to the new endpoint
  • Additional Debugging

20% Fixed Income on 1wallet

  • Started the dev of the one-anchor-bot with the following functionality
  • Transfer UST from Harmony to a specified Terra address over a token transfer bridge (Terra bridge for now).
  • one-anchor-bot keeps a record of token lock events and deposit contract events on Harmony.
  • one-anchor-bot will run the deposit_stable{} ExecuteMsg on the Anchor money market contracts and receives aUST.
  • aUST is sent back to the original harmony depositor address over a token transfer bridge.


  • Full dump on google sheet of Lisbon interactions
  • Meetings with DeFiCon, Colony, AgroToken, Dao Educacion


20% Fixed Income on 1wallet

  • ethAnchor contracts are now migrated to Harmony, it is oneAnchor now
  • oneAnchor repo is now on Harmony's Github โ€ฃ
  • At this point I need support from the Curve team to be able to create the aUST pools, they have been a little unresponsive, I will keep pushing.

Crosschain API

  • The App will be now temporarily named Endless Bridge, repo will be in Github this week. If the name sticks and/or does not is objected by core team or the community, it will stay.
  • Heavy Debugging of Dapp-backend integration
  • AWS deployment delayed until debugging complete
  • Improved UI



  • Crypto Plaza is hosting a dinner/event in Bogota with a who-is-who of ethColombia and Devcon Colombia, they invited to sponsor the dinner. Also they want to bring Spanish devs to the Dreamers program
  • Meeting with AgroToken they have preliminary agreed to deploy a token in Harmony given that the technical aspect is cleared on their side and the CEO gives a final approach, I think we are 60% in this process
  • DigitalBridge meeting, they want to keep pushing a 2FA solution for a Harmony wallet
  • Meeting with Cook Finance on "Future of NFT" event at Stanford, they are about to launch in Harmony and we started the grant discussion


Crosschain API

  • beta is live in testnet, more debugging is needed, need to find the right AWS to make it public for testing by the community in testnet
  • Some UI improvements
  • image

  • Mainnet released date tentative for Dec 15

Crosschain API

Integration with Curve contracts in progress, many and varied kind of issues


  • Meetings related with ethBarcelona
  • Dreamers Miami and PadawanDAO planning


Crosschain API

  • Front-end 98% ready, some integration tasks pending, lots of testing
  • some changes for mainnet are being tested

20% Fixed Income on 1wallet

  • No curve contracts in testnet, so migration to mainnet was necessary
  • Curve contracts in Harmony identified and integration tests with curve contracts in mainnet complete.
  • bots development re-started using the new contracts.


  • Spanish community meetings
  • DCentral Miami planning (meetings with AgroToken and two potential NFT projects)

2021/12/06 (2 Weeks Update)

Crosschain API

  • Dapp is not working consistently in mainnet, we think this is mainly because natural delays and user confusion/mistakes mostly on the DEX, what this is causing is that some transactions are never completed, they will fail in the DEX swap (sometimes because there are no gas fees) or even on the bridging. One common issues is, the user will have wrapped asset in their wallet, so even though the bridge fails because she does not have enough gas in eth, the transaction will proceed to swap and even bridge into BSC. The only solution for this is a bot, fairly similar to the one I am developing for oneAnchor, so I am doing that development now with this in mind, so in the short-term both projects will be the same.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Improved Manager Contracts are almost completed, the intention of these is to reduce the amount of metamask calls

20% Fixed Income on 1wallet

  • Dry runs with aUST contracts are working, this means that we can make this happen without wormhole or anything similar
  • API calls are being developed, and will be in Github very soon. These calls are wrappers over the RPC calls and will make easier for 3rd party devs to integrate. Very similar to crosschain API
  • After discussions with Sef wallet, we are planning a launch in Sef in addition to 1Wallet, so I am in process of reviewing their github.
  • Bots are being developed, some alpha testing have proven successful, this will take 90% of the work from now on.
  • A sketch design for manager contracts is done, now needs validation and planning.


  • Very successful week in Miami, a lot of engagement with multiple projects