Metamask Staking

Next Date
February 11, 2022
Rongjian LanYuriy M
Live on Mainnet
Release Date

Staking Support for MetaMask

Additionally, staking smart contract support should allow wallet like MetaMask to support staking functionalities for the end users directly as a smart contract call. Besides the staking as a smart contract library milestone, we also need to update our staking dashboard to support staking via smart contract calls so MetaMask users can do staking too. For wallet like MetaMask which didn’t integrate natively without staking transaction logic, the staking dashboard should instead call the staking smart contract library to achieve staking for the end users.

This will allows almost all wallets that support smart contract calls to be working also as a staking wallet, giving users more options for staking and setting the ground for subsetting out chrome extension wallet.

Work Items:

Staking Precompiles on testnet (ETA 01/13) -
Validator Wrapper reversion to support staking smart contract ()
Smart Contract Library on testnet (ETA 01/15: Tej may be able to help)
Staking Dashboard Update to support MetaMask through Staking Smart Contract (ETA 01/20: Yuriy)
Testing of the staking library (ETA 01/22) (@Ganesha Upadhyaya)
Release of the new binary (ETA 01/29) (@Nita Neou (Soph))
Mainnet launch with Epoch transition (ETA 02/11)
Tutorial and documentation update (@Daniel Pagan)
Community outreach via Validator & Community DAOs (@Daniel Pagan)
Sunset announcement (@Daniel Pagan | @Peter Abilla)

Needed to incentivize delegates to migrate to MM staking.

Can be mentioned with Medium post on Metamask Staking support.

Test Plan

minimal delegation amount should be 100 ONE
collect rewards
undelegate and then re-delegate to the same validator
undelegate and then re-delegate to a different validator