Silicon Valley Web3 Week (postponed)

Registration Links:

Jan 22-23, DeFi Security Summit - https://defisecuritysummit.org/

Jan 24-26, Stanford Science of Blockchain - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sbc-2022-tickets-192873157807

Sold out, Noura has secured 20 tickets
See COVID concerns below

Jan 27-28, StarkNet Ecosystem Summit (canceled)

undefined undefined 100 harmony ecosystem attendees:

  • 20 core team
  • 20 collaborators: zi wang, aaron li, dionysis
  • 20 scholars: research dao, zk university
  • 20 ecosystem: defi kingdoms, harmony universe
  • 20 partners:

Esther Lacher register 20 core team for stanford blockchain and starkware, reach out to collaborators, scholars, ecosystem, partners to register them

Stanford Science of Blockchain (Jan 24-26) - https://cbr.stanford.edu/sbc22/

β€œDear SBC community,

The SBC conference is intended to be an in-person event. Due to recent restrictions this may not be possible in January, and we may need to postpone the SBC conference to May. Since the university is currently closed there is not much we can do at the moment. We will post more information in early January.”