Full NFTLA Week Write Up

Harmony will be hosting and sponsoring a strategic series of satellite events and dinners throughout the NFTLA conference (March 28th - April 1st). This is a day-to-day writeup describing each of the events.

3/28 mon 1️⃣: 🥖 5pm TGI Dinner for 45 (Arts District Brewing - 828 Traction Ave), 🎊 7pm NFT Hypebeast Gallery & Panel (300 Cap), 🥇 Now Golden DAO NFT mint (LIVE MINT: Here)

On Monday, March 28th, Harmony will begin the week with a TGI dinner for 45 people at Arts District Brewing (828 Traction Ave) from 5pm - 7pm. Anyone is welcome to come meet the Harmony team and enjoy free food and drinks. Then, Harmony will be sponsoring the nearby NFT Hypebeast Gallery and Panel (from 8pm-2am), where a member of the Timeless 1Wallet will speak on the new wallet’s applications for creators. This event will have a gallery, drinks, and DJs. Note: Rain is in the Forecast

3/29 tue 2️⃣: 💙 12pm ONEPitch with MADNFT & Timeless (Ace Theater), 🍻4pm aw3m Happy Hour, 🍜 BLK Dinner and Timeless presentation w/ Zi (3 Seats), 🍸 6pm ONEPitch Reception (200 Cap at Ace Theater), 🔊 6pm Phu's private party with world-top DJ (611 S Western Ave), 🌇 8pm Ace Hotel Rooftop with Gross Magazine (350 Cap)

Tuesday, March 29th, is Harmony’s big event at the Ace Theater/Hotel. Starting at noon, the theater will open for the ONEPitch (RSVP: 200 Capacity), a Shark Tank-inspired event where NFT and metaverse creatives can get on stage to present their projects. After a 2-minute pitch, five judges will determine how much spot grant funding they wish to give. Should the creator be funded, funds will be immediately transferred and MAD NFT will offering onboarding support so that creators can get building immediately. Note: one lucky creator will receive a full marketing package from MAD NFT and prime sponsorship upon launch. These ONEPitch sessions will occur for walk-ins from 12:20 - 1:00pm (Session 1) and 4:00 - 5:00pm (Session 2); whereas anyone who RSVP’d will present during 5:00 - 7:00pm (Session 3 - NOW CLOSED). Between these events Harmony will also host a series of panels and guest speakers, all hosted by the talented Will Gaines (LivingWithWill).

1) NFTs for the Culture Panel: 1-2pm

Logik - https://twitter.com/JulianGilliam

Lady Pheonix - https://twitter.com/yesladypheOnix

Blue The Great - https://twitter.com/BlueTheGreat

Mumbot - https://twitter.com/mumbot

Waheed - https://twitter.com/all_smilesss

2) Timeless Wallet with Zi Wang: 2-2:20pm

3) Women in NFTs 2:20-3:10pm

Katrina Gamueda-Smith - Katrina is a co-founder at PizzaDAO, whose mission is to use Web3 to fundamentally change the world’s relationship with food. She has spent the last year working on several NFT projects and consulting with Web2 companies on the potential for DAO and token models within their frameworks. She now operates as Chief of Staff at VaynerNFT.

Kitty Grier - Kitty is the founder of NFT Girl Gang, an ecosystem connecting womxn (and friends!) in web3 with the resources they need to organize and succeed. Kitty was inspired to start NFT Girl Gang after founding a blockchain solutions company in 2021 and realizing there weren’t enough womxn in the space. Her goal is to onboard 1 million womxn in web3. Previously, Kitty worked as a designer at FORTUNE 500 brands including Disney, Facebook and Sephora.

Kas Vegas - Kas is the Head of Community for Huxley Comics, Feature, and Co-Founder of an upcoming fully women-led project called Crystal Pets. In the rapidly emerging NFT space, Kas bridges the gap between art, tech, culture and provenance, and brings an enthusiastic voice to new projects, ventures, and creators. Learning from Co-founding the fastest growing NFT community on CH (50+k members) and growing, Kas passionately supports onboarding creatives of all ages with the mission to bring autonomy and ownership as a necessary shift for the future creatives.

