10x Packaging our Message / 10x our SEO and Web Presence

10x PACKAGING our Message / 10x our SEO and Web Presence — Currently we are using Notion to broadcast our messaging. Notion is a collaboration tool, not a publishing platform. Current cons of communicating with the world via Notion: No SEO, Hard to find anything, Bad Layout, Confusing to use for the “Normie”, not presentable in any way shape or form (aesthetically lacking). Why is Notion not optimized for SEO? The reason are plenty: Page speed far from perfect, meta descriptions and meta titles are poorly optimized, you cannot add preview pictures, you are ultimately on the Notion (sub)domain, and you must manually activate search indexing. We talk about reaching 10 billion people... Notion is NOT the platform to do it. Ask yourself, “If Apple was decentralized, would they use Notion to publish?” One could argue the answer is “No”. It is a tool for developers and industry people to collaborate ideas and workflow, it is not something that the average person (normie) wants to look at or engage with. Also, we preach about radical transparency, but I believe the average person would rather opt to see our transparency packaged in a weekly update, delivered in a format that is beautiful to read, etc. Additionally, while Harmony itself can be radically transparent, that does not extend to our partners who may have other plans. It should be our partner’s decision to be as transparent or non-transparent as they like.. we are just the protocol layer that they build on. Our current system with Notion is NOT scaleable with partnerships. As our team grows, privacy for our partners IP needs to be a top priority. I envision a situation where new team members continue to leak sensitive information via a lack of quality control or a missed privacy setting. Even veteran core team members can make these mistakes. This is why I firmly believe that for the health of Harmony to move forward at scale we need to consider Notion as an internal collaboration tool and consider something else as our external publishing platform (WordPress?). My last thoughts on optimizing and packaging our messaging in a 10x way are that we talk of hiring new marketing managers and new PR firms but the reality is that in order for these roles to be effective, we cannot constantly be putting out fires of mixed messaging, mistakenly leaked information, or general lack of direction caused by the 24/7 transparent flow of Notion. Part of decentralized marketing is controlling the narrative via consensus. You cannot control something that is live 24/7. You end up with a reality tv show where the highs are high and the lows are so low that they can result in partners leaving the platform or even worse subjecting Harmony to preventable legal troubles. It’s not just the public that suffers: the core team itself often cannot keep up with what is going on in Notion due to the simple fact that it is not presented in a digestible format. The fact that Harmony is even in this position of outgrowing Notion means that we have graduated into the big leagues: Our words matter more than they ever have before, and the only way to truly align our vision/messaging is to package it properly, professionally, and transparently for all of the world to discover/enjoy via a beautiful publishing platform rich in SEO populated by a staff dedicated to outward communications. You want 10x? It’s not just what you build, it’s how you communicate to the people what it is you are building. Communication more than anything is the root problem that needs to be solved in order to create 10x growth.