DeFi (100K total users)
Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
We’ve seen the greatest value locked come to Harmony through an incredibly successful on-chain game: DeFi Kingdoms. From observing our past successes, we must ask: What has drawn in the most user adoption? What is most attractive to users? Entertainment. Ownership. NFTs. Gaming. A way to have fun & earn. Especially now that blockchain technology offers individuals the ability to play-to-earn, gaming is vital to encouraging user adoption. We should seek out professionals to build more successful on-chain games. Additionally, I see the 1Wallet being very impactful when it comes to user adoption, as well as DAOs (if we can successfully restructure the DAO ecosystem and execute properly).
DAO (10k)
Games (1M)
NFT (500K)
Wallets (50M)