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24-hour Follow Up
Jack Chan

Essentially, we’re interested to build an NFT social token economy on Harmony blockchain, including the PERKS token.

Then we can add metaverse components and bring our partnerships, which include some major clients with huge communities and others with a lot of wallets.

The purpose of the call / Telegram chat is to discuss the opportunity, and to see whether Harmony is willing to invest/ financially support some of the development required.

We’re backed by the team of Blockchain Asia and have team of 400 developers in Vietnam, so if you are willing to support the project we’ll get started straight away, and we’ll start the PR and community building engine too.

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GaryC |, [Dec 6, 2021 at 8:19:55 AM]:

MVP can be ready and deploy on Harmony within 14 days and then Harmony IDO can be done with Artemis before Xmas