DeFi (100K total users)
Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
We have done great work in DAOs, but we have found that - without a smart contract at it’s center - most so-called “DAOs” are no more than on-chain communities. Which are good, but they don’t bring the force multiplier that we expected UNTIL we are able to build them around automation. We shouldn’t give up on DAO tooling, but DAOs themselves should be put on the back burner. Games and NFTs are linked - so we need to keep both engagements growing. Wallets are how people interact w/ web3 so we need to have the best-in-class wallet to provide next-level service to the new gamers experiencing web3. DeFi is still a vital component because it serves as the economic engine upon which most of these other projects rely.
DAO (10k)
Games (1M)
NFT (500K)
Wallets (50M)