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Strong Yes
Boris, After Li’s comments were addressed, I think this is a great opportunity.
Soft Yes
Matt - i think the opportunity here is very big. The budget is quite modest, which I like. The team attending is solid. I think there needs to be a very specific plan going into this, and would like to see that written more clearly on this page - who are we going after? who are our 1-1 meetings with, and what is the goal from each? from a policy standpoint, whats our angle?
Soft No
Li, deliverables are too vague right now. Need some details about the blockchain hub.
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This page is for Harmony team members to propose event attendance and planning for and by the Harmony team.

Please refer all external event and sponsorship proposals to:

Event Name: World Economic Forum + Blockchain Hub Date: May 21st to 26th Location: Davos, Switzerland Website: https://www.weforum.org/events/world-economic-forum-annual-meeting-2022 Proposed by (team lead): José Ramón

Approved by (4 core team): Boris

Please describe the event:

The World Economic Forum in Davos has been for decades the place where high-level actors in the public and private arena gather to create and draft public policy. More recently, the crypto community have joined the forum with significant results in engaging politicians, executives and aid organizations from all over the world. Attending the Davos meeting, participating in Blockchain Hub and organizing TGIs is the way to reach this audience and raise awareness about Harmony and how some of our initiatives like Fixed Income can be leveraged from the policy-making perspective, and will build the basis for a future participations of greater impact in the editions to come. Our team will attend the Blockchain Hub and multiple side-events, in addition will sponsor the Africa Blockchain Report Event, organize 2 to 3 TGIs. Also a few one-to-one meetings with target players that can help us target communities in Africa and Latin America.

Team members to attend:

Boris, Jose, Eduard, Juan, Kweku, @Garrick Hyde-White

  • 🎽 use the team deliverable framework that @Esther Arey already put together

How will this event benefit the ecosystem?

Open a direct path with the main economic players worldwide to design an action plan to establish alliances and join the conversation of public policies worldwide. By participating in the Blockchain Hub we will establish contacts with the entities involved or interested in the technology (for future editions we must establish direct contacts but this is a process that normally takes 9 to 6 months to establish and confirm).

  • 🎽 too vague.
    • explain what the blockchain hub is, who will be there that we can partner with, and how do those projects make an impact within 6-week execution?
    • The Blockchain Hub, in their own words, will be a collective forum for the action planning to deploy and adopt blockchain in both developed enterprises, emerging industries, and economies. This year will be its 8th edition. Is a 3 days event with 45 speackers. The event will have presence of the European Parliament, IBM Consulting, Amazon Managed Blockchain, Cointelegraph, and many others VCs and blockchain industry leaders. We can reach out persons of interest during the event to establish further conversation aligned to different strategies (policy makers, VC and investment and builders). Some of this conversation could start a6-week action plan to onboard them on the ecosystem; with policy makers we should aim to keep an active relationship to bring our voice in the conversation about regulations, adoption, impact and welth worldwide https://www.blockchainsummit.ch/
    • what does 6-9 month to establish mean?
    • With such a short time in advance, our presence and interactions in the WEF event will be limited to the on-site reach out mostly. For future editions we should plan a bigger presence, pre-arrange meeting with selected leaders. This kind of high-level meetings require a process of reaching out with several months in advance, and a follow up to confirm the meetings due to tight schedules. This event should be the first step towards a more relevant presence in the future to build a strong brand presence and projection.

How will you onboard builders at this event?

This is event of meta-builders. The people that can open doors in their own regions, communities and organizations. This is a high-level approach that will give us 10x access to builders, developers and leaders on a global scale.

  • 🎽 give details and examples?

The World Economic Forum keep the conviction that decisions are best made when the interests of all stakeholders are served. This idea create a space for debate and dialogue betwen different leaders who represent goverments, financial sector and a variety of social organizations. WEF aknowledge the opportunities that blockchain brings to create wealth, provide security and reduce the social gap. This convistion is aligned with Harmony’s mision and culture. The opprtunity to be a part of this conversation connect us with high-level leaders to showcase our different projects sharing goals.

Personal contact and 1-1 conversations open the doors to various opportunities to establish relationships in the financial sector and build a good receptivity of the public sector and different governments to the brand to expand and strengthen our presence in different regions.

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