Abhishek Purushotham

Abhishek Purushotham

Abhishek Purushotham
Daniel Pagan
October 4, 2021

Abhi is a Master’s graduate with over four years of industry experience in strategic partnerships, digital marketing solutions and new business development across startups and large international organisations.

He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a proven track record in client acquisition and account management to back it. He is passionate about learning and teaching languages, web3 technologies and sports.

Peter: Abhi is reliable and a hard worker. I really appreciate him pushing forward on social and in helping on so many levels not strictly in his “job responsibilities”. That level of get-er-done is aligned to our values and I highly appreciate the great work Abhi did in January.

Q2 2022 - Self Assessment

🐯 Thanks Abhi for tweeting the job opening. I look to Abhi to continue support the recruiting effort.

Q1 2022 - Self Assessment

Started this year/quarter by capturing and showcasing the highlights from last year to our community through our yearly Newsletter. Worked closely with our content partners like Dappradar and Messari to have reports sourced on Harmony.

  • Continued to push on Regional DAOs, and we now have 9 languages who have almost completed translations of our open.development page. Built and executed a GTM strategy for ETH Denver promotions of Harmony and our partners on our community channels. Owned the promotions and announcements of our flagship launches this quarter: BTC Bridge and Aave v3. Owned and executed January and February Newsletters. Covered all the post ETH Denver promotions: Highlights, Project X announcements, press releases and Stephen’s Keynote on Blue Metaverse (sent this out as a newsletter too).
  • Represented Harmony as a speaker at a Metaverse Summit event in Paris, speaking on Interoperability and our vision for 2026. Shared ETH Rio highlights to the community. Preparing promotions and campaigns for 1Wallet.
  • My personal goal for the coming quarter is to build Harmony Europe, and I will be attending some of the bigger Europe events/conferences with an aim to engage with brightest people and projects and get them on Harmony ecosystem.

March goals

  • Post-event ETH Denver promotion on socials - repurpose ETHDenver videos/assets - 40% done
  • ProjectX grand thread on grantees from ETHDenver - completed
  • Create 4 infographics for Harmony based on data points (to be discussed with Peter)
  • March Newsletter
  • 1 podcast representing Harmony (Inbound lead)
  • Source a report from Dappradar on comparison of fast L1s - 80% done
  • Blockchain industry report breakdowns
  • Upcoming events promotion plan
  • Event partnerships in Europe (ETHcc, ETH Amsterdam, NFT Berlin, Blocksplit, NFTverse Oslo)
  • Transcribing AMAs, panel discussion, interviews and podcasts into written format for our blog. - completed 2 : Li’s panel discussion at ETHdenver and Stephen’s Keynote at Denver

February goals

  • ETH Denver promotions across all socials
Promote ETHDenver to at least 100 community channels (Discord and Telegram)
Cross-promote ETHDenver on other platforms
Optimize ProjectX on socials
Team promotion on ETHDenver on social media
Harmony <> ETHDenver 2022 Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Cross promotions of ecosystem partners and projects
  • Report breakdowns - Messari, DappRadar, Delphi digital
  • Attend Events in Europe as I cannot be at Denver - Will be Keynote speaker at Blockchain UA conference in Kiev, Ukraine
  • February newsletter with highlights from ETH Denver
  • Contribute to partnerships and bring projects on the Harmony chain - especially the ones I meet in Europe events like Midas (rari/tribe DAO), Sychronify, Warshmallows, Ristband, etc..
  • Engage as many web3 projects during Europe events. Aim to grant at least 1 PORT project

January 2022


  1. Migration of our blog page from medium to blog.harmony.one to help with SEO (paused - going to start working with Zi to start integrating in smaller chunks to the new website)
  • Had two calls with Kelly and Zi’s team, given them some insights on an optimised version of our web page. Did a warm handover to Sam for the ideation phase of our ‘Landing page’.
  • Kelly will circle back to me after Phase 1 to work on the layout of our blog page and Notion
  1. A detailed strategy and calendar for all promotional campaigns for ETH Denver on our socials - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Discord and Telegram
Harmony <> ETHDenver 2022 Strategic Marketing Plan
  1. GTM strategy for BTC bridge launch and Aave Integration - Pending
  2. Cross promotion of all product launches and ecosystem partners - Ongoing
  3. Fixed email campaign issues like double opt-ins and newsletters landing in spams
  4. Dappradar report breakdown and showcase Harmony metrics
  5. Dappradar DFK report breakdown
  6. January 2022 Monthly Newsletter

CoinMarketCap X Harmony content collaboration for pilot project ‘Gravity’

Partnerships and events

  • In talks with Paris Blockchain Week to co-host a 3 day Hackathon in Paris in May
  • In talks with Metaverse Summit to co-host a week long Hybrid Hackathon (online and offline) in July just after ETHcc so we can ride the ETH events wave
  • Keynote speaker at Metaverse Summit meet-up in Paris co-sponsored by the Harmony French DAO
  • Started Engagement with Midas Protocol which is a Rari supported and funded project to launch on Harmony (Rari’s contract is not open source) - aim to follow through until finish line
  • Build the FAQ Events page: Most commonly asked questions in Lisbon events by potential grantees - Yet to start

Regional DAOs

  • Aim to have the 8 regional DAOs who have started translations of our open page to finish and move to milestone no.2
  • Facilitate the formation of 2 more different language speaking regions to form DAOs, so we hit our target of 10 Regional DAOs

Q4 2021 objectives achieved

Social Media (October - January)

  • Twitter - 219k - 342k (56.16% Increase)
  • Linkedin - 6,242 - 8404 (34.63% Increase)
  • Facebook - 9,534 - 10,840 (13.69% Increase)

Reports and newsletters

Campaigns and contests


Ecosystem updates promotions

Ecosystem product launches and grants announcement

  • Weekly grants announcements and promotions on all socials (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


  • MergedFi
  • StableUNIT
  • EPNS
  • Midas Protocol

Marketing Technical

  • Migrating our blog page from medium to blog/harmony.one
  • Redirecting the migrated articles to the right google searches (rel cannonical)

Interoperability at Metaverse Summit Paris