Harmony BlueVerse

Harmony BlueVerse

Next Date
November 11, 2022
Leo ChenBrian Felsen
Execution Started
Release Date

Latest update May/23:

  • a blank avatar and spaceship was built

We will work our partner to build out the Harmony BlueVerse, which is the customized portal/hub of all metaverse on Harmony.

We have agreed to build the blueverse using 3JS/WebGL technology so that it can be accessible by majority of the users on a webbrowser.

  • Bear wants to be in OpenXR for compatibility. "Games are the new websites"
  • Unreal could be fodr a MV you could portal into, due to system requirements (downloading packages, newer computer)


A few key requirement:

  • Harmony blue theme
  • Harmony owned blue apes can play important role in the design
  • Portal to other metaverse projects on Harmony
  • Hub to other metaverse on other chain
  • Live Streaming experience is a high priority task
  • Incentive other DeFi/GameFi projects on Harmony to build on the blueverse

Spec of Grand Central Station

  • Town square - limit functionality or mini-MV?
  • ❓Do we need to build functionality to host periodic concerts?
    • Adrian: portal to a separate stage/arena may be better: would not be good if we host deadmau5, Young Thug or Kodak Black if someone hates them.
    • ❓Do we need to host mini-games?

      Adrian: we signed Lootmobile, making a game NBAJam that we could host.

      Buttons/links: If we host a wormhole/portal to other places (MV’s, MADNFT, etc.), they have to have a button or link to portal back to our MV, in addition to the back button.

Revenue Model

  • Revenue would be from ecosystem partners and getting people into defi: we lower yield by hosting the farms; build massive liquidity pool and get rewards or margin of stake from the farms themselves - what would you give us to add liquidity to your token pair. we'd be launchpad for token projects, they're being listed on defi farms
  • Bear wants people to pay to be featured in the portal
  • sell ads - billboards
  • sell some of the land: cosmicuniverse - has their own token exchangable for harmony? $3-400/plot is priceable. doesn't want land to be too cheap, wants it to be aspirational to buy/horde/collect

Tech of stage/arena

  • scans/lidar of performers
  • 3d volumetric video
  • Spatial audio: the closer you get to an item, the louder it is.

Populating the Metaverse

Artists to populate the MV

  • Leo suggests using the Creative DAO, and working with MADNFT to start campaign and promote
  • Bear has an artist he's testing; wants more artists/designers for diff styles/neighborhoods; plus partnerships, for some filled-out MV's to connect to Town Square if it gets big. town square portal arena to start
  • Design review: artists does in blender and uploads .glb file or screen record it

Incentivizing artists

  • if they make a cool 3d object, we'll buy the nft
  • ❓Is this nft actual land rights? or just a pretty pic?

Hackathon to populate the metaverse

  • to make 3d objects, make scenes in Blender or in-browser XR gaming engine to create 3D objects
  • Bear: NPC's are a lot to program so we really have to have a good use case. (e.g., order a hamburger from an NPC and have Uber Eats knock on your door)

Bear dev needs/q's

  • devs to help understand how to integrate games/softwares to the ledger
  • wants to discuss harmony staking, educate people to purchase ONEs and stake for in-game rewards. Leo: staking is thru any standard smart contract call, thru EVM-compatible chain, that MV interacts with the blockchain through.


  • Mar/7th: investment+grant approved
  • Mar/14th: discussed about launching partners
    • other blockchains, other metaverse in Harmony
    • other web2 company
    • clarification on funding process; setup a DAO
    • GDC
  • Mar/21st: planned meeting on overall design
    • digital artists building in blender (.GLB)
      • potential community submission
    • creative minds (@Zi Wang,
      Adrian Robison
    • Apes:
      • use harmony owned ape in the blueverse as different NPC
      • hidden treasure hunt using ape derivatives
      • harmony ape merch available as gift to blueverse players
      • Adrian: We can't use BAYC or skull logo or Bored Apes Yacht Club - but we can use our Ape, call it blue apes or royal apes.
      • Adrian: Package our 8 apes like a team, like barcelona, or raiders.
    • music theme of the blueverse
      • music style as continent
      • world music inclusion
    • unreal game engine?
  • Immediate hackathon to popluate the MV
  • May 13 (6 weeks): deploy 3js instance: a blank space to dev on.
  • After: will have objects and designs ported in


We would like more portal designs, world building, 3d objects (sculptures, walls, monuments, etc)

❓ They’re scheduled for 8/15 - 9/30 - how can we get them to happen earlier? Partner with other hackathons

⚠️ Leo: summer: plan out a a metaverse build hackathon


portals to past hack winners

universities and education centers

Harmony Ecosystem possible partners/inspiration

Tranquil Finance (possible supply/borrowing markets?)


Defi Kingdoms farm Ux (seeds in the garden)


the Valley’s (a Yield Farm on the Harmony Blockchain built on top of Defi Kingdoms.)


Harmony Play

Lots of mini-games; they launched Tetris too

Casual play has better conversion than FPS

Has staking dashboard, APY, returns

❓ How can they make a portal to it?

⚠️ 4/11/22: Lingjie to intro them to larger TVL portals, me to do smaller ones after 5/1

4/11/22: Now can integrate portals into their webxr sessions on the tech side: people can walk into an object and have them take it to the 3rd party website.

Wants help with email intros with people with these companies, so there can be a partnership. They can have portal design hackathons: it needs 3d objects. They can participate or sponsor hackathon





[Viper Swap/Farms

Lootswap/ Openswap/ Farmers Only Fi/ Fuzz Swap/ Reverse Protocol/ unite finance/

sonic swap]

Defi Farms on the back end, cool vending machines—→ gamified defi menu near the portal.

similar to seeds in the garden in “defi kingdoms”

harvest section

NFT key/Cosmic universe marketplace

Nft Integration

❓ Integrate with them or build own marketplace?


Cosmicuniverse.one’s land/wizard NFT sale


Euphoria/ Hello Gophers

Risk to Earn

Feels like an OHM fork with NFT’s

Mint nft’s for harmony one/ HarmonyUSD


use minting fee’s to provide staking rewards


Blueverse updates for April:

-Creating WEBXR session -Hiring 2 extra javascript dev’s -Initial plans 3d Art Hackathon -Portal development and integration -Initial map/sketch of blueverse and major areas of interest

What are some major priorities


concert venue

(civilization game, strategy game)


metaverse hackathon pl