NYC Event Proposal

Live Updates:

  • 17th floor 265 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018 is secured
  • Garrick having 1:1 meetings with partners this week to curate the schedule for the week
  • TGIs to be locked down by end of May 13 (@Kayla C) * All TGI on hold
  • Book Hotel rooms @Kayla C done
  • @Garrick Hyde-White to speak with Essa to determine NFTNYC attendees
  • @Garrick Hyde-White to reach out to @Eilam for branding needs for the hub
  • Harmony Hub Staffing edule @undefined undefined


Strong yes

Peter Abilla
Sam Harrison

Soft yes

li, i’m a yes on us going to nyc.nft, but we should have a core team as the lead, and approve the budget per item instead of as a whole document.

Soft no

Leo: we are going to NFT.NYC, but I don’t think a Hacker house this time will be a good choice. It’s unclear to me what we are trying to build there. Unlike the EthDenver, how many hackers and builders will be there? There is no hackathon there anyway. It’s mostly for display and expo in NYC IMO. Last year, we did a breakfast meetup which seems like a good engagement to community though. If we have a venue, we shall focus on displaying NFTs and NFT ecosystem project in Harmony. Does any of the NFT influencers launch on Harmony? We need to be clear what we want to promote in the event. (see garrick’s comment below)

Strong no

[insert name, reasoning]

Event Name: NFT NYC Date: Monday, June 20th - Thursday, June 23rd Location: Event held across 7 Venues:

Radio City Music Hall (June 21 only), 1260 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

New York Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

Palladium Times Square,1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

The Edison Ballroom, 240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

The Edison Rooftop, 240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

The Town Hall 123 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Margaritaville Resort Times Square, 560 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Website: https://www.nft.nyc/ Proposed by (team lead): @undefined undefined @undefined undefined @Garrick Hyde-White

TGI Suggestions

**NOTE: All TGIs are on pause

Harmony is proposing to hold a Harmony Hub during the 4 days of NFT NYC. The Harmony W3BTHR33 Hub will be located just a couple of blocks away from the heart of the action for NFT NYC’s conference location at the Edison. We would be getting 6500 sq/ft in the middle of time square 4 blocks away from the official event for full 96 hours for 20k. We are going to curate a space with some of the thought leaders in NFT’s and Gamefi. We are featuring two NFT projects launching on harmony at this event and we plan to onboard two of the three DAOs cosponsoring the venue with us. We could provide the space in NYC for people to come actually build on harmony. We’re creating a safe place for people to pitch their ideas and get actual support. With beautiful views of the most iconic building in NYC, the Empire State building. Our aim is to inspire leaders and developers to build on the Harmony ecosystem. We are also proposing to hold nightly TGI dinners to further engage the NFT community. Metapride and Foodmasku are inviting 10k+ college students and blockchain enthusiasts to attend our event. We also are planning on working with the Blueverse team to onboard metaverse enthusiasts.

Garrick: Currently this is the main space we have planned for NYC. We will have a full 4 day rental 4 blocks away from where we did the breakfast last year. We have invited over 1000 college students from the local NYC area and 10k bipoc/lgbtq to come build and break down the barriers of web2 with us over these four days. The goal here is to create a new blend of our Harmony “hacker” hub. Less of a traditional hackathon and more of a gamified opt-in experience. Community-focused and driven. I have curated some of the most influential communities to come to share the space with us. We are going to have a PFP alley. Highlighting some of the NFT projects Harmony has recently funded. We are also going to have OnePitch sessions focusing on Gamefi/ Dao’s / Social Tokens. We have also locked in the relationship with New Friendship Tech, so we will be having panels and thought leaders sharing their wealth of knowledge with the event. One of the main goals of this space is to onboard Free Ross Dao and MetaPride to the Harmony ecosystem.

Venue Details

nyc event location floorplan.pdf549.3KB

4 Deliverables

1. Host builders and creators at Harmony W3BTHR33 Hub (4-day event)

Harmony Hub - Estimated Cost: $46,050

(Itemized in the budget proposal below as Venue Site , Marketing costs.)

An experiential community center for a diverse mix of builders and creators to spend time in NYC doing more than just partying or sitting in a big dark conference hall. The space will be programmed and curated in partnership with established NFT community leaders experienced in hosting memorable satellite networking events during major conferences across the US, all with a shared mission. Collaborating on a 4-day hackathon event with GameFi and DAO innovation as the primary focus, providing valuable opportunities for builders to engage with Harmony in meaningful ways, telling a bigger story together.

