Retrospective Write-Up

Retrospective Write-Up

In this retrospective report, Harmony aims to reflect on our experiences at [———]. This feedback is taken from the Harmony Event Operations team, contributors, and ecosystem partners. Establishing an open forum allows us the feedback needed to celebrate victories and humbly review areas that we can improve on as we move forward.

First, a moment to reflect and few things to celebrate:

With this said, let’s celebrate a few achievements:

Initiatives that worked that we should continue:

Initiatives that DID NOT work that we should stop:

Ideas for improving at future conferences:

Survey Results:

The team was asked to rank, on a level of 0 to 10, 5 questions regarding the performance of Event Operations. The questions and the average response is listed below:

  1. Event Operations worked effectively as a team.
    1. Result:
  2. Event Operations worked effectively with the venues, sponsors, and event managers.
    1. Result:
  3. Event Operations fulfilled the goals of Harmony at EthRio.
    1. Result:
  4. Event Operations met their deliverables.
    1. Result:
  5. Event Operations produced high quality work.
    1. Result:
  6. I would work with the Harmony Event Team again.
    1. Result:

Qualitative Feedback:

What is the BEST thing about your experience at EthRio?

What was the WORST thing about your experience at EthRio?

Would you want to work with Event Ops again?

Team Open Forum:

Feel free to add in any extra commentary below. This is an opportunity to call out particular “Heroes”, identify potential flaws that could have caused bigger problems, and basically add anything that isn’t captured in the sections above.