ONE Pitch + Blue Builder’s Meet and Greet Afterparty

Harmony NFTLA Event

Name: ONE Pitch + Blue Builder’s Meet and Greet

Date: March 29th

Time: 3-9 pm

Theme: Celebrating Female creators in NFTs and Metaverse

Harmony Budget: $25,000 + $50,000 in grants for ONEPitch activity

Current co-sponsor: MAD NFT (Harmony ecosystem partner) + ???

Additional Co-sponsor slots: 1 (One)

Co-sponsor Ask: $20,000 + Optional grant/investment funds for ONEPitch activity

Venue: Dependent on (1) Co-Sponsor; with sponsorship, Rooftop at the Ace Theater 👇


This venue is a 10 minute walk from the NFTLA convention center.

Event Agenda


ONE Pitch: Two hour "Shark Tank"-style pitch event. For this event, we will have 5 "sharks" (judges) providing feedback and giving out micro-grants to the presenters. MAD NFT will also be there to quickly facilitate onboarding for NFT and Metaverse projects. Each of the 5 Harmony "sharks" will have $10K to dish out micro-grants immediately at the event. Co-sponsor representative is welcome to join this event as a shark. Additional grant funds or investments are welcome.

Blue Builder’s Meet and Greet Afterparty: Open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and further micro-grant investments from Harmony team.

Co-Sponsor Details:

One additional co-sponsor (min: $20,000) is required to secure rooftop venue at the Ace Hotel, otherwise a secondary location will be reserved on March 16th.

Co-sponsor logo will be added to the 1) event’s promotional material and 2) a co-sponsor representative will be provided a seat at the “Shark Tank”-inspired ONEPitch event, where the judges will give micro-grants to presenters. Additional grant/investment funds from the co-sponsor are appreciated.

The afterparty (5-10p) will have an open bar, food, and DJ. Think low key cocktail party where builders can share their projects and dreams and receive possible micro-grants.

*This will be the only Harmony-sponsored event during NFTLA.

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