Player ONE: Blue (Build the Metaverse in Harmony)

Shooting Date: 02/07/22 11am PST

Potential Titles: Player ONE: Blue; Step into the Blue; Enter the Blue; Enter the Blue (Metaverse)

Estimated Film Duration: 30 seconds

This short 30 second spot will show a young "cyberpunk-style" girl drawn to a portal that launches her into the metaverse.  All of the metaverse shots are computer animated, no acting will be required for those spots.  What we are casting for are the moments leading up to the metaverse.


In our video, the girl is curious about this portal to a new world, she enters it, cue the animations, then she gets drawn out of the metaverse, is shocked, heavy breathing...  before she can catch her breath a metaverse character's hand reaches out from the portal and drags her back into the digital world.  The ending shows the Harmony company logo with the working tagline "Build the metaverse in Harmony"

We have a white “blunt bob” wig that is very “Futuristic” that we will be using for the role.

Currently the contents of the metaverse being animated are based on and in the vain of Beeple’s animations:

The song we are considering using is here:

Film Location:

Call sheet:

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