Market neutral atomic DEX AMM, claims to be better than Hummingbot
Jack Chan

Arbitrage AMM team, development of market neutral strategies, fully DEX, still in development stage, very modular. Atomic transaction. Claims to be better than Hummingbot. Timeline: Launching ETH in the next weeks. Other chains considered: Fantom, Arbitrum, BSC (difficult), Avalanche (weird), Polygon

Funds from where?

  • Centralized exchanges launched since 2018, $18M
  • TradFi backing

MM experiences?

  • Centralized exchange Arb, re-inventing for DeFi
  • Atomic txn, Dealing with mempool data

Which DEX?

  • Uniswap v2,v3, Balancer, Sushi, Bancor, Shibaswap