Near (Sharding & DAO as unique features)
Avalanche (DeFi yields & NFT partners)
Our role models are Ethereum (community & culture), Starkware (ZKProofs & research) and Cosmos (Wasm & cross-chain), but which other smart contract platforms should we compete directly and win against?
NEAR is similar to Harmony from a user perspective - with their sharding and focus on DAO. Their website is incredibly easy to understand and simple. They just went through a re-branding, which has served them well. Also, they have their Astro DAO (internally developed first and passed on to community/ other DAO) - Astro DAO has the ability to quickly launch a DAO from a few clicks, with the ability to vote, etc. They also have Mintbase for NFTs. These type of usability and tools are necessary to gain user acceptance quick (for something as new as DAOs). On the other hand, they are not EVM compatible and requires RUST to build which is a huge barrier to entry for Devs. If Harmony decides to collaborate with these other chains - Blu3 can also help bridge partnerships for Harmony. Because of what we are doing, Blu3 is getting visibility and many other chains and VCs have come forward expressing interest in potential partnerships.
Polkadot (Parachain & developer grants)
Polygon (ZKProofs & EVM ecosystem)
Solana (Centralized exchanges & DeFi)
Terra (DeFi ecosystem & stablecoins)