Six Week Plan

6 Week Execution Plan: Week One, Gain consensus on a publishing platform. I suggest publishing via WordPress or something user friendly that uses our root website address (no links to 3rd party), hire a team to build out what that looks like, possibly one person for UX, one person for converting existing Notion pages to the new format, one person managing and overseeing that content being uploaded is current and on-message/on-brand, and one person on the technical side that will actually build this out. I think Giv or Pagen can either run point or hire someone to run point on this but maintain oversight. This work continues into week 2 and 3. Week 4, Notion is officially converted into an internal collaborative tool and is now globally private. All public facing messaging is diverted to the new comms team and information is released transparently under three conditions: 1: It matches the current roadmap, messaging, and marketing of the team 2: Information is not partner sensitive or legally bound (NDA, etc) and 3: The timing is considered for maximum impact working alongside our PR agencies. Week 6, the migration is complete, comms now ensures and is directed to maintain full transparency while protecting our partners, information flow is packaged weekly (and beautifully) to the community rather than 24/7, preventing any legal mishaps and being mindful of partners. Estimated cost for 2022: $500k (just basing that off hiring a team to do this. The work can be split amongst internal team and that cost can be reduced). Impact metrics: Beautiful and transparent reports to the community weekly, all traffic directing straight to our website, everything SEO optimized with preview photos when links are shared via socials and meta data, no sensitive information from our partners leaked.