  1. Partner with MetaPride for 1 Wallet Promotion
  2. Onboard 1000 local college students (100+) ambassadors
  3. Onboarding FreeRoss DAO

Onboard Key Partners

1. Nifty Castle / Deebies / Witchy GF / Rob Boss DAO - Providing Devs, Influencers, Culture)


The Nifty Castle has proven experience producing memorable satellite events with meaningful engagement that reflects the environment and ecosystem of empowered builders and communities growing on the Harmony blockchain. We’re especially interested in investing into DAO models and start-ups as we work to develop the RobBossDAO concept in addition to our NFT projects.

Their community is an inclusive destination for everyone to explore the potential of NFTs as a new creative medium, and interact with memorable characters and immersive experiences. They’ve been building organically in the space since January 2021 and are recognized for taking a long-term, sustainable approach to development (similarly to Harmony). They’re here for the journey and growth of art and story in the NFT space, including GameFi, and they’re excited to contribute interactive programming to this hackathon event.

One of their main initiatives at NFT.NYC will be programming for #womeninweb3 and female leadership, as well as onboarding women builders and creators in the space through the WGF Women Artists’ Invitational project we started at NFT LA.

Professional background - Rich Beeman (co-founder of Nifty Castle) has serviced or directly managed accounts for global leaders like Ubisoft, Amazon Video, Philo, Red Bull TV, Hulu, the UFC, Sony Pictures Television, AMC, STARZ, PBS, Chatbooks, Sundance Institute, Fusion, VH1, EA SPORTS NBA LIVE, EA SPORTS UFC, and EA ACCESS, he helped launch a range of media startups including the largest branded Snapchat channel in the world.

2. FreeRossDAO


FreeRossDAO is an organization governed by the owners of $FREE, a token that represents fractional ownership in the artistic works of Ross Ulbricht. The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection auction began at Art Basel on December 2nd, 2021. It was meant to be a fundraiser for prisoner support and Ross Ulbricht’s freedom effort. The winning bid from our DAO was for 1446 ETH, and went directly towards these efforts.

Since then, their governance model has been used by other social impact DAOs such as AssangeDAO and UkraineDAO, along with mentions in Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg, and New York Times. An offshoot of art collective PleasrDAO, we are also committed to sharing the work of marginalized prisoners as well as humanizing issues around prison reform through creative expression

GROW IN THE DARK - site specific VR experience

Grow in the Dark is a digital colorized animation with Bitcoin-tokenized certificate of authenticity (COA). Made up of 318 individual black-and-white frames hand-drawn by Ross in prison.

The installation will physically recreate Ross’ prison cell with a 5min VR animation revisualizing his animation with new music and spoken words from Ross


“What began as a desire to track the development of my plant became a much bigger project. What are its surroundings? A cell? How did we get there? Am I there too? I played it over and over in my mind’s eye, imagining how it might look. However, I had no idea how laborious a little animation could be. A book light under a plastic bowl was my light. A marker pen, some basic geometry and sustained focus for many weeks. Oddly, I won’t see the animation myself, not unless I defy the idea it conveys and leave this cage before I grow old and die.” – Ross Ulbricht

3. MetaPride Land


They are on a mission to bring Christopher Street to the metaverse with MetaPride Land. A universally safe-space for the global LGBTQ+ community. It is an always-on destination that provides 24/7 access to critical life saving and support services including sucide prevention, identity counseling, crisis support tools and resources to assist with housing, jobs, healthcare, etc.

Dland, The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels are fully committed and providing the land and build out for this year, Foodmasku is curating our NFT charity collection for June and OpenSea is the marketplace partner waiving all the fees so that the most money possible goes right back into our community. The collection will explore identity and feature some of the world’s leading queer, BIPOC and ally artists with all proceeds going right back to the community.

They have received the full support of Pride Live, the group that worked to secure the National Stonewall Monument and created Stonewall Day, and they believe MetaPride Land has the ability to be a platform for the next generation global gay rights movement and OutRight Action International is the only global LGBTIQ organization with consultative status and a permanent presence at the United Nations Headquarters, where they advocate for human rights and equality for LGBTQIA people, serve as secretariat of the UN LGBTI Core Group and act as a watchdog on all 193 world governments.

One of the founders is Jake Resnicow, who has produced events all over the world supporting causes and raising funds for AIDs research, homeless LGBTQ+ individuals, and restaurant and event support workers impacted throughout the pandemic. Most recently Jake and his team raised over $500k for LGBTQ+ charities during the 50th Anniversary celebration of Pride and the Stonewall riots. Matt Stevenson, founder, has spent his career building and supporting brands and consumer experiences at Conde Nast and TIME, most recently building TIMEPieces, the wildly successful web3 initiative.