Saba K. - Saba is the founder and CEO of Greenwood, Archer and Pine, the founder of BLK@ and co-founder of Black Blockchain Alliance. She is a contributing member to the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, formerly known as the Women of Color in Blockchain Congressional Caucus. She is a scholar at both Linux Foundation and Ethereum Foundation, a contributing member of H.E.R. DAO and a fierce advocate for equity in Web3. Bri Scully - Bri Scully is an expert on communication and collaboration in virtual spaces. She has worked for several years in AR/VR hardware and software. At Spatial she serves as the voice of the customer, sharing the stories of their users both internally and externally to inspire others and grow the platform.

4) Making a Difference with MAD NFT: 3:10-3:30pm

5) Blue Metaverse: Demos & Roadmap with Harmony’s Founder Stephen Tse: 3:30-4:00pm

6) Venture meets Web3 with Foresite Ventures: 7:00-7:10pm A reception will open at 6:00pm in the Ace Theater’s lobby with a full open bar and small bites. During this time aw3m will be hosting a happy hour and BLK will be hosting an interactive invite-only dinner where Zi Wang will be presenting on the Timeless 1Wallet, and BlockchainPR will host a 6:00-9:00pm event with Surprise Celebrity Musical Performances and Axe Throwing. At 8pm the ONEPitch reception will move to the roof of the Ace Hotel for a capacity-limited cocktail hour with DJs and Panels. This even will close out the night.

3/30 wed 3️⃣: 🤠 11am & 3pm Team, 🦍 4pm Harmony x BAYC event (Secret Location), 🤫 5pm HypeX Dinner (2 seats - Club DiNero), 🥘 7pm AW3 Hot Pot Dinner (Sold Out), 🎵 7pm HypeX Party (5 Tickets - Club DeNiro), 🦋 5pm Rime Salmi's Moroccan evening of live music (10 VIP tickets - 560 South Main Street), 🏞️ MAD NFT Gallery (High Tide - 605 East 4th St.) 🎇 7pm High Tide (Harmony Panel at 9pm)

On Wednesday, March 30th, the Harmony team will be meeting at 11am and again at 3pm to keep the work during NFTLA. At 4pm Harmony will be celebrating the Ape community by sponsoring an Ape-meet-Ape networking event. Harmony is also sponsoring a networking dinner and afterparty (invite only) with HypeX at Club DiNero from 5:00pm - 9:00pm. From 5pm - 10pm, Rime Salmi of Blue DAO will be throwing a Moroccan evening of live music and Harmony has 10 VIP tickets. For the rest of us, all eyes will be on the High Tide event, where MAD NFT and a number of female artists will have a NFT gallery for viewing. Note: anyone who supports a MAD NFT artist during this week will be placed in a raffle to win a new Oculus Quest 2. Harmony will also have Devin Marty speaking on a late night panel (9:00-10:00pm) at the event. This event will go until midnight and will close out the night.

3/31 thu 4️⃣: 🥖 5pm TGI Dinner for 40 (Mohawk Bend - 2141 W Sunset Blvd), 🥇 9pm Golden DAO launch party with Andrew Yang (Downtown LA - 716 S Spring St), 🎙️ 8pm-8am Harmony Studio Session w/ MADNFTs (The Neighborhood Watch Studio)

On Thursday, March 31st, Harmony’s first event will be a TGI dinner for 40 at Mohawk Bend (2141 W Sunset Blvd) from 5:00-7:00pm. Throughout the day and night, the team will host a music studio session with the artist ARTZ, as well as attend community events to with a goal of meeting new creators. Events to attend: (Look Here)

4/1 fri 5️⃣: 🎨 8:30pm Creativo Dinner and Party (Beverly Hills - 50 Invites)

Most of the team will be leaving on the 1st, but for those who live in LA, Harmony will be sponsoring a gallery and party with Creativo. If you’d like to attend find a Harmony team member throughout the week and ask for an invite (50 invites).