DeFi (100K total users)
Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
defi: we have top defi exchanges on harmony, all we need is to support them; nft: should be a great add-on to our idea to grow through games; dao: i see the great strength in local/regional daos, but let’s avoid our previous approach when we ask for 5 deliverables, instead of that let’s leverage them to become a self-sustainable local harmony “embassies” in a specific country/region; games: sounds the best way for onboarding new users to chain for the moment; wallets: we should have wallets that close specific needs for our users, this is not about having the only 1wallet for everyone, because other wallets have theirs communities and can serve as a door to new ppl for one.
DAO (10k)
Games (1M)
NFT (500K)
Wallets (50M)