As the world is adjusting to our new normal, dealing with discriminatory legislation and hopefully putting COVID behind us, we want to ensure all LGBTQ+ individuals and allies regardless of physical location have access to celebrate their queer and gender non-conformaing identities in a safe and welcoming space. Once a year Metapride Land will transform into MetaPride Fest where we will bring the physical celebrations taking place all over the world to the metaverse with A-List performances, appearances and events accessible for all to enjoy.

The Festival will also mark the first-ever hybrid Pride event, taking place live and in the metaverse in MetaPride Land. Physical restrictions no longer prevent our community from celebrating Pride. Discrimination becomes disempowered. MetaPride Land is a safe and anonymous place for people to gather online to celebrate Pride from the safety of their homes,

It is the celebration of our community. An event unlike anything the physical or digital world has ever seen. Taking place in real life and in the metaverse, people from all over the world will come together for free to live out loud, celebrate our differences and lift up our love. Live performances, moving speeches, and partner activations will create an unforgettable experience.

Live Performances (IRL (avantgardner.com) and Metaverse (Dland and The Sandbox)

June 24th - Above and Beyond and Spencer Brown

June 25th - Galantis, SG Lewis, LP Giobbi, Ty Sunderland, Aquaria, Gottmik, Violet Chacki, Alexis Tucci, Allison Nunes, Ben Bakson, Dan Slater, Fabio Luigi, Spencer Huff, Las Bibas from Vazcaya, Lina Bradford, Matt Denton, Special Surprise Pop Star

4. Foodmasku / Delectables


Antonius Oki Wiriadjaja, 38, is a multimedia artist based in New York City, New York. He is also known as Foodmasku, which is a dual-language pun; In Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese, Food - mas - ku can also mean “Food of my brother.” He is a former Fulbright U.S. Scholar in Indonesia and also a survivor of a shooting in his neighborhood in New York City which inspired his advocacy for gun violence prevention. He created the Instagram account Foodmasku — face masks made from meals eaten during COVID-19 self-isolation — after seeing a fellow artist wear a pickle face filter during a zoom meeting. A single piece of kale on his face turned into a daily food face-mask selfie. The project was selected by The New York Times as one of "five art accounts to follow on Instagram now" and he has been minting his work as non-fungible tokens since March of 2021.

I am a former Fulbright Scholar and an alumnus and former faculty of NYU ITP - one of the top programs in the country for interactive media. I can connect with that community to bring creative programmers to the event with Harmony One. I am also connected to several magnates of the food industry in New York, including some cooperatives that are interested in forming a DAO such as the Cola Co-op.

I saw the devastating effects the pandemic and racist attacks had on my neighborhood of two-bridges, Manhattan. I live on the border of Chinatown and Lower East Side. About 6 out of 10 businesses have reopened and they are still struggling with supply chain issues, lack of personnel and a general sense of fear and uncertainty. I want to host an event to speak about this with local builders and leaders.

5. Eternal Royals


Quick Facts:

  • Ethereum project launched October 2, 2022
  • 9,224 Kings & Queens (50% character ratio)
  • Artist: Jesse Johnson ()
  • Bridging digital & physical (NFTs + canvas prints)

Eternal Royals is a collection of 9,224 kings and queens created by the artist, Jesse Johnson. The project features unique artwork and innovative utility giving token holders the opportunity to print a 1 of 1 canvas with an embedded NFC chip to verify proof of ownership linking the physical print to the NFT. Perks include access to online/IRL events and future rewards connected to NFC scanning and physical prints.

NFT NYC Event Activation:

  • 3-Person Panel - “Uniting Digital & Physical”
  • Jesse Johnson - Artist, Eternal Royals
  • John Doe - Founder, JONDO Global
    • Global printing brand of 30+ years
    • 11 locations worldwide (North America, Europe, Australia)
  • Mark Sheklton - Founder; SmartSeal
    • Web3 company specializing in NFC chip technology with wallet/smart contract integration
  • Event Activities (potential)
    • Silent disco
    • Jeopardy Trivia Game
    • Online poker qualifier w/ IRL Final Table?
  • Canvas artwork with NFC technology
  • “Swag Bag” gifts for attendees
    • 16x20” Poster Prints
    • Exclusive Eternal Royals Poker Chips
    • Stickers
  • Art & Decoration (Any NFT Art)
    • Canvas/metal/acrylic prints
    • Pillows & blankets
  • Event Giveaway Inventory
    • NFTs
    • 1 of 1 30x40” Canvas Print of ER NFT
    • ER Merch capsule (Hoodie & Shirt)
    • Prints of attendee’s NFT of choice on materials listed above
    • Canvas prints from The Dope Art
    • 2-3 Jesse Johnson custom art designs for ‘NFT Pack’
6. GigLabs


Interested in adding value through valuable networking opportunities and additional tech focused activations for builders.

