“Blue To Fly” – Change is Invincible

Metamorphosis in Harmony

(Shoot Date: 2/6/22 at 8am)

This stands true with life, but it also stands true with the emergence of blockchain technology transforming every type of industry.  It has started with decentralized finance, but the narrative is starting to shift to entertainment, music, movies, art...  culture in general...  We are even witnessing the beginnings of a decentralized metaverse happening right before our eyes.

We want to capture this change via a "metamorphosis" that is similar to a butterfly.  The way we want to capture this is through interpretive dance.

The video will start off with a child in a dance outfit sitting on the floor of a giant warehouse.  It feels open and empty in that place (think similar to the SIA music video for Elastic Heart).

We quickly cut to a flash of her playing in a park, walking to school, etc. (the color grades will make it feel like the flashbacks are memories).  When we cut back to the dance room (warehouse) we see a much older 20-30's something dancer, representing the child has grown up.  She does her graceful interpretative dance to the music and then we also see flashes of her life...  she meets a guy, starts a family, etc...  Then we cut to an older woman that passes as being the same woman as the child and the 20-30's dancer.  We see her dancing as well, flashes of her life pass by her.  She ends by gracefully sitting down on the floor, just as the child started, and the video ends with the working title of "Change is Invincible [Inevitable]...  Start your metamorphosis in Harmony"

Referencing SIA’s “Elastic Heart” music video

Referencing the song “Where is my Mind?”: 


We always remind ourselves of why we are building: the radical change and the 10x impact. Where can Harmony distribute the future to for good? We are an open platform to create wealth in harmony – with and for everyone, accruing values together as a community. Yet, where should the first crypto cities be based? Who are the most in need that the technology can serve now? Are consensus, fairness, security and privacy all guranteed in our radical markets? How about decentralized basic income and retroactive funding instead for public goods? Toward these social experiments, Harmony’s “Blue To Fly 🦋” campaign is celebrating the metamorphosis – the struggles, the rebirths, finally the metaverse! – of selves, families, or communities; our “The ONEs Who Build 🧑‍🚀” program is committed to funding a million scholars. Now is the prime time to innovate on consumer marketplaces and social incentives on blockchain: Radical markets mean self-assessed taxation and quadratic stakes – finally ready via many of our DeFi products; mechanism designs focus on revealing true preferences and multi-round auctions – now possible with cryptographic primitives we are building. Toward radical transparency, we disclose the funding and the deliverables of each project – as well as business development and partnership – in our open forums.

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back. – Albert Camus ❄️ 


Social Token DAO

  • see "fan tokens" on page 99 of /theses.pdf and the links at the end of the section (Required Reading: Audius, The Evolution of Content Platforms, The Evolution of Blockchain Based Music, The Collegiate Athlete Economy, The Sport of Speculation, The Social Token Bible, and The Value Capture of Social Tokens)


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