Steve Ng

Li Jiang
Next Steps

Launch quadratic voting campaign

DORA Hacks

Multi chain incentive platform

One of largest dev communities

Cohosted ethdenver

Running hackathons - helped launch polygon, then helped launch 130+ projects on their ecosystem

  • Partnership with Harmony

- Quadrant funding/voting - token holding community votes on projects

- Long term partnership for grant hackathons - every year, multiple rounds - every quarter

- 100-150K prize pool - half to hackers based on quad voting, half based on traditional hackathon model

- 100K for community quad & judge voting (not evenly distributed - better teams get more), 50K outside of hackathon - 2K to 25 projects

- 20 in April, 50 by mid May (aim for 100+)

Action Items:

Banner = done

Launch hackathon on April 18, opening ceremony in morning PST - Stephen or Li or RJ to speak? (RJ was last time)

Then, workshops will be held - need speakers

Closing ceremony - 45 days after launch, winners will present (June 3rd)

Pre phrase:

Prize pool = 150K

What are the kinds projects we want to have? This will provide guidance for the hackers

Do we want to have tracks? (Defi, DAO, etc) Don’t need tracks if we don’t want

Workshops - technical side, eco growth side = what kinds of benefits/support, other grant/incubation/ventures programs

Eco partners can also partner/judge/offer workshops/offer bounties (DFK, sushi,  etc)

Mentor judge panel - need 1 tech, 1 eco support side

**we provide marketing resources to support hackathon - since they give every dime to the builders, Solana, Polygon did a ton of marketing which greatly helped the success of the hackathon


  • prize pool, tracks, who will speak at opening (RJ) / closing (Li) ceremony