Upgrading the Vault Client

The Vault client is constantly being improved. Follow this guide to get the latest version of the Vault client.

At the end of this document you will have:

Upgraded your Vault client to the latest version
Restarted the Vautl client to connect to the interBTC bridge

We will announce on public channels when a new release is made available for the Vault client. The changelog and binaries will be published on the release page. Depending on the method of installation:

Occasionally, breaking changes will be introduced to the Vault client. In these cases it is important to update your Vault client in a timely manner to not run the risk of being slashed. We will notify on our channels (Discord, Twitter, Telegram) when this is the case.

Quickstart Installation

1. Stop the containers

docker-compose down

2. Re-download the script

rm docker-compose.yaml
curl -L -o 'docker-compose.yml' https://raw.githubusercontent.com/harmony-one/onebtc.relayer-client/main/docker-compose.yml
docker-compose pull

3. Re-start the containers

docker-compose up -d