7. Cola Co-op

A local NYC cannabis and events cooperative that would like to host one of these events with the idea of introducing their community to crypto and helping them with the beginning stages of forming a DAO.

DMND Hand Gaming
Female Pleasure Society (Wednesday Main Room Sponsor)

TCG World
Ancient Wisdom
Hot Dougs
1 Wallet (Timeless)
Huxley Saga
Pizza DAO

covered half of the pizza catering costs ~3500 in pizza


Important Dates and Times:

Sunday, June 19:

  • Team arrives

Monday, June 20

  • Harmony Hub Day 1
  • NFTNYC Marriott Marquis Level 9 Terrace and VIP and Speaker Dinner (VIP ticket holders and approved Speakers only)

Tuesday, June 21

  • Harmony Hub Day 2

Wednesday, June 22

  • Harmony Hub Day 3
  • DAO NYC Gathering

Thursday, June 23

  • Harmony Day 4

Friday, June 24

  • Team Departs

Team Members to Attend

  1. Leo
  2. Peter
  3. Eilam
  4. Garrick
  5. Al

How will this event benefit the ecosystem?

  1. Strengthen Builder Network — To build existing and new relationships with builders and growth hackers (local college students, community social groups, local though leaders etc.) to learn their interests with contributing and collaborating in our ecosystem projects (Harmony GameFi, Dao’s, Social Tokens etc.)
  2. Local 10k Downloads for 1wallet — One of our main goals for NYC is to find partners and onboard as many people to the Harmony ecosystem as possible. Partnership with Metapride should hit the initial goal. Onboarding at our Web3 Hub event should bring in an additional 1k+ users.
  3. Harmony to fund 5 Builders — 1/3 of the attendees and expo hall are occupied by builders. Learn what they are doing and introduce them into Harmony to attract and fund 5 projects under Project-Y program. Curate a list of ecosystem builders that are readily investable (helped by the Harmony Advisors Network if necessary) to attract the attention of investors and to introduce 10 of our ecosystem projects. Connect them to at least 25 discussions

How will you onboard builders and empower developers at this event?

Harmony is going into NYC with a very specific goal to build local developers and scale relationships. While we do not plan to focus on onboarding investors at this event, we are focused on engaging investor interest in existing Harmony ecosystem projects: This event will bring exposure to the Harmony ecosystem through partnerships and collaboration (Nifty Castle, New Friendship Tech, etc.) All these groups have committed to promoting our event as part of their partnership.

Sponsorship options (and preference)

We do not recommend sponsoring the main NFT conference as the ROI does not support our goals

Run of show

Cheap party lights to turn the wall blue (flood / spotlight)

Please fill out this budget proposal:





Cost CategoryType of CostCost AmountDescriptionSpecifications ValueStrong YesSoft YesSoft NoStrong NoCore Member
1500$ videographer 10-6pm 4x mon-thur paid by @Garrick Hyde-White 2627.94 total contractor cost $1,372.06 under budget
Web3 Hub
2-3 hosts / event staff/ and AV/ Catering Staff
4 person street team 10-4pm 6 hour x 3 days 18x15 (300-500$)
3 double rooms Booking link
Meals/Vehicle Transportation Per Diem
Team Building
Additional Ticketed Events
banners, signage, etc.
Web3 Hub
Promotional Materials
Hand-outs, walking around, breakfast /TGI, sponsored events, gamify attendance with scaling rewards.
2 step and repeats
Social Media Paid Promotions
Our strategic sponsors for this event are focused on Social media awareness and local NYC activation. Foodmasku lives in NYC and is activating his college networks.
Venue Site
Beanbags and lounge areas, cultivating a chill area to come work and refuel. 2437.76 for 32 beanbags paid for by @Garrick Hyde-White
Web3 Hub
harmony table cloths
AVR/ Screens (12-20) / Stage 1000 extra (tv stand, chords, etc) 2830.68 for 6 TVs 14820 for stage / avr / lighting / 2 - 85 inch displays
Web3 Hub
To display NFT’s and community projects
Web3 Hub
Venue Refreshments
Healthy food for the builders, snacks, breakfast - (Costco bought by @Garrick Hyde-White) 2437.76
Web3 Hub
Bar Package
juices/ waters / coconut water / tea and coffee Harmony web3 hub Venue has a catering partner for this
Web3 Hub
Additional Food Orders
Hackathon Grant
Grant should be allocated outside of event budget
Goal is to build up to final day of grants and find the winners of each onepitch event
Requested Merch for NYC Shirts- 50- 2XL 50- XL 75- L 75- M 50- S 100-300 Hats 500-1000- Stickers
Sent from Palo Alto only cost will be shipping.
Sponsorship Money Raised
Hot Doug
Free Ross Dao
Eternal Royals
Ancient Wisdom